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Monday, January 18, 2021

covid tiers, zones

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covid tiers, zones
covid tiers, zones
covid tiers, zones

Way for covid to infringe on our lives.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris breaks it down, with a look at where oneida county stands.

How do we get into a yellow zone?

First you have to look at what tier county you're in.

Oneida county, based on populaton, is tier two.

There are two ways a tier 2 county, and or its zip codes, census tracts etc., can enter the yellow zone, which is the first of three zones that bring new restrictions to stop the spread of covid .

None .

None 1:01 "one is the positive cases per day on a 7-day average needs to be 12 per 100,000 residents and then the positivity rate has to be over 3% on 7ay average for straight s is not a hiccup situation.

It's a 7- d average,nd then y stayedhere for 10 days, so it's a solid 3.

An entire county doesn't have to necessarily enter a zone 1:17 "the geographic area is not wholly defined.

It could be a zip code, it could be a municipality it could be a census tract within that county boundary" the important thing to remember is, nothing closes in a yellow zone.

There are just new restrictions and, for schools, testing requirements 4:39 "so it's a precautionary zone so there's some restrictions that are not in place now i believe one that sticks out for most people is four people per table at a restaurant" oneida county has not yet hit that 3% positivity rate for one day, let alone 10 in a row.

Good news, for sure, but not out of the woods 8:07 "we haven't, however, we're quickly approaching it but more importatnly than even that, there are criteria that allow the state to call a yellow zone for a variety of other reasons based on epidemiological trends that they see" while it might seem as though we have no choice but to watch, helpless, as the numbers grow, those in the how do we get into a yellow zone?

First you have to look at what tier county you're in.

Oneida county,


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