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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hospital Bed Shortage Across Jackson County

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Hospital Bed Shortage Across Jackson County
Hospital Bed Shortage Across Jackson County

As more people are hospitalized for COVID-19, bed availability is becoming more limited.

With you right now.

Newswatch 12's tyler ridgle joins us live from asante medical center.

Tyler, what are you being told is getting done to address this issue?

Brian-- as mentioned in our earlier newscast, medical staff at local hospitals say they are only sharing information at this time and are not able to go on camera to speak about it.

But-- i was able to get some information from asante via an email.

Asante says there is an escalation protocol it follows.

It looks into the system's three hospitals to see how they can help patients.

Next it looks into the hospitals it partners with in accordance with the o-h-a.

Finally -- it starts to look beyond the region if the hospitals it partners with are also full.

Jackson county medical director doctor jim shames says people should continue to make necessary visits to the hospital.

If you're accutely ill, if you're having a heart attack, if you have a major injury you should go to the hospital and feel comfortable that you'll get appropriate and safe care there.

Asante says it wants to accommodate patients as needed.

Doctor shames insists people seek medical help if short of breath.

Of several regional counties, jackson and josephine counties have the fewest hospital beds available at


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