ilion woman brings mom home from nursing home

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ilion woman brings mom home from nursing home
ilion woman brings mom home from nursing home

Families, separated by the pandemic from their loved ones, in nursing homes.

But, now-an uplifting story!

Debbie barbano's mother, carol, has lived in a herkimer county nuring home for nearly two years.

She beat the coronavirus, in august.

Not being able to see her for eight months, due to the pandemic, was hard.

Debbie couldn't imagine the holidays without her mother.

So countless phone calls, emails and internet searches later, she arranged the support system necessary to bring her mother home... for good.

10:12 "it was a long eight months and with the holidays coming, i couldn't leave her there.

My heart told me that i had to bring her home" 10:37 "so through different agencies that i had to go through and paperwork that i had to do and speak to interviews that we had to do remotely because of the pandemic.

It all panned out and worked out" this is the facebook page debbie created for her mom and other families in their situation.

It's called 'their life-our voice".

You can message her for help finding programs that might enable you to bring your loved one home from a nursing home.

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