Bicknell property issues

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Bicknell property issues
Bicknell property issues

Bicknell, indiana city leaders have been dealing with an illegal dog breeding issue.

But a new ordinance might help.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian explains how and what other problems the ordinance addresses.

Gar} "for the last few years bicknell city leaders have been taking steps to help clean up the small town.

They are now working on an issue that's been bugging residents for years."

A new ordinance takes on dog breeding and kenneling.

Residents have been complaining for years of properties setting up shop in their neighborhoods.

Most of the times folks setting up the dogs do not live on site.

"they've just left dogs there to basically run free and roam free and it's obviously an animal control issue."

Most of the time these propoerties fall into disrepair.

Residents approached the city with concerns of another property being set up.

That's when the ordinance was passed.

"the owners would have some time to do something about it or they can get a ticket and an appearance in city court."

Another problem the ordinance handles is abondoned animals.

When someone moves out of a home...they may leave an animal behind.

The ordinance gives the city power to be able to get the animal.

It also spells out how the person who left the animal can be fined.

All in hopes of cutting down on animal neglect and quality of life issues in bicknell.

"we are by no means trying to put anybody out of business.

We can't have circumstances where this type of activity is going on in residential situations and is causing trouble for the neighbors and attracting vermon and all.

We can't just have that go on."

Gar} "the new ordinance passed quickly and is now law.

Working from home in vincennes, gary brian news 10."

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