Utica College football donates Thanksgiving dinners

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Utica College football donates Thanksgiving dinners

Utica College football donates Thanksgiving dinners

Utica College graduates teamed up with the current Utica College football team to deliver Thanksgiving dinners to families at Upstate Cerebral Palsy.

Donated thanksgiving dinners to upstate cerebral palsy families.

Newschannel2's chelsea sherrod has the story.

All of the traditional thanksgiving eats.


None .

None anthony beaubrun: you've got a turkey which is at least 12 pounds.

We've got stuffing everyone needs stuffing, mashed potatoes can't go wrong with mashed potatoes, a bag of mixed vegetables just because we don't want one we wanted to give them a variety, and we also gave them cranberry sauce and a bag of rolls.

And they each get a case of water.

Two utica college graduates and football alumni teamed up with the program to donate thanksgiving dinner packages to eight families who recieve services at upstate cerebral palsyntica.

Anthonybeaubrun: i t utica llege that'how i metwillif lped us organe this whe thing.

Hended up seing up a nation wi the team getting them teach dona at leasa dollar inur head coach blaze faiano was gog to matchhat.

Sohat's how got our tueys involved.they dro families.

Ryan bnett: gring up i've alws seen ople get back en at ayoung age y thanksving at the hse but was also fortate to give back at a yog age as we.

As youet older u get a fferent feeli any reallysee that so whyot do it ifu have .

Utica collegeootball isone ofn rnett: i know h hard theywork er senior season is your last go around.

But they should jt be positive.his is a different situatn for tm and i kn that they' learn om it and gw and it's noalways d i kn they will arn more tolife e pandemic happening to them.chele alarm aren't even fm the area which shows the impact that the city has had on them and the essence of getting that much more special.

Reporting and utica i'm chelsea sherrod news cnnel 2.> here's what the team is working on for

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