High School Football: Pascagoula vs. Hattiesburg

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High School Football: Pascagoula vs. Hattiesburg

High School Football: Pascagoula vs. Hattiesburg

Pascagoula received the equivalent to a first round bye last week due to COVID-19, putting the Panthers in that situation by winning a four-way tie breaker for the region 4 class 5A district championship.

- okay, grace... serious- question... in michigan... did- you ever see anything that even- closely resembled what- happened to pascagoula, last- week?

- no, jeff... i don't think anyon- has... however, that's the worl- we're living in... getting the- equivalent to a first round bye- due to covid-19... the panthers- putting themselves in - that situation by winning a - four- way tie-breaker... for th- region 4- class 5-a district championship- part of that tie-breaker was a- head-to-head win over - hattiesburg... and as fate woul- have it... now a second - round re-match.

- 1.opening kickoff... kicker - caden chisolm with the kick...- defensive back walton thompson- back for the tigers...- thompson makes his way all the- way back to the 47 for the 40 - yard return.- 2.

Next play... quarterback - jordan willis calls his own - - - - number... and takes a 53-yard - trip to the house on only the - second play of the game.

Tigers- go on to miss the extra point,- however, they still get on the- board first, 6 - nothing.

- 3.

Panthers with their first- offensive possession of - the game... quarterback keilon- parnell... throws up this 25- yard pass to receiver houston - johnson who - makes it all the way to - hattiesburg's 35.

Pascagoula- moves the sticks for the first- down.

- 4.

Same series... parnell - attempts a pass to receiver - jaylan- thompson... dropped by thompson- however there's - a flag on the play for pass - interference and the panthers - get - the first down.

- 5.

Next play.... ball pops up i- the air in the backfield and- linebacker chanse duckworth is- there to snatch - and run it all the way back to- the endzone for the 88-yard - touchdown.

Tigers get the extra- point this time and go up 13- - zip.- 6.

Later in the first... parnel- fighting off tigers right and - left... breaks away for the 20- yard run and the pascagoula - first - down.

- 7.

First and goal... parnell- dumps it off to runningback - kayvon barnes who is tackled- just short of the goal line.- 8.

Next play... parnell fakes - the handoff and cruises into th- - - - endzone for the 4 yard score...- his 23rd touchdown of - his sophomore campaign.

Panther- get on the board, - however still trailing the- tigers, 13 - 7.


Second - quarter... willis finds open- - - field and picks up 12 yards on- the keeper.

First and goal- tigers- 10.

Next play... willis finishe- what he started and punches it- in- for the 4-yard t-d, his second- rushing score of the- night...hattiesburg extends its- lead, 19 - 7.

- 11.

Ensuing possession... - parnell escapes to the- sideline... - gets the pascagoula first down- and adds 40 rushing yards to- his 732 already this season.- - - - 12.

Panthers unable to- capitalize on parnell's big run- and settle for a 35-yard field- goal attempt by chisholm... - which - goes wide left... tigers still- on top, 19 -7.- chisholm will come in clutch fo- the panthers though later in- the game... kicking a 35-yard - field goal to send it into- overtime, tied at 32.

- chishom also goes on to kick th- game-winning field goal in o-t.- pascagoula beating the tigers,- - - - 35 -32 to advance to the the- third round of class 5a playoff- for the first time since- 2012.

- panthers will face west jones - next friday, who defeated laure- earlier this evening,

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