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Sunday, March 7, 2021

COVID Curfew Protest

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COVID Curfew Protest
COVID Curfew Protest

At least 100 people gather in Downtown Chico to protest the new Coronavirus Curfew in California.


Over governor gavin newsom's new covid curfew.

In chico... a gathering outside the city council chambers..

Demonstrating against what they call an illegal curfew.

It started at 10:01... one minute after the new rule took effect.

We spoke with organizer tim lynch: " the point is the governor's ruling by edict we're not going to allow that anymore.

We're going to stand up and make a point" that protest... peaceful for the most part... some people wore masks, others didn't.

When our reporter left there were about 100 people there, with more filing in.## the curfew calls for californians to stay home..

Between the hours of 10 p-m and 5 a-m... unless leaving for a meal to go & work & or other essential services.

The goal - to curb the covid-19 spike & as for whether it will work?

Many people hope so... & like sarah yarges... whose family is watching cases surge in the midwest.: "am i for a curfew?

No - but then again when i'm seeing what's going on back home.

It kind of makes you think twice."

"if the numbers are going up the way they are - something has to happen.

Gonna have to adapt, like we've been adapting since march."

### the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. ...shattering records...topping 12 million today.

Up one million from just six days ago.

Taking a look now at coronavirus numbers in our area tonight.

Tehama county reporting 27 new cases today, for a total of 14 hundred four... siskiyou county has 29 new cases... sutter with 36 new cases and yuba with 27 new cases.

To find the numbers for your county... just visit action news now dot com.### the c-d-c is warning people to avoid flying for the holidays as much as possible..

With cases on the rise across the country - experts fear those numbers will*spik* after the holiday.

This is video from sacramento interational airport today -- you can see it's far from the usual hustle and bustle.

Some travelers say they're staying safe by wearing masks and practicing social distancing... they should always take it seriously, if everybody just mask up and play by the rules we can get through this.

It's all we gotta do the c-d-c has some tips for staying safe during dinner.

Like bringing your own utensils..

Avoid gathering in the kitchen area..

And using disposable condiment packets can reduce the risk.## new at eleven... the u.s. food and drug administration today gave emergency authorization for a coronavirus antibody treatment.

The experimental therapy was developed by regeneron.

It is the same treatment that was given to president donald trump when he contracted the coronavirus in october.

The therapy is part of a class of treatments known as monoclonal antibodies, which are made to act as immune cells that scientists hope can fight infections.

## police are still working to make an arrest in a chico stabbing.

Officers were called to the 1400 block of west third street just before ten oclock last night.

Police say they arrived to find two men with cuts on their faces.

They went to the hospital but are expected to be okay.

No suspect has been identified.## a butte county sheriff's patrol car crashed just before 10:30 this morning near the south villa avenue and palermo honcut highway... south of oroville.

You can see it here.

We reached out to see what happened and if anyone was hurt, but have not heard back from the chp and sheriff's office.## a vehicle crashed into the wall of a home in chico early this morning..

Then left the scene.

Police say it happened at two a.m.

On commonwealth court.

Officers don't know what type of vehicle was involved, but do say it hit the wall of a bedroom, where a young child was sleeping.

The child was not hurt.#### for skiiers... the long awaited opening day at south lake tahoe ski resorts finally arrived.

But as marissa perlman reports, because of covid ...hitting the slopes looks different- this year- natsot the best opening day i've had in a lot of opening days opening day... a little sweeter this year- for these snowbirds who say last season got cut short- because of covid ive been waiting for this since march 23rd!

The fresh powder a welcome retreat from sheltering in --for months.... weve been beaming for some good snow now the gondolas are up and running... the snow is made... and those that made this happen- say you can feel the energy on the slopes theyre happy to be back and were happy to welcome them back but the pandemic changes things- you need to wear a face mask at all times- a reservation is needed to hit the slopes and-- because el dorado county is in the purple tier- all access to lodges and restaurants-- is shut down its really a new level of personal responsibility and were relying on our guests to follow those guidelines and as the holiday is right around the corner- some are calling opening day here... a thankgiving blessing theres snow and its novemer we havent even had turkey yet and weve got this you cant sling beers at the lodge which is a bit of a bummer but you know... give and take -- gotta be grateful el dorado county says heavenly and northstar are allowed to open even though the state health department has not updated its guidelines on information specific to ski resorts## a lovely day outside weather wise... bryan ramsey is live in the... ..storm tracker center... can we expect these conditions to continue?

We had a very cold morning in the 30s in the valley but have warmed into the upper-60s for most in the valley on your saturday.

A few highs clouds have moved in for some in the evening.

Tonight we'll cool into the upper-30s with clear to mostly clear skies.

The deadline for victims of august wildfires o register for fema assistance has been extended.

Highs clouds have moved in for some in the register for federal assistance for individuals.

That's online, or by using the fema mobile app...or by calling fema.

We have a link in this story, posted on our website.## fema resources are in shasta county this weekend, to help survivors of the zogg fire.

The agency set up a "mobile registration intake center" at the igo-ono elementary school.

Federal and local agencies are hand to provide disaster relief information: it's in encouraging people pulling together, we've received some help from united way and a little money but it's nice that people really do care// we're just trying to follow up on the programs. we have got some equipment but we need help through this the "mobile registration intake center" will also be open tomorrow from 9 a-m to 6 p-m.

# new at eleven... lights decorating part of the turtle bay exploration park in redding.

And action news now got a special sneak preview.

Take a look at this.

This is the new garden of lights ... the first year for the light show.

It's a one million dollar project, two years in the making.

Beautiful lights illuminate about 10 acres of the campus.

"and since


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