Podcast in Kashmir nurtures young talent through creativity
Podcast in Kashmir nurtures young talent through creativity

A Kashmir-based podcast offers a platform to youngsters to connect with the locals of the Valley.

The podcast 'Mashq Talks' empowers young talent to harness creativity.

The 'Mashq Talks' podcast series is an episodic series of digital audio or video files.

Its aim is to connect young Kashmiris to the world through digital media.

Founder Umar Nisar said, "I tried to offer Kashmir, its own 'Ted Talks' and I started an initiative and named it 'Mashq Talks'.

It is as same as 'Ted Talks'.

We started a podcast through which we targeted 100 Kashmiri influencers and featured them.

Kashmir has abundance of talent but at the same time, they lack platform." A writer Sulah Shabir said, "Their intention is to bring youth from the Valley in front.

If I talk about myself, I have been writing for last 6 years but I am in limelight for last 6 months.

This happened because we don't know how to reach to the audience through our talent.

We have lots of talent but no exposure and this is our biggest drawback as our social and political situation are not well.

This podcast is a big initiative."