Boeing's Two New Airliner Families: S vs XXL
Boeing's Two New Airliner Families: S vs XXL

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — When we compare Boeing's 737 MAX family of narrowbody jets to its giant new 777x widebody airliners, we see that the 777x family's sizes completely dwarf the 737 MAX family's sizes.

With its massive widebody fuselage, the 777x will be able to carry up to 426 passengers in two classes, compared to the big-selling 737 MAX 8's capacity of only 170 passengers.

The 777x will also be able to fly much farther than the 737 MAX.

Here, the longer 777-9x takes a back seat to the shorter 777-8x, which can fly for just over 16,000 kilometers.

The 737 MAX's wingtips are very unique, as they feature a split scimitar design, to minimize aerodynamic drag associated with vortices that develop at the tips as the aircraft travels.

To fight this same vortex effect, the 777x uses the same raked wingtip design used in the 787 airliner.

These special wingtips increase the fuel efficiency and range of the 737 MAX and 777x models.

The four 787 MAX models are priced from 100 million to 135 million US dollars, while the biggest 777x model is priced at 442 million, which is just under the 446 million that Airbus charged for its less efficient A-380.

One very unique feature of the giant new 777x airliners are their groundbreaking folding wingtips.

When folded, these wingtips save almost 7 meters of airplane width, allowing it to operate from normal airports that can not accommodate super-wide airliners like the A-380.