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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Madison City Schools Switch To Hybrid Schedule

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Madison City Schools Switch To Hybrid Schedule
Madison City Schools Switch To Hybrid Schedule

Grace Campbell spoke with Madison parents who think their kids will be going virtual for the rest of the semester.

Next week -- all madison city schools will return to its hybrid schedule due to an increase of teachers in quarantine due to coronavirus.

The district's coronavirus dashboard shows as of last friday --888 staff and students are in quarantine from possible exposure.

There were 59 positive cases among students and staff.

Students will be divided into two groups, with each being in class two days a week and virtual for three.

Waay 31's grace campbell spoke with parents who think this may be the start of the district going virtual for the remainder of the semester.

Both parents i spoke with are glad the district is keeping the students and staffs health in mind, but erica colo told me she's nervous this is the start of her third grader going virtual until winter break.

Pkg: erica colo, parent: "i wonder if maybe they're just bringing the kids back to make sure they bring all of their technology back home so that they're, you know, they go back two days and bring all of their technology back to their houses and it's maybe just a prep week to start the fulltime virtual school schedule again."

Colo's son is in third grade at columbia elementary.

She says virtual schooling is difficult for her son because it's difficult for him to stay on task while transitioning from one thing to the next, so she doesn't believe much work will be done on his virtual days when he doesn't have a teacher physically in a classroom with him.

Erica colo, parent: "the hybrid schedule i think is almost worse than the fulltime virtual as far as the kids and their learning because they don't have access to their teacher every day."

Lynn phillips daughter is in fourth grade at mills creek elementary.

She knows her daughter will have a full day of learning for the two days of in-person school, but agrees with colo that the three virtual days may not be beneficial for her child.

Lynn phillips, parent: "it's only two days in person so i don't, they're not getting that instruction on the three days.

They're just doing busywork."

Phillips hopes the district will be able to stick to its current plan to only be in this hybrid schedule next week.

Lynn phillips, parent: "i'm a little anxious to see how it will turn out."

Look live not shot the hybrid schedule is only expected to last until december fourth.

In madison city, grace campbell, waay 31 news.

Thanks grace.

The district's superintendent said they hope easing back into in-person learning from thanksgiving break will keep the number of positive cases and quarantines across the district as low as possible.

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