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Monday, January 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Science: Hooked on Science Holiday Themed Experiments

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Thanksgiving Science: Hooked on Science Holiday Themed Experiments
Thanksgiving Science: Hooked on Science Holiday Themed Experiments
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C1 3 day.

We've got some fun thanksgiving experiments for you, you can try out.

Cody: and here with us, the incomparable mr. science, jason lindsay.

Welcome, thank you for being here.

Jason lindsay: thank you, i appreciate it.

Look at this, some cool stuff.

Ingredients from around the house.

So many kids are now back home, kitchens have turned into science labs yet again, because of that vicious virus called covid-19.

Why not do some science, because covid doesn't ban science, right?

Cody: that's right.

Speaker 1: good thought.


Jason lindsay: so in front of me, i have my wife's best china, don't tell her i grabbed this from the cabinet when i left this morning, but it's real.

Speaker 1: oh yeah, okay.

Jason lindsay: have you ever considered pulling the table cloth from underneath the set of dishes?

Cody: no.

Speaker 1: no.

Cody: i would be in serious trouble.

Speaker 1: yeah.

Jason lindsay: you know, the turkey's on the table.

What's your favorite side item for thanksgiving?

Speaker 1: oh my gosh.

Cody: mashed potatoes.

Jason lindsay: mashed potatoes.

Speaker 1: mac and cheese.

Jason lindsay: mac and cheese.

Me, my wife creates this really good cranberry salad.

It's really, really good.

Speaker 1: okay.

Jason lindsay: okay, so if you're going to do this, can't have a hem on the tablecloth.

That's where it's folded and sewed.

Then you grab it and you say, "hey mom, look."

Just like that.

Speaker 1: i had a mild heart attack.

Jason lindsay: and the dishes, they stay right there, without breaking.

Pretty cool experiment that you can try.

But practice first kids, have an adult around, wear the appropriate safety gear, don't eat or drink your science experiment.

Speaker 1: yeah, plastic wear too.

Jason lindsay: one of you want to quickly try this?

Cody: no.

Speaker 1: yeah you, yeah, cody.

Cody: there's not a chance in the world that goes well.

Jason lindsay: okay, okay.

We can't break my wife's dishes, she'll be upset, right?

Cody: i trust that you knew how to do that and i still was nervous watching it happen.

Speaker 1: my stomach was like... jason lindsay: now this one you can do, it's pretty simple.

So you'll notice that i have a turkey baster, go ahead and pick that up so that we reduce our contacts with each other because of covid.

Notice i have removed the plastic part of it.

Now, what i want you to do is i'm going to give her this one over here and you're going to remove the rubber part of it and we're going to turn this into a ping pong ball launcher.

Cody: oh.

Jason lindsay: so you're going to launch them right across the studio here and how you're going to do that, and just for the sake of television, since we don't have a lot of time, dip your ping pong ball into the water to reduce the friction, just dip the whole thing in there.

Cody: got it.

Jason lindsay: it's just a little bit of toilet water, cody, nothing big.

Cody: perfect.

Jason lindsay: and you're going to push it into that, but make sure it goes right in there.

So you go ahead and dip it in and let's see, push it in really good.

You do have to add a little bit of force to it.

This is all about pushes and pulls.

You got to make sure that you get it in there just right.

Let me see yours one more time.

Speaker 1: not as much arm strength over here.

Jason lindsay: do that like that and then you're going to do this.

Speaker 1: oh, oh, nicely done.

Would have been better than mine.

Jason lindsay: don't shoot him in the face, okay?

Speaker 1: okay.

Jason lindsay: he's got to have that face for tv.

Speaker 1: point that down over there, mister.

Jason lindsay: don't shoot it in her face either.

But you'll no... so yeah.

Cody: don't mind me.

Jason lindsay: oh.

Cody: this is going to be a real issue the rest of the day.

Jason lindsay: so should i leave this with you two as you go to the newsroom and launch them across the room?

Speaker 1: we'll be good .

Jason lindsay: it's all about the engineering design process, pushes and pulls.

Do you need another one over here?

I'll help you load it really fast.

Speaker 1: there we go.

Jason lindsay: yeah, and you can really launch these all over the place just like that.

Cody: oh.

Jason lindsay: there they go.


Here's our last one.

We have enough time for it?

Cody: yep.

Speaker 1: okay.

Jason lindsay: you've probably heard about the glass, now this is a gigantic glass and then you have a toothpick.

This is a gigantic toothpick and then a giant spoon or fork this is what i eat thanksgiving dinner with.

Cody: that cranberry salad, right?

Speaker 1: i know where you're coming from now.

Jason lindsay: but on a smaller scale, a smaller spoon, a smaller fork, a smaller glass, a smaller toothpick.

You're going to put together the two utensils like this.

Now, since i have this gigantic utensil set, i've got to make sure i get it in just right.

Then you're going to take your toothpick and kind of jab


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