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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Worries about Covid-19 have increased since Thanksgiving

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Worries about Covid-19 have increased since Thanksgiving
Worries about Covid-19 have increased since Thanksgiving

The amount of travel in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving holiday is a concern for public health officials who say there may another surge coming soon.


As americans head home from feasts with family and friends... it's likely many are unknowingly taking corona virus back with them.

The numbers are shocking: more than 200- thousand new cases friday.

Total infections now exceed 13 million.

The death toll -- topping 266- thousand.

The worst -- in the world.

Danya bacchus now...with details.

Pkg: tonight-a growing fear the thanksgiving holiday will make an already out of control pandemic, worse.

This week - tens of millions ignored warnings to stay home.

Some hit the roads.

(natsnd traffic) others-- passed through airport checkpoint -- taking to the sky again.

(tsa checkpoints// then plane take- off) (sot: thu0013) "at the end of the day, we got to live our lives.

I'll be safe as possible, i'll wear my mask all the time, wash my hands."

(hospital) hospitals - many on the brink of capacity---are bracing for another surge.

Brandie kopsas- kingsley is a nurse in indiana.

(sot: fri0214 0:37) as a frontline healthcare worker, i can understand and i can describe the sound the zipper on a body bag makes."

(map gfx in) 23 states set a record for new daily cases in the last six days.

(map gfx out) (hospital b roll) about 60 americans now dying every hour - according to johns hopkins.

(sot: fri0214 02:04) those numbers are the people that are dead.

There are countless more that will have life-long disabilities from this.

Not just physical, or mental, but financial.

In oklahoma, the need for nurses is so dire-the state department of health is allowing asymptomatic covid 19 positive nurses to keep working.

Surging cases -- have some cities making preemptive strikes.

Sheila kuehl is the los angeles county supervisor: (or la county public health director barbara ferrer) (sot sat 0016 0:03-0:14 la county supervisor sheila kuehl or new sot from presser at 5p est) "just two weeks ago we were looking at maybe 1200 cases a day - and now we are at 4700 cases a day& we actually had 6,000 one day " tag: starting monday, gatherings in la county with anyone outside your household will be banned.

The exception-- religious services and protests.

C-d-c advisors will vote tuesday on who will be the first to get a coronavirus vaccine--when one is approved.

Danya bacchus, cbs news, los angeles.

New covid 19 numbers for counties in our area show trinity county with 19 new cases for a total of 158.

Plumas gained 9 cases... lassen county is up 75 community members with covid... and 218 inmates, most at high desert state prison.

While the map here shows modoc and plumas in the red tier...they are not.

All of the counties in our coverage area remain in the purple tier.## trade groups estimate 160- thousand small businesses have shut down at some point during the pandemic... and some sixty percent might


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