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Friday, April 16, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/29/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/29/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/29/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/29/2020

Nearly a dozen people are reportedly injured after a shooting at a grenada night club.


Multiple sources tell wcbi that grenada police were called to sms biker club about 1:30 this morning about the shooting.


The grenada star reports 11 people were injured in the gunfire.


No fatalities have been reported.


The injure sent to hospitals in grenada, winona, greenwood and jackson.


Wcbi has reached out to the grenada police department for comment but no one was available to release information on the record today.


We will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as it becomes available.


Aberdeen police are searching for a gunman after a saturday night shooting.


Police chief henry randle says a 35- year-old man was found dead lying on the corner of chaffie and gillespie street.


20-year-old amari jordan johnson is a person of interest in connection to the murder.


Johnson fled the scene driving a red mercedes coupe with an alabama license plate.??

Police say not to approach johnson.??

He's armed and dangerous.


If you have any information, call the aberdeen police department.


The number is there on your screen.


After a dreary and rainy sunday, drier weather is on the way along with much colder air.

Temperatures will remain below average this week with another chance for showers on thursday.

Sunday night: rain will exit by midnight, but clouds will continue through state health officials are reporting 1,845 new cases of covid-19 with 27 deaths.


For a second day in a row, lee county has the highest number of new cases in our area with 79.


Lafayette county has 37, union county has 35, lowndes county is reporting 31, and oktibbeha county as 30.


Officials presume more than 121- thousand people have recovered from the virus.


Nowhere is the coronavirus crisis more real right now than in our nation's heartland.


Many hospitals are overwhelmed despite months of preparation.


Cbs's jessi mitchell takes us inside.


Pkg: topeka's stormont vail hospital just hit a devastating milestone - 100 covid patients.

100- percent capacity.

Nat pop: 14 staff members are out with covid.

Nurses like allissa dickey have been preparing for this- since march.

Allissa dickey/covid-19 ward nurse i was hopeful it would not get to this point, but here we are, and we're trying our best.

Four of her family members have tested positive .

Now more than 100 of her colleagues are also positive.

One floor down, ardith griffin is packing her bags for rehab.

Ardith griffin/covid-19 patient they're going to get me my strength back, so my breath will be there.

Already battling copd and ms, she is recovering from covid and pneumonia.

Ardith griffin/covid-19 patient i'm a fighter.

I want to get this over with.

Her son keith is an administrator here who helped re-design the hospital for the virus.

He converted the airflow in covid rooms and created pop-up pre-op rooms when they ran out of space.

Covid patients are now on four floors&and most of the icu nat pop they're upside down, to help their oxygen.

Doctor hassan taha oversees the icu.

Dr. hassan taha/icu doctor unfortunately many of these patients can't talk.

They're on ventilators, they're very sick.

Many of them may not live to be here tomorrow.

Some of doctor taha's patients who are nfl fans - regret going to the stadium.

Dr. hassan taha/icu doctor they wish they can go back in time and wouldn't go to that chiefs game.

He is urging families to have small gatherings during the holidays.

Jessi mitchell and dr. hassan taha/icu doctor you're stretched so thin right now.

What's going to happen in a couple weeks?

The situation will be much worse.

We're going to have patients with no beds.

We're going to have patients who are very sick at home because they can't come to the hospital, and we're not talking about imagination.

We're talking about right now, what's happening on the ground.

As the nation heads into winter, the hospital staff expect a 20 percent increase in covid patients.

Allissa dickey/covid-19 ward nurse i am nervous.

I am not gonna lie.

I'm nervous to see what happens.

It's a feeling shared by many of the staff here, who say this hospital is at a breaking point.

Jessi mitchell, cbs news, topeka kansas.

At current rates, roughly 114 americans test positive for covid- 19 every minute.


Sixty-five americans die from it every hour.??

It every hour.??

Mandy has a nifty chore kit to get your kids helping out around the house.??

And most of the products needed to build the kits are inexpensive.??

Take a look.??

Today on mom to mom, we've got a nifty chore kit to get your kids helping out around the house.

Kids do not like doing chores.

I mean, that's a given, right?

As a parent, we know this.

And when they do actually do them, they run around like the three stooges trying to find certain things for certain areas.

I happen to come across this really cool chore kit idea that i thought would work perfectly for our family.

So basically, you want to go the dollar tree, which is what i did, pick up one of these kits right here for a dollar, and then fill it with things specific to how you want things done.

I've got three kids, so we chose specific rooms. like this one is for the kitchen.

And then we printed these, um, list online, which you can find anywhere.

I laminated mine, just because i like for them to be able to check off each thing that they do with a dry for many of us, thunderstorms can be a frightening, and lightning is a big part of that fear.??

Meteorologist trevor birchett explains how and why lightning occurs in storms in this week's weather whys.??

As we transition into fall and early winter, storm systems become more and more common.

These can bring rain, wind, hail, and even lightning.

But how does lightning occur?

Well, ahead of a storm system, warm, moist air rises from the surface, supplying the energy that storms need to develop.

As the storm grows taller and taller, water droplets in the highest part of the cloud actually freeze into small ice particles, and begin to collide with liquid water droplets.

This collision of ice pellets and water droplets creates positive and negative electrical charges within the cloud.

The stronger the storm, the higher up it goes, and the more electrical charges it has.

Eventually, the charges orient themselves where the positive charges are at the top of the cloud and negative charges are at the bottom of the cloud, with positive charges also on the surface.

When energy from positive and after a dreary and rainy sunday, drier weather is on the way along with much colder air.

Temperatures will remain below average this week with another chance for showers on thursday.

Sunday night: rain will exit by midnight, but clouds will continue through the morning.

Temperatures will fall to the upper 30s with a breezy northwesterly wind.

Gusts could be as high as 25 mph.

Monday: we'll begin monday under a mostly cloudy sky, but we will see a few peeks of sun by the evening.

While most of the rain will be gone, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or even a flurry through the morning and afternoon.

Temperatures will be in the low 40s in the morning but will fall into the 30s through the day.

Winds will remain breezy with gusts up to 25 mph out of the northwest.

Tuesday: a hard freeze is expected tuesday morning as much of the area will see lows in the low and mid 20s.

We'll remain sunny through the day, but temperatures will remain cool with highs only in the mid to upper 40s.

Wednesday-friday: our next chance for showers will be late wednesday night into thursday, with a sprinkle or two possible on friday as well.

Wednesday morning will also be cold with temperatures in the low and mid 20s.

Lows will be in the upper 30s for thursday and friday with highs in the 40s and 50s.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will remain in the 50s for the weekend and, aside from a few clouds, we'll generally remain mostly sunny.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at hail state women's hoops was originally supposed to hit the road this weekend to play in the basketball hall of fame women's challenge.

But the event was cancelled due to covid related reasons.

However, the bulldogs were able to pull some strings with in- state foe jackson state getting a game scheduled for today so here we are!

The nikki mccray- penson era tipping off in the hump.

1st quarter....myah taylor finds rickea jackson for 3...3-0 msu early now msu on the break...taylor showing off the 3 break...taylor showing off the 3 ball....she knocked down 3 from deep today....8-4 msu 2nd quarter...tigers playing tough....keshuna luckett pushing the break swings it to elexus payton...pull up is good....18-14 msu bulldogs freshman madison hayes crossover and the dime to jessika carter for the layup....25-14 msu jsu ball...ameshya williams bank shot is good....29-19 msu but the bulldogs start to pull away....jamaya mingo-young 3 from the wing is cash.... jackson on the break...goes coast to coast splitting defenders for the and 1 finish...bulldogs lead 40-19 at half 3rd quarter...hayes dimes taylor on the wing for another trey ball.... then taylor in transition finds sidney cooks in the same spot for another 3...that's good!

54-24 msu taylor beautiful pass ahead to aliyah matharu...and 1 lefty layup....msu dominates in this one final score msu 88 jsu 58 the bulldogs attempted 29 three pointers today...really stretching jsu's defense!!

Here's what head coach nikki mccray had to say about their play style.

"if people are going to give you shots, you got to knock them down.

If they're gonna disrespect you, knock it down.

That's part of it.

Then, it will open up so much more for the game.

I don't want our team to be afraid to shoot the ball.

I want them to understand time and score.

I want them to be able to hit shots because when the game is on the line i don't want them looking over at me.

They have to have the confidence to be able to knockdown those shots."

"just the coaches having confidence in me.

One of the conversations i've had with coach mccray was just the responsibility of me knocking down open shots.

That's something i've been working on with coach britt and all the coaches so they just made that an emphasis and something i've been focusing on."

"when i'm open, my teammates get me the ball so i just thank them for that and trusting me when i'm open to knockdown the shot.

That's just something coach nikki is always telling me.

I have to showcase that side of my game to open the floor for drive and kicks to my teammates."

After the break....sean payton and the saints take a trip to denver..... do they leave the mountains with a win?

Highlights next in sports 00-13 1q, 0- 0...opening drive...titans' ryan tannehi ll swings it to the titans' derrick henry who goes in for the 12-yard touchdown...ruled a lateral, so its a td run for henry...7-0 tenn 13-24 1q, 7-0 tenn...colts' philip rivers throws to the colts' trey burton for the 12- yard touchdown...7-7 24-41 1q, 7- 7...tannehill finds the titans' a.j.

Brown, who runs away from the colts defesne for the 69-yard td...14-7 tenn 51-1:02 2q, 14- 14...henry bounces it outside, and just gets in for the 1- yard touchdown...21-14 tenn 1:02-1:11 2q, 21-14 tenn...its henry again, this time going in for the 12- tenn...its henry again, this time tenn 1:02-1:11 2q, 21-14 tenn...its henry again, this time going in for the 12- yard touchdown...28-14 tenn 1:11-1:20 2q, 28-14 tenn...just before halftime, tannehill keeps and waltzes in for the 1-yard touchdown...35-14 tenn ???final: 45-26 tennessee titans???

Titans take sole possession of 1st place in the division 00-07 broncos' losing all their qb's to covid reasons making them ineligible to comes kendall hinton , slated to start 07-17 1q, 0- 0...broncos start with the wildcat formation.....the broncos' philip lindsay runs for 14-yards and a first down...0-0 17-27 1q, 0- 0...hinton does come in on 3rd & 3...he rolls out, but under pressure, he throws it away...0-0 27-36 2q, 0- finally seeing some offensive output, as the saints' taysom hill runs it in for the 1-yard touchdown...7-0 no 36-48 2q, 7-0 no...broncos back 36-48 2q, 7-0 no...broncos back in the wildcat...the snap bounces to lindsay who can't pick it up, and the saints' kwon alexander scoops it up and returns it to the broncos' 13...7-0 no 48-57 2q, 7-0 no...saints convert as hill runs it in for the 2-yard touchdown...14-0 no 57-1:18 2q, 14-0 no...hinton throws down the right side and is intercepted by the jack rabbit!!!

Saints' janoris jenkins... no for the 2-yard touchdown...14-0 no 57-1:18 2q, 14-0 no...hinton throws down the right side and is intercepted by the jack rabbit!!!

Saints' janoris jenkins... saints go onto win big!



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