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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Key states certify presidential election results

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Key states certify presidential election results
Key states certify presidential election results

[NFA] Outgoing Republican President Donald Trump's legal fight to overturn the result of the Nov.

3 vote looked more unlikely on Monday as key swing states Arizona and Wisconsin certified Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of their presidential elections.

This report produced by Chris Dignam.

ARIZONA GOVERNOR DOUG DUCEY: "The votes have been tabulated.

All 15 counties have certified their results." Arizona certified its election results on Monday, handing another official win to President-elect Joe Biden in one of several states where President Donald Trump has made last-ditch efforts to challenge the outcome.

Arizona's Republican Governor Doug Ducey signed the official results and left no doubt about the integrity of the state's election process.

DUCEY: "We do elections well here in Arizona.

The system is strong, and that's why I've bragged on it so much." A few miles away at a Phoenix hotel, Rudy Giuliani, the man leading the Trump campaign's losing legal battle to overturn the election, held a meeting with Republican state lawmakers to repeat claims of widespread voter fraud, though state and federal election officials have said there is no evidence of it.

GEORGIA SECRETARY OF STATE BRAD RAFFENSPERGER: "It is auditable." In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Monday said he expected a recount initiated by the Trump campaign to be done by the midnight Wednesday deadline, and that it would bolster confidence in the result.

RAFFENSPERGER: "Once this recount is complete, everyone in Georgia will be able to have even more confidence in the results of our elections, despite the massive amounts of misinformation that is being spread by dishonest actors... and frankly, they are misleading the president as well, apparently." Later on Monday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission's chair confirmed the election result in her state following a recount in two counties.

WISCONSIN ELECTIONS COMMISSION ADMINISTRATOR MEAGAN WOLFE: "... no errors were identified." The recounts in Wisconsin increased Biden's lead by 87 votes.

WISCONSIN ELECTIONS COMMISSION CHAIR ANN JACOBS: "This is the conclusion of the state canvass for the state of Wisconsin." Trump still refuses to the concede and continues to make baseless claims about voter fraud on Twitter.

But the president said he would "certainly" leave the White House if the Electoral College formally declares Biden the winner when it meets on Dec.



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