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Friday, January 22, 2021

What is a Superlark? The history behind Grand Meadow's unusual nickname

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What is a Superlark? The history behind Grand Meadow's unusual nickname
What is a Superlark? The history behind Grand Meadow's unusual nickname
The school's current logo dates back to 1973.

Meadow's colorful all across southeastern minnesota you'll find nicknames you won't see anywhere else in the country.

Kimt news 3 sports zach gilleland joins us now and zach, you went digging into the history of the grand meadow superlarks name.xx (?






" grand meadow for more than two years now and i've always wondered why they're called the superlarks.

Today i got a history lesson courtesy of athletic director gary sloan ?


"* but before we dive int meaning behind the name ?


*i asked some of my coworkers here what they think a superlark is.xx "do you know what a superlark is?

My guess is a bird."

"it looks like an eagle wearing a sweater so that confuses me a little bit."

"i want to say a bird, is that your final answer?


That's exactly what a superlarks is ?


"* a ?


"* but what makes them so super?

I asked longtime athletic director and head football coach gary sloan for the answer.

"in the 1970s i know they had a former english teacher who also announced football games and things like that and he just started calling them the superlarks one day."

George colbenson, the man behind the change, thought the original meadow lark knickname was wimpy and was inadequate to reflect the school.

He added 'super' to the lark name and the rest is history.

The new and improved logo featuring a sweater?

"*clad superlark was unveiled in 1973.

"it's a pretty unusual name, i always tell people it's basically an eagle on steroids or a lark on steroids or something like that."

Southeastern minnesota is full of colorful nicknames ?


"* including the blooming prairie awesome blossoms, the chatfield gophers, or even simple ones such as the lyle pacelli athletics.

"i think every community has, real proud of themselves, in their school district and stuff like that.

Just talks about the character of the students and the people we have.

A nickname is embedded in the fabric of the community it represents.

It's a shared identity ?


"* if outsiders don't understand the meaning behind the moniker.

"the mascot that confuses

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