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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

National Believe Week benefits the Make a Wish Foundation

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National Believe Week benefits the Make a Wish Foundation
National Believe Week benefits the Make a Wish Foundation

The letters to Santa can be dropped off at any Macy's location or you can write one online.

At new for you on daybreak.

If you have kids writing letters to santa... listen up!

Depending on when they write it and where it's submitted... you could be helping out more than just santa's list.

Madelyne is going to introduce us to "national believe week" through the retailer "macy's" and "make?



Madelyne./// tyler.

Fr the past 12 years now... the "macy's" believe campaign is an opportunity for kids to write their letters to santa and for every letter received... the retailer will donate one dollar to "make?



This yea though... it's going to run a little differently.

First, i want to introduce you to 6?


"*old christian and dad, (mar?

"* tine) martijn bos from rochester.

Christian is battling leukemia and has been for the past two years now.

In january... he and his family went to disney world thanks to the "make?


"*wish" found his dad says that was a week where they didn't have to worry about his disease or worry about hospital visits ?

*- ?

"* it was a week where christian could be a kid and they could be a family.

Since 2003... "macy's" has donated more than 132 million dollars to "make?


"* wish" so fa like the bos family can go on these trips.


"*tine) martijn tells me it's encouraging to know that kids in the future can do something like "it's definitely heartwarming.

Especially right now with the pandemic, a lot of charities are struggling to raise money and then additionally, make a wish has to tell a lot of these families that travel right now, like we were privileged to have is not possible.

So for them to raise the money and at least save some of that money for when these wishes can be granted is fantastic."

So normally... this campaign where "macy's" donates a dollar for every letter written to santa only happens on one day.

But this year... it's taking place all week long and the price is thanks madelyne.

Any letters written to santa this week can either be dropped off in person at any "macy's" location.

Or you can write one online.

We have a link where you can do


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