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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Behind the curtain of Frontline Healthcare workers

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Behind the curtain of Frontline Healthcare workers
Behind the curtain of Frontline Healthcare workers
The challenges they face daily

First tonight: mayo clinic staffers are giving the community a look behind the curtain as they continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

A paramedic with mayo clinic ambulance..

A critical care nurse..

A respiratory therapist and an infectious disease nurse all sharing their experiences today ..

Kimt news three's jessica bringe joins us live from mayo clinic with their insight.



"* during a virtual briefing?

"* frontline workers shared their own experiences with patients as well as how the pandemic has been impacting them personally..

Both physically and mentally.

Critical care nurse amy spitzner she's never seen it this bad as patients can seem to be fine one day and then they're on a ventilator the next.

Spitzner says some patients are receiving the maximum amount of support but their bodies are still giving out.

Respiratory therapist desirae cogswell says it's hard to lose patients not take those emotions home and find ways to decompress.

<their bodies still give out and they still die in front of us without their families.

We're their only physical touch that they have when they're leaving this world it's really hard to watch.> <i think we go home sometimes wondering and kind of doubting our own skills and our own abilities and that's something you fight with.

Is there more we could be doing?> they also shared how disheartening and frustrating it is to see people in the community not abiding the mask mandate..

As well as hearing some community members say covid?

"*19 isn't real as they fight it every day.

On critical care nurse says her response is..

"i'm sorry you feel that way but i'm still going to be here to take care of you if you get sick."

Thank you jessica.

A mayo clinic ambulance paramedic says he feels like they're fighting an uphill battle against those who aren't wearing p?


"*e or followin c?


"* c covid guidelines.

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