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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


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frozen pipes in the winter time

Here in acadiana , plumbers are expected to work some overtime as people start to see frozen pipes in their homes..

Our news 15 patsy douglas shares some tips on how you can prevent this from happening... reporter intro - last winter , c's plumbing repair , received numerous calls regarding frozen pipes and owner blair goulas says he is expecting the same this year ..sot/nat sound - this was my call log in one day..

Tapping noise ..

Vo - last winter the company got 100 calls in one day regarding freezing pipes goulos tells me that there are many tips you can use to prevent your pipes from freezing ...sot - "insulate anything that is out in the open , that is acceptable to the freezing and also cover the underneath side of your home to prevent that north wind from hitting, because if all of the cold air comes out of the north , and so the north end of your home is the most um is the most open to the freezing..

Vo - goulos says pipe installations are good and easy to use when covering your pipes in the winter ..

Sot - "if you happen to go to lowes and ca't find them , or if something happens , you could also wrap a bath towel around it , which is what i did at my house one year , but you can wrap it and that can stop it from freezing .."vo - goulos says that i's important to be aware of damage when you do expect a freezing pipe..

Sot -"just go and turn the water off at the road to prevent them from uh possibly causing damage or water damage to your home , when it does though out .."vo - now goulos says make sure that you cover anything that is open in the winter to prevent frozen pipes ..

In lafayette patsy douglas news 15 thanks patsy!

Now c's plumbing repair is here to help if anyone comes across a freezing pipe this winter 3


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