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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Local Company Developing Vaccine Storage Devices

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Local Company Developing Vaccine Storage Devices
Local Company Developing Vaccine Storage Devices

In the lead up to a COVID-19 vaccine being approved, Cold Box Express in Arab talked to WAAY 31 about the impactful role they will play in safely and effectively distributing the vaccine across the country.


New information... once a covid-19 vaccine is approved - how will it be transported safely and effectively?

Well - a company in arab will play a huge role in distributing the vaccine across the country.

Waay 31's grace campbell spoke with the c-e-o and president of "cold box express" and shows us how the boxes will safely transport a covid vaccine.

Each cold box has its own heating and cooling system.

It can manage temperatures from negative 4 degrees fahrenheit, up to room temperature.

Foster mcdonald told me cold boxes offer a one of a kind form of ground transportation.

Foster mcdonald, ceo and president of cold box: "to put on a truck, to put on a trailer, whatever the ground requirement is, we're the only one in the, actually in the world that we know of, that is designed for that purpose."

The cold boxes are battery operated.

It can maintain temperatures for 5 days before needing to be recharged.

The cold boxes meet every cdc requirement to transport a covid-19 vaccine.

Mcdonald says the cold boxes will give the whole country a safe place to store the vaccine.

"particularly smaller communities, rural communities where hospitals may or may not have the type of refrigeration or the quantity of refrigeration that's going to be needed."

After 9 months of the pandemic, mcdonald is glad his company will help get the virus under control.

We all have a lot of fatigue about covid and be a part of the solution will be very gratifying for us, for sure."

Mcdonald anticipates a high demand for the cold boxes once a vaccine is approved.

In arab, grace campbell waay 31 news.

Cold box is already working with the california department of public health to distribute


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