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Saturday, March 6, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/10/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/10/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/10/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/10/2020

Show open people in vardaman and throughout calhoun county are in mourning after a 7 year old was struck and killed by an 18 wheeler as she was getting off a school bus with her younger brother.

Wcbi's allie martin has more .

This deep rut was made when the 18 wheeler ran off highway 8 after hitting the brother and sister.

Seconds after the tragedy, workers at a nearby county barn, sprang into action.

Carl mooneyham had just returned to the county barn when he noticed the 18 wheeler with a full load of lumber, heading east on highway 8.

"we were standing in front of the shed and i saw the big truck come around the other truck and i was watching the two kids had got off of the bus and i told my co worker , i said, it's a bad situation, we have to go to the top of the hill."

When they reached the top of the hill, mooneyham and his co worker realized the extent of the tragedy.

"the boy was sitting on his behind, crying, the aunt was there, it was a bad tragedy."

Five year old luis montero was airlifted to lebonheur children's hospital.

His sister, 7 year old vareria, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mooneyham and other county employees helped get more than 20 terrified children off the bus , to a safe location away from the road, where another bus was dispatched to pick them up.

"that's the first incident i've ever been involved in with a kid, and i have grandkids, i've had kids, i couldn't imagine anything like that happening to one of mine."

Seventy year old james thomas murphy was the driver of the 18 wheeler that struck the children.

Murphy told police he was traveling east on highway 8, and saw this gravel truck stopped in the roadway.

Murphy says he couldn't stop, swerved into the westbound lane, noticed he was heading straight for the stopped school bus, swerved to the right, and struck the children.

Murphy's truck left the highway, and came to a stop in this field, losing his load of lumber.

Vardaman police chief kenneth scott says the accident has impacted the entire community.

"the whole county, our community, our school, just devastated, i answered a lot of calls, it don't get no worse than something like this, it affects first responders, bystanders, that assisted, all law enforcement."

This case will go to the grand jury who will decide whether or not to indict, in the meantime, family friends and the entire community will be going through a long grieving process.

In vardaman, allie martin, wcbi news murphy has been released from the calhoun county jail after posting 50 thousand dollar bond.

This is the third child killed getting on or off a school bus in north mississippi in the past 4 years.

Four years ago amiya braxton was struck by a vehicle when she got off the bus in from of her home in pontotoc county.

Investigators say the female driver passed the stopped school bus on the shoulder side of highway 9.

The driver told police she didn't realize the bus was stopped.

She swerved into braxton's yard, killing the 7 year old.

And, two years ago, 9 year old dalen thomas was crossing highway 370 in pratts community of lee county to get on his stopped school bus.

The child was killed by the driver of a truck.

That driver, hunter newman pled guilty to culpable negligence manslaughter.

In the case of amiya braxton, two separate grand juries reviewed the case and did not hand down an indictment.

There have no arrests in that case.

Oxford police... "i'm not really sure what i just witnessed, but it may be a domestic violence going on right now."

This is the 9-1-1 call that lead to an oxford officer- involved shooting leaving one person dead.

Opd says the incident started as a domestic disturbance on private road 3057, about 7:20 last night.

When officers arrived they found 47-year-old kenneth dale miller barricaded inside the home with a female.

The alleged domestic violence victim ran away once officers arrived.

In a press release, investigators say negotiations continued for more than an hour until miller allegedly pointed a gun at officers.

Miller died after the gunfire ended.

No officers were injured.

The mississippi bureau of investigation has taken over the case.

Investigation has taken over the case.

First look stinger while we're not expecting a complete washout this weekend, you will have to dodge some showers if you plan to be out.

Fortunately, no severe weather is expected.

Thursday night: skies will remain mostly clear for the most part tonight with a few clouds moving in early friday morning.

It'll be another chilly night with lows in the upper 30s and a mississippi's new covid-19 case count remains above the two thousand mark.

The state department of health is reporting two thousand 283 new cases and 42 deaths.

Ten of those fatalities occurred in the wcbi viewing area.

In our area, lee county has the most new cases with 81.

Lowndes county is reporting 58.

Union has 33.

Pontotoc and tishomingo counties are both reporting 31 new cases.

Oktibbeha has 26 and monroe has 24.

Positive covid-19 tests are behind a move to make amory middle school virtual.

The school district reports three positive cases in the 7th grade over the past 48 hours.

State health guidelines require that grade to be closed to activities and gatherings.

So, today school administrators announced that amory middle will begin meeting virtually starting tomorrow, through the end of the semester on december 18th.

Free meals and wifi hotspots will be provided during that time.

Rdr late today, families with students attending louisville high school sent a note home letting them know the school will be transitioning to virtual learning until the 18th of december.

Principal danya turner sited covid 19 issues for the decision.

All extra curricular activities at louisville high school have been cancelled until january 1st.

A growing number of covid-19 cases and upcoming holiday celebrations causes mississippi state to delay the start of its spring semester.

The university announced today that spring 2021 classes will start on january 11th.

They were scheduled to begin on january 6th.

Administrators believe the extra time will allow any possible exposure during new year's eve celebrations to run their course before students return to campus.

Two more school districts in our area release details on learning models offered to students after christmas break.

Our stephanie poole speaks with administrators in columbus.

" we take the data and we take the information."

More than 33- hundred students are enrolled in the columbus municipal school district.

Superintendent dr. cherie labat says hybrid and virtual learning will be offered for the spring semester.

" we evaluate on a school by school basis, how many teachers we have available, and how many students will be coming to school to make a decision."

Dr. labat says there are no reported cases of the virus on school grounds.

" we've always had mandatory mask mandate, we follow social distancing.

We have desk shields, we have a no contact policy and we don't allow any outside employees to enter the district."

At heritage academy, headmaster dr. greg carlyle says the school will follow a similar model.

" for our students coming back after christmas,we're going to meet in person.

We do, at the high school, have a limited ability for virtual classes."

250 students are on campus, 8 of those students are learning virtually.

Carlyle says with smaller class sizes, it's easier to maintain a social distance.

" we spraying on all of our student surfaces between every class.

We're finding that those things are helping we need to do.

Both schools will release updated information as it becomes available.

Stinger "how hospitals in north mississippi are planning on distributing the covid-19 vaccine.

The story ahead on wcbi as advisors to the food and drug administration could make a decision within days on the approval of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine.

Hospitals in north mississippi already have plans in place on how they'll distribute their share of the state's 25 thousand doses.

Wcbi's stephen pimpo talks a local hospital and the plans and people about whether they would be willing to take the vaccine.

"i mean, there's a lot of unknowns but i also know that we will have a lot more serious illnesses and a lot more deaths from covid than we will from the vaccine."

For baptist memorial hospital - golden triangle...the most important delivery of the year is coming the week before christmas.

500 doses of the covid-19 vaccine.

"it's going to be offered to 100 percent of the employees but everybody will have the decision to make yay or nay whether they want to take it."

Baptist employee health nurse johnny judson says the hospital plans to start administering those vaccines on december 19.

"a close, high-risk contact with the covid-19 population, those are the ones we are targeting first."

Su: och regional medical center in starkville expects to get 110 doses of the covid19 vaccine by the end of the year.

They say it could be available to the public by the spring of 2021.

So how comfortable will people be taking this vaccine?

"as long as they get all the kinks out and 100 percent, i'll take it."

"i think we should have policies in place that say you need to have this vaccine."

"i'm tired of these masks for one thing.

I'm ready to get over this stuff."

However...judson says the vaccine is just part of the equation to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

"i don't think the vaccine is going to take the place of a mask until the number of cases go down."

Even with a vaccine available...he says it's vital for everyone to continue social distancing, washing their hands, and wearing a mask.

"if everybody do their part, we will make it through this together."

In columbus...stephen pimpo...wcbi news.

Judson says it is still too early in the process for him to predict when baptist will have a vaccine available to the public.

Och says the vaccine might not available for young children until more studies are done.

Stinger weather open while we're not expecting a complete washout this weekend, you will have to dodge some showers while we're not while we're not expecting a complete washout this weekend, you will have to dodge some showers if you plan to be out.

Fortunately, no severe weather is expected.

Thursday night: skies will remain mostly clear for the most part tonight with a few clouds moving in early friday morning.

It'll be another chilly night with lows in the upper 30s and a light southeasterly wind.

Friday: aside from a few peeks of sun in the morning, most of friday will end up cloudy.

An isolated shower is possible after 3 pm, but the majority of the rain will hold off until saturday morning.

Highs will be in the mid 60s with a southerly wind 5-10 mph.

Saturday: many of us will wake up to rain showers and perhaps a bit of thunder early saturday morning.

However, we don't expect this system to produce severe weather.

Rainfall amounts will be between 0.5" and 1" area wide.

Rain will exit for the most part by lunchtime saturday, leaving us dry for the rest of the afternoon.

Highs will be in the mid 60s with temperatures dropping in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday: clouds will linger through the day on sunday with another round of showers possible sunday afternoon and evening.

Temperatures will be cooler with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s.

Monday-thursday: showers will linger through early morning monday, but most of monday will be dry with clouds slowly exiting by the evening.

Tuesday looks dry and partly cloudy but more rain is stinger open ???take spx monitor???

It's finally basketball season for kermit davis and the ole miss rebels men's basketball ball team... our jon sokoloff joins us live from oxford... he's inside the pavillion... jon it's been a long time coming... a long time coming is right... the ole miss rebels are the last power five team to tip off..

Head coach kermit davis wasn't able to coach his team in person for 21 days and they were on a 14-day pause due to covid- 19... while infected with covid-19 he was trying to coach from his bedroom watching practices on zoom... after he recovered he was able to work out players individually but they were held back a bit... his main message to his team was that there are still no excuses and no one will feel sorry for you around the country... now they're finally on the hardwood taking on jackson state... they're missing some pieces from last year... mainly first team all sec member breein tyree... but someone thye're expecting to help fill the void... rider transfer dimencio vaughn vaughn averaged on jackson state... they're missing some pieces from last year... mainly first team all sec member breein tyree... but someone thye're expecting to help fill the void... rider transfer dimencio vaughn vaughn averaged 15 per game last year... he shot 48 percent from the field and just under 40 percent from three..

Davis called him one of their best rebounders... he's one of their most active players as well... and the head man is excited to get him acclimated to their system... davis says: he's gonna play a bunch for us i see him playing mostly at the three, can be a floor man.

He's got a great voice in the gym and will be a big part of our team.

Vaughn says: i'm a swiss army knife.

It was said in a couple of articles.

He can use me wherever he needs me and i am ready to be available for my coaches and teammates as well.

On the other side... jackson state had some sec basketball experience already this week as they took on mississippi state in starkville tuesday... they played the bulldogs tough in the first half but state pulled away... it''ll be interesting to see how ole miss looks after not being able to play in an actual game yet... we'll have highlights tonight at 10... reporting from the pavillion in oxford... jon sokoloff... wcbi sports... when you hear the words, "west point" automatically think of football.

Wcbi sports chris bolton was able to learn more about one of the unsung heros who helps make this program so special.

Gall: "it's probably one of the best programs in the state and in the country."

The west point green wave are a powerhouse in mississippi high school football.

Winners of 4 of the last 5 class 5a state championships and tied with south panola for the crown of the most titles in the state.

One person who's been along for the ride with head coach chris chambless is team manager tyler gall.

Son of assistant coach roger burton, tyler and the green wave go back.

He's been helping with the team since 7th grade.

Chambless: "they just know what we want done everyday.

We don't have to tell them twice to do anything.

A lot of times we don't have to tell them one time to do it."

Tyler recently graduated from the access program offered by mississippi state university for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

He's taken many of the skills he's learned from access to help the green wave stay on top on the gridiron.

Gall: "it's helped me out so much throughout life.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for access at state."

Beca spencer: i can.

I plan on being at west point for the rest of my life."

I can.

I plan on being at west point for the rest of my life."

Reporting......chris bolton wcbi sports.


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