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Friday, March 5, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT Ten - 12/13/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT Ten - 12/13/2020
WCBI NEWS AT Ten - 12/13/2020
WCBI NEWS AT Ten - 12/13/2020

Pfizer began shipping its coronavirus vaccine around the nation today.


Ups and fedex are teaming up with the federal government to deliver the first doses across the u.s. ??

Healthcare workers and nursing home residents are expected to be among the first to receive the vaccine.


Cbs news correspondent kris van cleave reports from in louisville, kentucky.


Pkg- tonight--delivering hope& the best weapon in the fight against the pandemic touched down in louisville around noon on board this ups boeing 757.

Captain houston mills flew the first batch of pfizer vaccine.

Kvc: have you ever flown cargo this important?

Mills: i've never had the honor of being part of something this big.//every package is a person we always say and in this instance, the lifesaving vaccine can make a difference in someone's life.

The massive delivery effort kicking off today will be divided between ups and fedex--each handling half of the u-s.

Tonight ups is moving half of pfizer's intial 2.9 million doses- the approximately 75 specially designed cold boxes of vaccine...each with gps and temperature tracking started the day at pfizer's michigan plant.

Rolling out with an escort of us marshals.

Upon landing in kentucky they were unloaded for sorting and will fly out tonight bound for more than 30 cities by morning& allowing vaccinations to start as soon as monday.

The vaccines will get the first priority on the aircraft, the first priority on the package car when it goes to the final destination.

Pfizer expects to ship 20 million doses this month.

Health and human services secretary alex azar on face the nation defended the pace of the roll out.

Face the nation brennan: why the decision not to be more aggressive out of the gate?


Azar: we're being very aggressive.

We're shipping all that we have that- while we're holding back a reserve for the second dose.

-tag- starting tomorrow the vaccine will be driven from michigan to kentucky, then sorted and sent out.

Delivered within 24 hrs of leaving the pfizer plant and into the arms of americans shortly there after.


Locally, state health officials are reporting 15- hundred new cases today and 19 deaths.


18 of those cases are in long-term facilities within the state .


In our area, lee county is reporting the highest number of new cases with 51.


Lowndes county has 32.


Union has 27, lafayette has 19, and pontotoc has 17 new cases.


Rain will continue overnight tonight, but monday and tuesday will be dry.

We'll have more chances for rain wednesday and saturday with cooler temperatures sticking around.

Sunday night: steady rain will continue through much of the night, but some areas could see heavier rain at times.

Winds will remain breezy with gusts up to 30 mph out of the north.

We'll be macon police have arrested one person in connection to a shooting on thursday.


Shedrick shankling was arrested last night around 7pm.


He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and shooting into a dwelling.??

Macon police say jonathan turner and jamelia joiner were inside of a home on north turner road when several shots were fired from outside the house.


One of the bullets struck turner in the lower right side.


Turner was then air-lifted to a hospital in jackson.


Bond for shankling has not been set at this time, his court appearance is set for monday.


Christmas joy is being spread throughout north mississippi.


Community members in artesia hosted a toy drive for families today.


This is the second time the event has been held and volunteers were excited about the opportunity to help give back.


The event had free food, live music, and a variety of toys to pick from.


Due to the pandemic, event coordinators believe a toy drive could help fill the bottom of a few christmas tress.


"it's beneficial towards the community because as you can see; it was a big turn out you know a lot of kids aren't fortunate enough to have christmas so why not give back.

The lord blessed us so that's the only way you gone get something is to give something."

"usually we would have had something on the inside, but this year we had to make some changes and try to have it outside and still try to do the social distancing thing,you know, and follow guidelines; but it wasn't going to detour us from doing it."

Over 100 participants attended the toy drive.


Coordinators say they want to make the giveaway an coordinators say they want to make the giveaway an annual event.


To politics now -- and another moment in history.


Tomorrow the electoral college will cast their votes to elect joe biden to the presidency.


But president trump is still insisting...he's not done fighting to stay in power.


Cbs's chip reid is at the white house.


Pkg: president trump spent this unseasonably warm december day doing what he so often does on weekends -- golfing and tweeting.

"most corrupt election in u.s. history!"

He wrote this morning, continuing his angry tirade against joe biden's victory and against the dozens of courts that have dismissed the president's challenges no judge, including the supreme court of the united states, has had the courage to allow it to be heard.

Republican chris christie today disagreed "the reason the supreme court is not taking this is not because of a lack of courage.

It's for the same reason that every court has thrown this out - it's a lack of evidence."

But the president still says he's not giving up no, it's not over.

We keep going and we're going to continue to go forward.

A new cbs news poll says 62 percent of the nation's voters feel the election is "over and settled" but 79 percent of the president's supporters believe the election should be contested, although 51 percent of trump voters say he should concede if the electoral college votes tomorrow for biden as expected.

Even if the president does concede retiring republican senator lamar alexander said today he wouldn't bet against him in four years no, he will be a force in our party and country as long as he wants to be.

Tag: asked if he plans to attend joe biden's inauguration president trump's said quote "i don't want to talk about that."

Mr. biden is planning to take up residence here in less than six weeks.

Adriana .

Coming up on mom on mom, we are giving our furry friends a delicious treat.


Mandy shows us a quick and simple recipe for dog treats that's sure to keep those tails wagging.


Mom to mom is after the break.??

Stay with us.


Welcome back, this week on mom to mom we are giving our furry friends a delicious treat.


Mandy shows us a quick and simple recipe for dog treats that's sure to keep those tails wagging.


Will it get a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Take a look.


We love our fur babies, right?

Well, today on mom to mom, we're going to show you how to make a treat they're going to go wild for.

Today we're making peanut butter banana dog treats.

It's super easy to do, three ingredients.

We've got out banana, we've got peanut butter, and we've got our ground oats.

First thing you want to do is set your oven to 350 degrees.

Then, you want to mash your banana up, which i already have in the bowl.

Then we're going to throw in our peanut butter really quickly.

Basically, you just want to use a cup of peanut butter, which i already have measured out.

And then you want a cup and a half of ground oats.

What i did is i put this in a blender, and i got them nice and fine.

So we're just going to throw those in together, and then we're going to mix it up.

To save time, i already have some mixed up and ready to go.

I did chill it for about an hour just to get it nice and cool.

I also saved some of the oats that i had off to the side, just a little bit, because you want to put it mom to mom.

Intro clouds can certainly make for a gloomy day, but did you know they actually have a big impact on how cold it gets at night?

Meteorologist trevor birchett explains why in this week's weather whys.


Have you ever noticed that on a cloudy night, temperatures don't get as cool as they do on a clear night?

Have you ever wondered why that's the case?

Well, the answer has to do with sunlight and heat.

During the day, the sun adds heat to the earth's surface, warming up our temperatures through the day.

Once the sun sets, that heat that was built up all day at the surface then rises back into the upper atmosphere, allowing us to get cooler overnight.

Now, here's where things get tricky.

When we're cold, one of the first things we do is grab a blanket.

A blanket works by trapping our body heat and not allowing it to escape, keeping us warmer.

Clouds work in the same way at night.

All of that heat is trying to escape, but the clouds keep it trapped at the surface, which keeps us a few degrees warmer.

So, if clouds are ever present overnight, we won't get as cold as we would on a clear night.

Pretty neat, huh?

If you have a question about how the weather works, let me know!

You can reach out via social media or email and you may see your question answered right here next week.

Until then, i'm meteorologist trevor birchett.

Rain will continue overnight tonight, but monday and tuesday will be rain will continue overnight tonight, but monday and tuesday will be dry.

We'll have more chances for rain wednesday and saturday with cooler temperatures sticking around.

Sunday night: steady rain will continue through much of the night, but some areas could see heavier rain at times.

Winds will remain breezy with gusts up to 30 mph out of the north.

We'll be chilly with temperatures in the 40s.

Rainfall amounts could be near 2" in many locations by monday morning.

Monday: any rain will exit by sunrise, leaving us dry for monday.

Skies will be mostly cloudy in the morning with some peeks of sun by the afternoon.

We'll remain breezy and cool with highs only in the upper 40s and wind gusts up to 20 mph out of the north.

Tuesday: we'll see a mix of sun and clouds on tuesday with temperatures staying cool.

Highs in the mid 50s.

Showers are possible after sunset.

Wednesday: morning showers will give way to a drier afternoon.

Again, temperatures will be chilly with lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s.

Thursday-sunday: it looks like we'll remain dry and partly cloudy for thursday and friday with highs in the 40s and 50s and lows in the 20s.

Showers will return to the area on saturday, but sunday looks to be a bit drier.

Highs will remain in the 50s for the weekend.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, rain will continue overnight tonight, but monday and tuesday will be dry.

We'll have more chances for rain wednesday and saturday with cooler temperatures sticking around.

Sunday night: steady rain will continue through much of the night, mississippi state football losing another game this season...your full recap from saturday's loss against auburn next in sports for the seventh time this season, mississippi state suffering another loss...this one at the hands of auburn the 24-10 loss to the tigers was the third lowest scoring game for the bulldogs this season wcbi sports' jon sokoloff recaps what went wrong at davis wade stadium jon: "..........jon sokoloff wcbi sports."

This is what mike leach called one of his youngest teams against auburn always going to least talked about all the things wrong to the worst thing that happened at the worst time to move the ball and then having a wide-open and then all of a sudden not protect some guys get gender the roman scrimmage drop in that 2 to 7 ... part of how hard they play ... marriott a lot of use that uproot improving they continue to get better when the picture you see a coming together is positive the locker rooms positive when it comes to the quarterback situation from mike lee was will rogers job he has earned it mysteries are wrap up this their situationalthough auburn may have picked up a win against mississippi state, the tigers athletic department deciding that it was time to part ways with head coach gus malzahn auburn announcing that the school has fired coach malzahnn after eight seasons with the program the tigers officially finished the team's regular season with the win over the bulldogs on saturday with a 6-4 overall record auburn will have to pay a 21.7 million dollar buyout to malzahn, half of the amount due within the next thirty days defensive coordinator kevin steele is set to take over as the interim coach of the tigers program the southeastern conference playing host to one division i athlete shattering some glass ceilings vanderbilt kicker sarah fuller became the first women to score in a power five football game after scoring the extra point following a touchdown by the commodores vanderbilt may have gone on to lose, 42-17, however fuller securing her name in the history points finishing with two made xp's in the afternoon outing fuller saying after the historic game that's shes appreciative of vanderbilt's staff treating her like just anybody else fuller: "this whole time has been if i can do it if i'm good enough to do it.

It wasn't if i was a girl or not so that's something i've really appreciated.

At the end of the day they've treated me like an athlete and that's the best i can ask for."

3:45 after over a week off the mississippi state women will finally return to action on monday...more on the next game up for the bulldogs next it's been over a week since the 12th-ranked mississippi state women have been able to hit the hardwood for game action the bulldogs will finally get the chance to get back at it against troy on monday inside the humphrey coliseum m-s-u looking for a rebound from the team's 67-63 overtime loss against south florida head coach nikki mccray-penson spoke about what her team needs to do going forward... nmp: "players like consistency and i'm very disciplined coach.

We were not very disciplined in that game.

We talked about it all week being disciplined.

To me that's really important because players need it they want it.

Sometimes it doesn't feel good but at the end of that day that's who we need to be to become better people, better team and better players."

Ole miss men's basketball is heating up after the team's delayed start so far so good for the rebels, 2-0 during the team's first week back in action on monday, ole miss will host its final home game against central arkansas before hitting the road for the first time this season the rebels have shown out strong defensively holding opponents to less than 60 points in the last two games head coach kermit davis talked about what's been working well for his team after saturday's win over unc- wilmington davis: "our guys have created so much energy among themselves they just kept going and kept going.

What this team has done early in the year now -- can we do this in sec play -- as offense staganted a little bit they just keep backing up defensive possessions.

Those are great qualities.

Finally we kind of wore them down and stretched them out in the first half."

We're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have


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