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Saturday, March 6, 2021

530pm Electoral College Votes 12142020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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530pm Electoral College Votes 12142020
530pm Electoral College Votes 12142020

Today, presidential electors are meeting across the country to formally choose Joe Biden as the nation's next president.

Alex Presha reports from Washington.

Today... presidential electors are meeting across the country to formally choose joe biden as the nation's next president.

L3: election 2020 white ky electors cast votes for president trump kentucky's eight presidential electors met today at the state capitol to cast their votes for president donald trump... who won the general election in kentucky.

All 50 states plus washington, dc are meeting to submit their certified votes to the electoral college.

When that vote is done, joe biden will officially be recognized as our next president- elect.

The electoral college certification is happening despite continued legal efforts from president trump and his allies to stop that vote -- alleging baseless claims of voter fraud which have been rejected dozens of times in the courts.

Abc's alex presha has the latest from washington.

L3: election 2020 white electoral college casting votes today -- another step toward making president-elect joe biden's victory official.

The electoral college casting its votes for president.

From pennsylvania -- to nevada -- to wisconsin -- all key battleground states -- all casting their votes officially for joe biden.

And in georgia -- a state that hasn't gone blue in a presidential election since 1992.

Sot: abrams: "i'm pleased to announce joseph r.

Biden has received 16 electoral votes."

These votes happening after dozens of legal challenges and, in some cases, multiple recounts, all yielding the same ultimate outcome -- joe biden as the winner.

State electors, staying true to the candidate who won the most votes, despite pressure from president trump and his supporters.

Longtime gop election lawyer, ben ginsberg, saying this to washington post live: sot: benjamin ginsberg: "in 33 states there are enforceable rules, enforceable of varying degrees, which bind electors to the winner of the popular vote in that state."

Many of today's meetings happening via livestream because of the coronavirus pandemic, but some states also reacting to threats of violence.

Officials in michigan closed the state legislature's office buildings due to "credible threats of violence."

In arizona, electors were given an undisclosed location to meet and cast their ballots to avoid confrontation with protesters.

President trump and his allies continue to make false claims of election fraud.

Top white house aide, stephen miller today on fox vowing the fight will continue even after the electoral college votes for biden.

Sot: miller: "the only date in the constitution is january 20th, so we have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election."

Still they have yet to provide any credible proof of widespread fraud.

And have lost dozens of lawsuits in court -- the latest today in the wisconsin supreme court.

Tag: president elect joe biden will receive 306 electoral votes when the tally is done.

The same amount president trump received in 2016, that he called a landslide.

Biden also giving a primetime address this evening after the vote.

Lexington police continue to investigate after


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