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Saturday, March 6, 2021

12-16 NSD 10 PM

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12-16 NSD 10 PM
12-16 NSD 10 PM
12-16 NSD 10 PM

- 'tis the season... as ole miss- head football coach lane kiffin- likes - to call it... "merry flipmas."- once an ole miss commit, turned- mississippi state... george - county's m-j daniels was riding- with the bulldogs... right- up until the moment... he picke- up that powder blue hat.- and check out the signing day - swag... daniels saying he had t- look good to shock the world.

- and that's exactly what he- did... signing his national - - - - letter of intent with the - rebels... over both mississippi- state - and texas a&m.- a four-star recruit according t- 24-7 sports... daniels- says kiffin is recruiting him t- play cornerback...- with the freedom to play safety- and even a little offense.- daniels actually never got the- chance to go on an official - visit - to oxford... but was in - attendance for ole miss' 31-24- victory... in this year's egg - bowl.

- after last month's all- america- bowl jersey - presentation... daniels told- news 25... that anything could- happen... and he meant it... an- so did the grinch that stole- christmas... from m-s-u.- - "did you see what he tweeted- today?

No - sir.

He had a shirt that said - 'merry flipmas.'

Hey, i guess h- was talking about me."- first off, i learned how to - build great relationships with- - - - people.

And when that staff - first came in i really wasn't - feeling them, so that's why i - decommited.

But they- stayed with me, and even when i- committed to state, we had a- great - relationship and they just told- me i have to make a grown man - decision."- "the last couple, three years,- the players that- we've had come through here is- putting us on a national map an- it's fun to watch - as a coach and to be a part of- and yeah, when i turned the mic- - - - over i became a fan at that - point and not his coach because- i was just as anxious to find - out as anybody else."

- "you know i got you, hey.

- landshark - nation, i'm coming."- daniels graduates high school - tomorrow... and - will be with the new rebels as- early as monday...- practicing with the team ahead- of its bowl game.

- he says he'll be playing both - football and baseball... at ole- miss.

- now what about that drip... - - "now i'd be remissed if i didn'- ask you to- walk us through this signing da- swag."- "man, because of covid our prom- got - canceled last year.

So i had- already bough my prom suit and - was like, man, i'm- about to flip on this day, i've- got to look good to shock the - - - world.

Oh you know, we've got - the bow tie, got to go with the- gold and black to represent my- school and then - the shoes, you've got to make - sure you get them, got to catch- - everybody's attention."

- - and the lane train keeps on - rolling, over to biloxi... wher- elijah sabbatini follows- - through, with his verbal pledge- to ole miss... on national- signing day.- his road to oxford was a little- more simple... having - originally committed, back in - june... before de-commiting in- october... to factor in his - offer from georgia... and - then re-committing to the - rebels... earlier this month.

- a three-star recruit, according- to 24-7 sports... - sabbatini says the plan is for- him to play strong safety,- up in oxford... where he can pu- on, for the 'sip.

All aboard...- - "i mean it sounds good because- just- knowing that i'll be putting on- for my state and city, it just- feels good to be going up - there and doing all this.

Very- excited.

He's probably the best- coach in college- football, hands down.

I talked- to him last night because he wa- talking to me about - signing and i was talking to hi- and he was like let's go!

Did - you have any idea - what was going to happen over a- george county this morning?

A - little bit, - yeah i knew.

Hotty toddy!"- during his senior season... - sabbatini led the indians, with- - - - two interceptions and two fumbl- recoveries... to go along with - forced fumble... four passes- defensed... 47 total tackles...- and eight going for loss.

- - also taking part in biloxi's- signing day ceremony... meridia- community college baseball- signee jake allen... miles- college softball signee chryste- bradford... - meridian c-c softball signee- kamri huy... jones college- baseball signee tristan - pearson... and southern miss- women's soccer signee ryan- smith.- - now it wasn't all bad, for- mississippi state... thanks in- part to harrison central's- jacobi moore... who was the - first m-s-u - wide receiver to sign his n-l-i- this morning.

- despite having knee surgery to- repair a torn meniscus, this- season... moore was a terror fo- opposing defenses, upon - his return... still leading the- red rebels, with 43 - receptions... for - more than 800 yards... and 10 - touchdowns.

- he was one of five coast player- selected to this year's - mississippi-alabama all-star- classic... three of the other - four also in this sportscast.

- a three-star recruit... moore - committed to the bulldogs, back- in- august... and never wavered.- his signing day ceremony will - take place during the - traditional period... in- february.

- - according to news 25's ryan - mahan... the high temperature - for - december 16th, throughout south- mississippi... was- about 55 degrees.

- according to my i-phone... the- high temperature for december - 16th, in- minneapolis... was 28 degrees.- good thing justin walley has- known to be a pretty cold - dude... on the football field.- today... the one they call- "snoop" signed his national - letter- of intent, with the university- of minnesota... where he first- committed, back in august.- since then... the three-star- cornerback has proved he's much- more than just a defender...- rushing for more than 1,000 - yards and 19 touchdowns, as a - senior... on his way to winning- mr. football... for class 6-a,- in the state of mississippi.- older brother jaden on the- facetime... anyway... walley- also led his warriors to the- first perfect regular season, - in region 4 history... before - losing in the second round of - the playoffs, to northwest- rankin.

- he credits head coach p-j fleck- for his desire to be a golden - gopher... even though walley- tells news 25... he's never bee- to minnesota... and has never - even been north of kentucky.- - "it was hard because just - knowing me never- going up there, they're just- telling me that they believe- it's the right decision for me- and me just making that decisio- was just very hard for me and m- - - - family but i did what was best- for me."- "even in all of this, he still- doesn't stand out.- if he didn't have the minnesota- gear on, you wouldn't know who- was signing - today.

He just fits in, but whe- those lights come on on friday- night and it's time to- make plays and he's one of the- best in the nation i think.

And- i love all of my players, - but i'd be willing to tell any- of them that he's the best i've- coached and if he doesn't make- it to the league - or his - brother - i will never have one- - - that will make it."

"row the- boat!


- coach dolan says he's never had- an n-f-l player in 30 - years of coaching high school - football.

- as for walley... he'll be - heading up to minnesota, for th- first - time... on january 13th...- highlight machine, man.

- - southern miss head football - coach will hall and his brand - new staff had exactly two weeks- to put together their - first national signing day- class... and what they did in - those - 14 days... is nothing short of- incredible.

- flipping 3-star taylorsville- quarterback ty keyes from - tulane, was the first domino to- fall... and it certainly wasn't- the last.

- hall brings in a mix of high- school standouts and- f-b-s transfers... combining to- form an 11-member class...- during the early period.- out of those 11... eight of the- are high school signees... 10 o- them are 3-star recruits... and- another 10 of them are from - the magnolia state.

- - i mean this is signing day- sorcery... three-stars all- over the place... starting with- ty keyes... a three-time state- champion, with the tartars... - ridgeland wide receiver richard- mays, who de-committed from - u-l-m... greene county- offensive lineman my-kal- mc-leod... petal wideout- jeremiah- robinson -- the only hold over- commit from the old staff...- oxford place kicker jack- tannehill... and lafayette- cornerback brendan toles.

- a lot of firepower coming out o- magee high- school... in the form of wide - receiver zay franks, who de-- committed from u-c-f... and - athlete chandler- pittman... to go along with a - trio of f-b-s transfers...- those being former louisville - quarterback tee - webb... missouri transfer montr- edwards... and memphis- transfer everitt cunningham.- here's coach hall... on his - first u-s-m signing day haul.

- - "anybody that grows up in - mississippi has a - little bit of chip on their - shoulder and we wake up every - day driven to prove people wron- - - and we kind of like to band - together, and so that's been a- positive in all of this.

We're - - mississippi crew that believes- in mississippi.

Y'all have got- my number, guys.

You- know i'm here.

Let's keep it- going.

To the top!

Sell souther- - - - miss cause we're back, baby.- it's coming."

- as a southern miss graduate in- 20-13... i guess this is where - say... to the top!- - now he's a national signing day- first, for me... making a - cameo on navonteque strong's- twitter hype video... - announcing his signing with l-s- u.- the mississippi gulf coast- community college - sophomore had been committed to- mississippi state, up until - last night... but there had bee- rumblings about this potential- flip... for a few weeks leading- up to the big day.- in 20-20... the one they call - "bug" led the bulldogs, in- tackles... tackles for loss...- sacks... and forced fumbles...- en route to a second straight - m-a-c-c-c state title game bid.- in 20-19... strong was a part o- m- g-c-c-c's national - championship- team... just about a month- before l-s-u... won its nationa- title.- according to 24-7 sports... he'- the nation's top-ranked inside- linebacker.

- - and taylor... let's stay in the- ju-co ranks, for the w-x-x-v- play of - the day... for my favorite- signing day moment... in the- form of a - player-coach re-union.- former gatorade player of the - year for mississippi tony - brown... who went onto sign wit- south alabama, out of - east central high school... - returning to his home state...- to- play for his former coach seth- smith... at pearl river - community college.- how awesome is this... touchdow- tony brown... who - scored 50 of them as a senior,- with the hornets... en- route to their 4-a south state- championship... is now a- wildcat.- and due to the fact he red- - shirted his first year, at- south...- and gets another year back, due- to covid-19... he - comes to poplarville, with thre- years of eligibility- remaining.- this is one of those kids you - had to see in person... never - saw a set of tail lights.

- - - i'm made to


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