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Friday, March 5, 2021

CDC Issues New Holiday Travel Guidelines

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CDC Issues New Holiday Travel Guidelines
CDC Issues New Holiday Travel Guidelines

With a recent surge in cases nationwide linked to Thanksgiving travel, government and health officials are urging everyone to stay home this holiday season.

This friday-- i'm brian miller-- covid-19 still very much a part of our everyday lives-- and with christmas quickly approaching-- the chance of another spike of cases-- rising --- along with the holiday cheer-- let's start things off tonight with 44news reporter valerie lyons with more on the c-d-c's travel warning it's a message we've all heard -- "i want to remind hoosiers about how to stay safe and protect your loved ones over the holidays."

First for thanksgiving -- and now -- again -- "the cdc has issued updated holiday guidance to help you consider how you can modify your plans to reduce the spread of covid-19 and keep your loved ones safe."

Government and health officials -- urging everyone not to travel -- and to stay home this holiday season.

And with the recent surge in cases across the country -- linked directly to thanksgiving travel -- there's more concern than ever.

But if you still plan on traveling -- the cdc has some recommendation s in place -- check travel restrictions before you go get your flu shot before traveling get tested before and after your trip wear your mask correctly -- covering your mouth and nose these warning seem to be working -- triple a is predicting the number of people traveling for christmas and new years will be down nearly 30 percent from last year -- a decline almost twice that we saw over thanksgiving.

And though the pandemic has led many to cancel plans and stay home this year -- one evansville travel agency is expecting this year's slump to turn around in the new year "we've all been cooped up for a long time so we're ready to travel and ready to go so we're seeing some inquires and really going into summer and fall, people are feeling very confident."

She says with more vaccines getting approved by the day -- people are feeling more comfortable with the thought of traveling again.

Val on cam: do you think people are still going to keep safety guidelines and that caution in mind as they prepare for their future trips?

"i think we all want to be safe and we want to stay safe, the trends we're seeing is to lean more to the wide open ares more so than a city center."

But for now -- next year's travel plans are still wait and see -- as we all continue to fight against covid-19.


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