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Saturday, February 27, 2021

ANCHORING: 5pm a block new year day

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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ANCHORING: 5pm a block new year day
ANCHORING: 5pm a block new year day
ANCHORING: 5pm a block

C1 3 a violent start to the new year.... as bullets fly through the homes of two lexington families.... one hitting a child.

L3: coming up white celebrations stopped and... a bomb scare puts an abrupt end to new year's celebrations in downtown lexington.

Hear how some restaurants and bars want to make up for the lost time.

L3: coming up white fighting election results plus... g-o-p lawmakers moving ahead with a plan to stop the 20-20 election from being certified.

What senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now telling them.

L3 monica: white welcome in.

I'm monica harkins thank you for joining us on this first day of 20-21.

It was a frightening start to the year for two families.... as shots are fired into their homes.

And police say a child was hit by a bullet in one of those shootings.

That's tonight's top story at five.

L3: top story white child hit by bullet east sixth street - lexington according to the lexington police department... the girl... who is under 10... was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

They say she was struck by a bullet after someone fired several rounds into the home on the 400-block of east sixth street just before midnight.

Police are still searching for the suspect... or suspects in thse shooting.

L3: top story white shots fired into home with 6 inside race street - lexington police say about an hour later... they responded to another report of a home that was shot at on nearby race street.

They say two bullets went through the window and into a wall.

Two adults and four minors were inside the home at the time... according to police.

No one was hurt in that shooting... but the family was left shaken.

"usually my daughter sleeps in her swing and this particular night we had her laying on the floor, but if she was in that swing i wouldn't have my daughter today."

L3: top story white shots fired into home with 6 inside race street - lexington miles says the tradition of celebrating the new year with gun fire needs to stop.

Less than 24 hours after a bomb scare involving an r-v forces an evacuation in downtown lexington.... louisville has a similar scare.

L3: abc 36 news white bomb scare forces evacuation in downtown louisville "suspicious" rv found parked ..

According to w-h-as in louisville.... police shut down part of the downtown area after a report of a suspicious r-v parked outside the humana tower this afternoon.

Police blocked off the area as a precaution and evacuated the building.

The bomb squad and k-9 units were called in.

W-h-a-s reports the bomb squad declared the r-v was safe about an hour later and the streets were reopened.

It turns out the r-v belonged to a family visiting from missouri.

Cities have been on edge since a man intentionally blew up an r-v in downtown nashville on christmas day.

The man died in the blast.

Ots image:right celebrations cut short new years eve 3.jpg some bars and restaurants are taking a financial hit following last night's evacuation in downtown lexington.

L3: abc36 news white bar plans nye do-over after evacuation downtown lexington just after 8 lexington police says it had to evacuate several local businesses because of a potential bomb threat involving an r-v parked on short street and market.

We talked to one of those businesses that had to evacuate...elixir downtown.

The owner says after a hard year of trying to keep the doors open during a pandemic...a do-over for last night's disruption is in the works.

L3: abc36 news white stephen scaldaferri owner "stephen scaldaferri: so tonight we're actually going to relaunch the exact same meals.

We are going to do our entire menu that we had focused for new years eve we're going to do that tonight, friday night and tomorrow night" elixir opens at 6 tonight and the owner says the bar is still taking reservations for dinner tonight.

### ots video tape:right fighting results <none> the 20-20 election may be over... but the futile efforts to overturn the results continue.

L3: abc 36 news white mcconnell said to be discouraging plan to block election results still letting re ... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is said to be discouraging republicans who plan to object to next week's electoral college vote but still letting them vote their conscience.

He says he doesn't want lawmakers to have to choose between president trump ... and the results of a democratic election.

Those attempts by president trump and his allies have failed dozens of times in the courts.... including the supreme court... as well as in the electoral college.

Ots video tape:right fighting results <none> so now, some gop lawmakers are trying to block congress's certification of the vote.

Reid binion reports.

L3: abc 36 news white new gop efforts to block biden victory l3: abc 36 news white sen.

Bob casey (d) pennsylvania l3: abc 36 news white new gop efforts to block biden victory l3: abc 36 news white william cohen former defense secretary l3: abc 36 news white new gop efforts to block biden victory sen.

Bob casey / pennsylvania: "it's a lot of bs, and i won't fill in the blank" democratic senator bob casey, of pennsylvania... ...reacting to republican efforts to disrupt congress's certification next week of joe biden's presidential victory.


Bob casey / pennsylvania: "it's the big lie, the lie that the president's been perpetuating for months now, at least for weeks now."

In a recent development --two republican members of the house of representatives tell cnn they expect at least 140 g-o-p house members to vote against counting the electoral votes.

That's on top of republican senator josh hawley saying wednesday he will object to the certification.

Like other attempts to overturn the election results, this one is all but doomed to fail.

But it's still drawing the ire of democrats... ...and some on the other side of the aisle.

That includes republicans currently in office, like senator ben sasse, of nebraska... ...and former gop lawmakers, like former senator william cohen.

William cohen / former defense secretary: "i think it's shameful, and those who are going to vote their conscience by voting support this effort to overturn the election are shameless."

This all comes as another challenge to the certification plays out in the courts.

Congressman louie gohmert -- suing vice president mike pence... an attempt to force pence to ignore electoral votes of key states during the certification.

Pence's lawyers have asked a federal judge to reject the suit.

I'm reid binion reporting.

Ots video tape:right fighting results <none> election law experts say the g-o-p effort will have little impact... except possibly delay the inevitable certification of biden's win.

L3: abc 36 news white senate overrides president's defense bill veto senate republicans were not showing support for president trump and his veto of a defense policy bill.

The republican- controlled senate overrode the president's veto today... a first by lawmakers since he took office nearly four years ago.

Trump vetoed the $740 billion bill because it failed to limit social media companies he claimed were biased against him during his failed reelection campaign.

He also opposed language that allows for the renaming of military bases that honor confederate leaders.

Baptist health is celebrating... after welcoming lexington's first baby of the new year.

L3: abc 36 news white lexington's first baby of the new year callie jay rushing born at 12:09 a.m.

At b ... this is little callie jay rushing with her parents.

Baptist health says she was born at 12:09 this morning and weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

Her parents.... britani and chase rushing say their new daughter was a bit of a holiday surprise... since she wasn't due until january 10th.

Chase... who works for kentucky utilities... was up on a pole working when he got the call from britani.

They say their baby girl is a sign for a great year ahead.

"maybe it'll be a better year than it was last year.

We said we were either going out with a bang or starting with a bang.

It didn't really matter."

L3: abc 36 news white lexington's first baby of the new year callie jay rushing born at 12:09 a.m.

At b ... this is the rushing's second you can see their daughter is very excited to be a big sister.

New year, new you right?

That's what the basketball cats hope as they tip off s-e-c play saturday evening.

The cats will be in starkvegas to take on the mississippi state bulldogs.

Tip off at 6 on s-e-c network.

The cats will need to dominate their conference schedule to have a shot at making the n-c-a-a tournament...unless they win the s-e-c tournament of course.

Nevertheless..what can we expect from the bulldogs?

U-k assistant joel justus talked about that on thursday.

Enough about basketball...the football cats have a huge game tomorrow in the taxlsayer gator c1 3 bowl against n-c state.

One last preview later in sports.

So what would you consider a fitting end to 2020?

Well... if you're governor andy beshear... you read a few mean tweets.... directed at you.

L3: still ahead white mean tweets....the beshear version mine says 'good morning everyone.

Everyone but governor andy beshear who can go kick rocks' coming up.... see the governor and his wife respond to some of the


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