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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

New Orleans Saints ready for whatever

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New Orleans Saints ready for whatever
New Orleans Saints ready for whatever

Over the last couple years, the New Orleans Saints have been wildly successful at making other teams game plan for a back-up quarterback, going a combined 8-1 between Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill.

- over the last couple years... - the new orleans saints have bee- wildly successful... at making- other teams game plan,- for a back-up quarterback...- going a combined 8-1 between- teddy bridgewater... and taysom- hill.

- but what happens when other - teams... return the - favor...- the 2-seed saints are hosting - the 7-seed bears, in the wild - card- round of the n-f-c playoffs...- serving as a week 8 re-match, - from the regular season.- in that 26-23 overtime- victory... the black and gold - took down nick foles... in what- was his fifth start filling in,- for mitchell trubisky.- but now the more mobile trubisk- is back under center... - giving the saints a completely- different look on defense.- just like in their week 13 loss- to the philadelphia eagles... i- what- was the first career start, for- jalen hurts... who ran for 106- yards.- - "what we're focused on is what we can- control, and what we can contro- is our perimeter edge defense i- terms of- - - eliminating that.

I don't find- any similarities between jalen- hurts and mitch trubisky in - terms of speed wise anyways.- that being said, we were the- - - - first team to play the jalen- hurts philadelphia.

So we've- played trubisky, we've played - foles, we've played trubisky.

- - - - i mean we've seen this before,- and at this point, i know - they're going to give us their- best energy, they're going to - give us their best shot, and- again, we can only focus on - how we attack things."

The saints and bears will kick- off the last game of the- weekend, from the superdome...- at 3-40 p-m

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