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Saturday, February 27, 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Is raising awareness about the increasing problem of human trafficking right here in chattanooga.

And even with some of the highest infection rates of the pandemic, one local county is putting the brakes on mask mandates.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

January is human trafficking awareness month and local organizations want to remind people that human trafficking is everywhere including right here in chattanooga.

News 12's joeli poole joins us live with the details.

Love's arm outreach is a local non profit organization that helps human trafficking victims safely find a way out.

The organization says bringing awareness to human trafficking can help save lives.

Supers hotline at 1 373- 7888 , 1:25 human trafficking awareness month :01-:12 news 12 now at 6 human trafficking is everywhere chattanooga, tn mimi nikkel/ executive director :15-:25 joeli poole/ http: human trafficking is everywhere, even here in hamilton county and officials say that chattanooga is a very big hub for trafficking- due to the close proximity to a major interstate system.

Nikkel "chattanooga is enroute to the east coast.

The east coast is a primary route of big business commerce in our country.

You go straight up through chattanooga, to the east coast, to washington d.c.

, boston, new york city and all points in between."

Joeli poole "the executive director of the organization says trafficking has been on the rise since the covid-19 pandemic began and there are four problem areas in our county.


Hotels & motels, 2.

Pimps, 3.

Massage parlors and the 4th is escort services."

Nikkel "people want to know what it looks like, well it looks like you and me.

We cant put a stamp on what a trafficking victim look like or what a person looks like that may be trapped in trafficking prostitution or addictive behaviors.

We are humans and we all look alike."

If you are a victim of human trafficking and want help - you can call love'sarm at 423- 500-0400 or call the national human trafficking hotline at 1 373- 7888.

To get more about human trafficking or to learn how you can help by volunteering with love'sarm go to wdef dot com live in chattanooga, joeli poole, news 12 now.

A soddy-daisy man is in hamilton county jail charged with criminal homicide in the death of a 6-month-old baby girl.

The crime happened last september.

Twenty nine year old seth jones had told officers the baby fell off a couch, but after an autopsy, the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

The baby suffered injuries to her head and spine.

Jones later told officers he tossed the baby across the room in frustration.

He is being held silverdale on a 620-thousand dollar bond.

As of today, hamilton county has 228 new cases of covid 19, and one more person has died.

The brings the county' death toll to 323.

In a bit of good news, the total number of active cases has gone down slightly to a little more than 4,100.

That's still far too many for hamilton county schools resume traditional learning.

Students will continue to learn remotely through at least next week.

The number of covid patients in the hospital and i-c-u has also dropped a little bit.

More and more states are switching to an appointment only model for covid 19 vaccination.

That's the case in georgia and tennessee.

News 12's winston reed is live in hamilton county to show us how the health department is rolling with the changes.

The hamilton county health department has not announced a structured blue print on how the appoinment system will work, but it should help shorten wait times.

The health department is now faced with another challenge, a vaccine shortage.

The tennessee riverpark witnessed an over flowing line of vehicles shortly after hamilton county announced the vaccine rollout.

Now, more than 8 days with no shipments from the state, it's a different scene.

"our biggest issue right now is getting enough supply."

The county's heath department typically receives about 2 thousand doses a week and administers over 100 shots an hour.

Mayor jim coppingers says when more vaccines arrive, more sites will be available.

Commissioner chip baker says the county has the ability to expand.

"through hospitals.

Through nursing homes.

Through cvs and walgreens."

When vaccines rollout again, an appointment system will be implemented.

News 12 reached out to the health deparment for further details.

We received a statement saying quote: "we are in the process of setting this system up and will announce it when it's ready.

"over time we'll be able to administer these with strike teams. they'll be able to go out in the community in a vastly greater basis the we're doing right now."

A source from cempa community care tells news 12 that the state has over 3 hundreds vaccine sites ready more than 2 thousand more sites waiting for approval.

News 12 also reached out to the state's health department.

They have not responded back at this time.

Reporting live in hamilton county winston reed news 12 now.

Pharmacies in tennessee are taking on a big role with covid- 19 vaccinations.

Through a partnership with the state, they have been vaccinating residents and staff at long term care facilities.

According to the national association of chain drug stores, there is a pharmacy within 5 miles of 90 percent of americans.

That will help with distribution once vaccines are more widely available.

"pharmacies have the capacity to meet the demand for 100 million vaccine doses in just one month when that level of the vaccine supply is available."

Hamilton county expects to receive vaccines next week for people who have already received their first shot.

As vaccinations continue across the u.s., some companies are offering financial incentives to encourage their workers to get the shots.

Grocery delivery service instacart said thursday it will provide a $25 stipend to workers who get the shots.

Instacart employs around 5 hundred thousand gig workers in the u.s. earlier this week, dollar general said it would provide four hours' worth of extra pay to workers who get vaccinated.

Other companies, like target and albertsons, say they're not giving bonuses for vaccines but are trying to ensure their workers get access to the shots soon.

As covid-19 deaths and cases continue to rise, whitfield county commissioners repeal a mask mandate in county buildings.

News 12's brian armstrong gets reaction from a former commissioner, who helped get that mandate in place.

It was just unbelievable to me.

Back on december 17th the whitfield county commissioners made an official recommendation to wear masks and also required masks to be worn inside county owned buildings.

A simple thing like wearing a mask, if it saves one life, is worth it and i don't understand why people are opposed to doing that.

Less than a month later that mandate is gone.

I don't believe that there's additional data out there that says masks are not recommended like commissioner jones that.

I don't believe commissioner statement about it's personal responsibility.

This was the first commissioners meeting without now former commissioner chairman lynn laughter.

She tried repeatedly to institute a mask mandate when she was chairman.

I don't know how any other commissioners can look at any of rogers family in the face, since he died with covid.

I don't understand mark gibson, father died of covid just a few weeks ago, so i don't know how those commissioners can look any of rogers's family or any of mark's family in the face and not keep at least a recommendation to wear a mask.

She says it's a vocal minority that is causing this fight against masks.

She says she's also frustrated by additional steps being taken for the public to be able to watch the commissioner meetings.

Instead of streaming it live like we've always done you had to go to facebook to watch it and i don't use facebook i have a campaign facebook page and personal page but i never go to it so i tried to go to it but couldn't get the right password so i didn't even get to watch the meeting i had to hear about it afterwards.

Brian armstrong news 12 now.

Data from the tennessee department of health's drug overdose reporting system suggests the distribution of the second coronavirus relief package may result in a spike in opioid overdoses.

According to the hamilton county coalition, opioid overdoses spiked over 30 percent statewide during the months of the covid-19 shutdowns and first round of stimulus checks.

Officials suggest if you have any unwanted prescription medicine, properly dispose of it by using the county's drop off boxes or drug deactivation pouches.

The coalition wants to remind residents the importance of knowing the signs of an overdose.

"what can happen when an individual starts to overdose is : pinpoint pupils, labored breathing, very shallow breathing, skin turns blue, nails turn blue, they may be unconscious or they may even throw http: the county does offer prevention resources, including narcan training.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team st.

Danielle moss you had a love the date they contacted our the remaining dry right now the x clock hour that's not going to be the case are much longer to take a look at our bailey heating and air camera 510 outside right now the emitting 5 mile an hour wind out of the south right now roughly one recent colemont 430 and murphy were the 90 in ellijay very about life veterans going to continue to out the night around midnight and started a little bit of rain is possible snow flurries will the mountainous areas regular hourly bargraph t save pretty stagnant throughout the night 440 at 1144 one and before it to both of you will start to drop 17 rain and the cold and starts to push on through our morning low smart and o'clock in the morning 300 and dunlap 38 and eight and 36 entrance you can see some of those mountain snow areas accumulating basketball are quickly next to the season snow is overnight going into saturda as well out the tracking now throughout the evening but our sportsman forecast models will actually dated out there a.m.

Showers p.m.

Son and some possible overnight flurries bes time together between two and ... 4:40 pm you so much daniela.

It helps just to change your perspective on things the firefighters in south dakota have shared a video of a paying ally the fire job coming up ... were degrees there was around 27 really close for normal temperatures look at record low temperature though 90 in 1893 that is just frosty very very frosty meeting collect any rain today the airport hour that's going to change in the next couple of hours to be honest with you this one for our temperature change shows it to were 100 warmer in nashville team degrees warmer in birmingham it was a very mil day today but as you can see down or surface maps this low- pressure system is one start pushing towards the west is gonna bring a little bit of rai with it as a possible snow flurries as well an excellent dropper temperatures a little bit cooler or tomorrow our local future for friday morning initial to 2 o'clock in the morning after the start of season that rain and possible snow flurries moving to those mountainous areas here the valley more main drive by your start time 7 o'clock in the morning we are looking to see what we should but not too much of the most you will start to dry out i knew on writing searches and clearing what actually pretty nice day evening tomorrow the degrees will be your high for friday as you can see by friday evening friday night we do have a chance to se little bit more snow cumulation of festivals in dunlap and trac city as long as as well as some moisture as well that are pushing off to our west of the circuit tryouts saturday afternoon rights must be 500 be mostly sunny and scattered flurries overnights are five cities in the future tasks looking at symbols overnights snow flurries into saturday wit you to quickly push off to our north west will start to be a little bit cooler for this weekend so keep that in mind as you plan your weekend activities will be colder than what we've been today in the last couple of days will start to see a little bit of that windshield but how much snow that's question how much snow are expected between now and latter-day afternoon not much i we do have a chance to see some snow but not much accumulation that's the key there for us here the valley of those of you guys are in the osmotic area and murphy have a chance to see little over five and half minutes of rain is to enhance the thought not much at all ellijay you just have to 10th of an inch like i said we can't rule out seeing snow here in chattanooga but we won't accumulate any good and i learned swell now look to the larger news weather sports of their any kind of severe weather any kind of weather alert even if it's a winter weather advisory this out was the notification will stay up-to- date with all the latest information are superfast shows that will start a single bid that mounts will again saturday night that's a push on off work and remain to live until thursday of next week that's connection to the weather maker that's good news there we will be able to cooler this week but will remain the rising bucking those ranges and umbrellas we want to keep that nice warm winter jacket thursday and it's a wednesday and thursday that's when we'll start to be in the bit went outside our long-range forecast cloudy trying colder for this weekend maybe trying to win say the end of next week looking to be a little bit wet i'm looking at 74 coming up in the epb fiberoptics with a similar cyclic assaulting total seven day forecast overnight friday we do have a chance to see little bit of snow as well as saturday going to funding not much accumulation though specially those of us that are in the valley very breezy over saturday look at high 390 it will be very chilly on saturday but the most to warm up to the 540 i'll be the hottest of the days the mildest of the days and then we have another chance to see some rain on thursday but these 50s that's where was supposed to be for this time of the year so just be prepared fo the next couple of days for tha wintry all right thank you so much daniel capone produce device healthwatch we are from world health leaders started the long-awaited investigation of the origins of rotavirus and i'll introduce you to our versus audit and how you have is going above and beyond the call hall to brighten your day.

The rapid city fire department posted a video on their facebook page on monday.

It shows "a day in the life" of chief jason culberson's dog dexter.

The post explains that chief culberson brings dexter to work with him every day.

The fire crew strapped a camera on dexter and recorded what he sees in an average day.

It looks like he's getting lots of love, and some extra treats along the way too!

Several of alabama's top football players announce they are turning pro.

And many of the c-f-c's top players will return next season.

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, the bradley central girls basketball team enjoys another number one ranking.

And new moc darius banks gave the team a big lift last night.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Another year.

Another number one ranking for the bradley central girls basketball team.

Coach reuter's team sits atop the latest triple-a rankings with a 10-1 record.

Bradley central has lost some talented players in recent seasons like rhyne howard and anna walker, but here they are ranked number one again.

It's something kind of hard to ignore.

Reuter:"one of the girls told me hey coach, wer're ranked number one.

I said okay.

Get your shoes on.

We're going to work.

I said that and fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee.

It's harder to stay on top than it is to get there.

I think it's a testimony to the girls that they want to keep the tradition going."

A group of alabama's best young football players announced they were turning pro.

The foursome includes junior receiver jaylen waddle, junior defensive back patrick surtain, redshirt sophomore defensive lineman christian barmore, and reshirt junior quarterback mac jones.

All four players will likely be first round picks.

James madison transfer darius banks has been eligible to play for the mocs basketball team for nearly a month.

He figured on opting out this season.

But he had a change of heart, and there he was last night making his mocs debut.

Banks scored over a thousand points before coming to u-t-c, so yeah, he added some offensive punch.

He scored ten points with some key buckets inside.

Then with u-t-c up just one point with eight seconds to play, banks hit two free throws to give chattanooga an 83-80 victory.

Banks:"i think i just bring another voice.

Another leader that can help along the way.

Just keep everything put together.

As long as nothing gets out of whack.

And when it does, i just bring them back in and tell them we're good.

Just play.

Next shot.

Next play."

Paris:"he's a physical.

Just another physical presence for us out there.

He can be a good rebounder."

The chattanooga lookouts announced their coaching staff for the upcoming minor league baseball season.

Ricky gutierrez will manage the cincinnati reds double-a affiliate here in the scenic city.

He was suppoed to lead the ballclub last year before covid canceled the minor league season.

Still no word yet on when chattanooga will play ball this season.

The c-f-c may have been banging the drum today to signal that 14 players are returning from last year's team.

Chattanooga won the nisa eastern division conference title in their first season as a pro club.

Popular goal scorers ian mcgrath and brian bement are two of the players who will be back in 20-21.

The chattanooga red wolves c-h-i memorial stadium will host the girls state soccer championships this fall.

The t-double-s, double-a announced today that chattanooga won the big to host the girls state soccer tournament for the next two seasons.

G-p-s, baylor, and c-c-s will also serve as tournament sites.

Chattanooga used to host the girls state finals, until they moved to murfreesboro in 20-13.

Here's a final look at our internet for the use of a study of the coat of several ridgewoo mysterious word over the gap and

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