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Thursday, February 25, 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Currently out i type radar is very dry.

However do, we have pushing on it.

We'll see.

Aroun midnight occurring at 545 recen chattanooga 37 dayton 290 and murphy is only to get sillier from here we take a look at our hourly bargraph can see the 80 when you wake up in the morning population saturation.

All you know about that commitment on the shelfgood evening.

I'm andrw harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

We begin with a heartbreaking story out of chattanooga.

A 12 year old boy is in custody tonight.

He's accused of stabbing a 12 year old girl to death.

Officers were called to eastwood drive around 2:45 this afternoon.

The girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers detained the boy.

Based on interviews and other evidence, he was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Police are not releasing any names.

The investigation continues.

If you have any information on this case, chattanooga police want to hear from you.

A soddy-daisy man is in hamilton county jail charged with criminal homicide in the death of a 6-month-old baby girl.

The crime happened last september.

Twenty nine year old seth jones had told officers the baby fell off a couch, but after an autopsy, the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

The baby suffered injuries to her head and spine.

Jones later told officers he tossed the baby across the room in frustration.

He is being held silverdale on a 620-thousand dollar bond.

A local rescue organization says chattanooga is a hub for human trafficking.

You can blame that on our location along a major interstate system.

Loves arm outreach helps trafficking victims find a safe way out.

They believe the pandemic has only made the problem worse.

"we cant put a stamp on what a trafficking victim look like or what a person looks like that may be trapped in trafficking prostitution or addictive behaviors.

We are humans and we all look alike.

But there are pockets of high activity in this city."

January is human trafficking prevention month.

For information about how to volunteer with loves arm, head over to our website, wdef dot com.

New since six, the blue ridge police chief is finally out of the hospital and heading to a rehab facility in georgia after a long battle with covid complications.

News 12's dorothy sherman brings us up to date on his remarkable recovery. sherman: "chief johnny scearce will be in a rehab facility for two weeks before finally heading home.

He spent 94 days in the hospital.

Cheif scearce stayed active and had no underlying health conditions.

His ordeal began with a frightening bout of covid."

Wife brenda scearce: "there is no rhyme or reason why he got it as bad as he did.

That's what's kind of got everybody stumped, but when he did come down with it, he ended up in a local hospital on ventilator for 6 1/2 days and the problem was the complications of covid."

After his first hospital stay, scearce went to rehab at home, but 10 days later, he was back in the hospital, for treatment of a collapsed lung.

Wife brenda scearce: "it's been rough.

It's been scary.

When he first went they didn't have any hope for him."

Scearce was on three forms of life support including an ecmo machine.

Wife brenda scearce: "that's just kind of where we went from there and just waited until he healed and the ecmo is like a, it's not therapy.

They explained it to me it's just kind of a bridge for the lungs to have time heal."

Nats after healing and a multitude of prayers chief scearce reached a milestone.

He left chi memorial hospital after spending halloween, the holidays, his two son's birthdays and his 60th birthday in the hospital.

He even won a county commission seat while in a hospital bed.

His wife, brenda believes the ecmo machine and god helped saved his life.

Wife brenda scearce: "he's got a purpose.

He was on three forms of life support and a lot of people don't come off of one form and it was just like it gave him the time he needed for his body, his whole body to start healing." sherman: "brenda isn't sure how long it will take for her husband to fully recover, but says she would like for him to be back on the golf course by the summer.

Dorothy sherman, news 12 now."

Dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to operate a drive-through covid-19 vaccination site this coming monday.

To get the shot, you must be 65 or older, and you must make an appointment.

Go to dalton g-a dot gov tomorrow morning, starting at 7, to make your appointment.

The drive-thru will be set up at the dalton convention center on dug gap battle road.

Certfied medical personnel will begin administering the vaccine at 10 o'clock monday orning.

The goal is to vaccinate 600 people.

That can't happen fast enough as whitfield county continues to be covid-19 hotspot.

Meanwhile, whitfield county commissioners have repealed a mask mandate for county buildings, less than a month after it went into effect.

This happened in their first commission meeting without, now former, commission chairman lynn "lotter" laughter.

She tried repeatedly to institute a mask mandate while in office.

"i don't know how any other commissioners can look at any of rogers' family in the face, since he died with covid.

I don't understand mark gibson, whose father died of covid just a few weeks ago, so i don't know how those commissioners can look any of rogers's family or any of mark's family in the face and not keep at least a recommendation to wear a mask."

Laughter says this is a big step back for whitfield county and its safety.

As of today, hamilton county has 228 new cases of covid 19, and one more person has died.

The brings the county' death toll to 323.

In a bit of good news, the total number of active cases has gone down slightly to a little more than 4,100.

That's still far too many for hamilton county schools resume traditional learning.

Students will continue to learn remotely through at least next week.

The number of covid patients in the hospital and i-c-u has also dropped a little bit.

As vaccinations continue across the u.s., some companies are offering financial incentives to encourage their workers to get the shots.

Today, grocery delivery service instacart announced it will provide a $25 stipend to workers who get the shots.

Instacart employs around 5 hundred thousand gig workers in the u.s. dollar general will provide four hours' worth of extra pay to workers who get vaccinated.

Other companies, like target and albertsons, say they're not giving bonuses for vaccines, but are trying to ensure their workers get access to the shot a-s-a-p.

President-elect joe biden unveiled a coronavirus and economic relief plan valued at about 1 point 9 trillion dollars.

The proposal would provide hundreds of billions to speed up vaccine distribution and testing, as well as help millions of financially-struggling americans.

Skyler henry reports from capitol hill.... as we cover the nation.

With close to 400 thousand coronavirus deaths in the u-s, president-elect joe biden unveiled his ''rescue and recovery'' plan in the war against the pandemic.

''the emptiness of the loss of life is compounded by the loss of our way of life.'' the president-elect is proposing spending some 400 hundred billions dollars to vaccinate americans faster and re-open schools, among other initiatives.

''tomorrow, i will lay out my vaccination play to correct course and meet out goal - 100 million shots the end of my first 100 days as president.'' the president-elect called the trillion dollar bi-partisan relief bill congress passed in december ''a very important first step.'' ''as i said at the time, it's just a down payment.

We need more action.

More bipartisanship.'' 726 his new proposal includes more help for struggling americans, including two thousand dollar stimulus checks...and aid to small businesses and local governments.

''2000 dollars is going to go a long way to ease that pain.'' the president-elect also said he plans to take action to extend nationwide restrictions on home evictions.

Skyler henry/cbs news/capitol hill.

Data from the tennessee department of health's drug overdose reporting system suggests the distribution of the second coronavirus relief package may result in a spike in opioid overdoses.

Opioid overdoses spiked over 30 percent statewide during the months of the covid-19 shutdowns and first round of stimulus checks.

If you have any unwanted prescription medicine, you are urged to properly dispose of it by using the counties drop off boxes or drug deactivation pouches.

Here are the signs of an overdose: "what can happen when an individual starts to overdose is : pinpoint pupils, labored breathing, very shallow breathing, skin turns blue, nails turn blue, they may be unconscious or they may even throw up."

The county does offer prevention resources, including narcan training.

More people than ever signed up for the salvation army angel tree program in 2020.

The program gives christmas to those in need.

A record-breaking 5,611 children and senior adults registered for the program from the chattanooga and cleveland areas.

It's something the army was expecting because of the coronavirus pandemic.

> "i think, yeah it had a tremendous impact on everybody this year people lost income they lost security and there were just a lot more people in need."

Covid also impacted their red kettle campaign with less ringers and kettles.

The salvation army raised around 100-thousand dollars less than the previous year.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

Below that's headed our way wit the system than moisture coming up later two hours your morning lows for tomorrow around 7 o'clock in the morning of the 360 in chattanooga, 39, murphy bots apostle snow showers in th mountainous areas.

Those of you dunlap and tracy city don't let out my decent snow showers in the morning as well.

It be called.

This ring is moving to around midnight.

He is friday, that's going to drop with him.

Sure this is a cold front is really pushing through and it's gonna last pretty to the mornin hours.

As you can see from our local future cash was on.

Often those of us there at higher elevations could even possible soaking relations.

Those of us in the valley by primus at the rain possible rain snow mix around day then that's the pushoff are high smile will be just around 500.

It will be muc cooler than what we were today as you need.

By the afternoon, evening hours for your friday and have a chance to more snow flurries as well is, or moisture.

Those symptoms you ar saying hello.

This weekend is going to be very very cold others.

We have a look at that little bit later on the shelf around the bar graph shows its morrow 49 to 500 ... say hi at the run.

Her degrees were very mild.

It was a nice day.

Lots of sunshine included about 40 above our normal temperature for this time of th year.

The record ending five low 90 it is for reasoning.

I do not like the sound of that art and design in cooler overnight but not cool.

Tickling our babies heating and air can writ new cell now steals it's dry ou there right now, but that trend is not to continue it's 450 here in the city 68 city minutes he and a call when you look this over for future cast for tomorrow.

This is tomorrow morning around 615 will start the season and wish her, keith did a pushoff to our west visitors are gourmet mild, though very very cool, very chilly, possible breeze throughout the day tomorrow.

Highs are only going to be around 800 in it by tomorrow evening will start to see littl bit more precipitation and a little more chance of snow showers and snow flurries, especially if the amount is regions of the hermann eagle dunlap tracy city deafening the sable storage, mincing the last couple weeks off and on some will shower some snow for her throughout the day hire-roughly 500 mostly sunny, and some scattered worries overnight.

The spicy region of future castle force latter-day that her fantasy limit of snow here in the valley will not affect any chelation at all.

However, we do see some snow flurries throughout the day on latter-da 20 very very cold on today as well as well as sunday smith yo keep those winter coats out our lows and be very very low.

It's a look at them later on this last stories that you seem to now and saturday night at 11 pm not much at all.

You can see murphy starting to back off jus a little bit and got for about half an inch a little bit early this not even now 310 7 inch optimized.

They are ed half of an inch of snow are feels like future.

This is very important.

How cold is a like a candidate you see starting when a thirtysomething night in greece and optimize 200 in don 210 in angers and importantly it's jus not can get that warm.

I don't see the link more than 310 see here.

This is 130 in the afternoon on saturday.

Lots of sunshine throughout the day but asked those snow showers, push on through the myth of the like 300 in chattanooga and we just won't get much warmer than that keep those brain that heavy coat.

Those medicals give amount is going to be very very cold cmr super cat saturday left selah.

But larry that sump was on often will be derived for a long time, probably until wednesday going into thursday.

That's our next chance to see a large weather maker, especially thursday afternoon at her as a evening that is shaping up to be a storm working on as we go along and elinor new site.

Now add that we get all the news, weather, and fourth.

Our long- range forecast shows will be cloudy dryer and cool this weekend, maybe drive to wednesday and the end of the week looks very wet alligator seven-day forecast coming up and from the epd fiber-optic weathe so as to go to storm team 12 70 forecast tomorrow to be around 500 but added a going to only be 39 in the like 30 is very breez, very cool, very chilling on tattered aching that in mind, possible overnight worries going into sunday with sartre dry out in our next chance of rain is late wednesday going into thursday looking at them drunk.

There is a 560 little bit over average.

But i can tell you what ... cooler timbers are coming behind that but for now that's all i have ... and contaminated only for rober to help you at his ride that is going up, but it's not your normal ... i my new favorite things.

This common heat by sharper image does so much more than a regular.

He first you try to yeah yeah yeah so here's the deal heating right you have the pains you have to shoulders you knees right eating cat eating patches is great so we know he's waiting clay be serviced.

He soars in each youth hero is so much more makes such a difference.

I love it also has 40 ... massage now i have read.

Thanks for the three different sensor massage and automatic temperature in hospital massage and he you get the safety because it's a great size when you put your shoulder your shoulder to put you back to the lie down watching tv commercial space so the things that can just be calming the end of a long day just because it's cool outside in your first you warm in the sun side by sharper image.

I love the concept and by ice cream maker 'ice cream jubilee' is out with new inauguration - themed flavors just in time for the start of joe biden's presidency.

Two of the flavors reflect biden's love of the classics.

The company says vanilla chocolate chip is biden's favorite flavor... cuppa' joe speaks for itself -- it's a creamy, coffee flavored ice cream.

They also have flavors honoring vice president elect kamala harris.

Cardamom amaretto pays tribute to harris' home state with california almonds... and includes cardamom kulfi -- which is a nod to her her indian heritage.

Rose' mimosa is also a nod to california -- specifically to the golden state's wine country.

Visit the ice cream jubilee the girl scouts are launching a brand new cookie that makes breakfast and dessert best friends.

Check out -- toast-yay!


They look like toast-- french toast to be exact-- and they're supposed to taste like it too!

It's basically the trefoil cookie dipped in icing.

They're on sale now.

When the new-year-new-you meal plan goes bland, make some room for...worms. the european union's food safety agency has given a green light for the slimy creatures to be a part of a protein-rich diet.

Researchers found that dried yellow mealworms are safe for snacking, either whole or in powder form.


The lady vols try to continue their home dominance against georgia.

And urban meyer is taking the plunge in the n-f-l.

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, brainerd and red bank meet plus, brainerd and red bank meet on the hardwood in a region showdown.

And we get another chapter in the bradley central- cleveland wrestling rivalry.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Cleveland and bradley central renewed their mega-wrestling rivalry with the bears ranked third in the state, and the blue raiders ranked number one..

The bears enjoyed a couple key wins to start off.

113-pound class.

Ethan lipsey with a huge upset win over state champ and state number 1 bentley ellison.

Bradley with a 6-3 lead.

=== then the raiders come roaring back.

132-pound division.

State number 1 jackson bradford pins taron paterson === 138-pounds.

Blue raiders two time state champ trae mcdaniel flips luke belcher down.

Belcher is literally pinned.

Chalk up another victory for cleveland.

Mcdaniel says look at these arms..

=== cleveland's cody chittumn is ranked number one in the country in the 160-pound class.

He gets a pin for the win.

Cleveland with a run-away victory by a final of 52-9.

High school hoops.

Region showdown between brainerd and red bank.

Final ticks of the first quarter.

Kel eddins steals the in-bounds.

It's showtime.

Eddins the jam.

But brainerd pushed it up the court quickly, and dennis lewis buries the three right before the buzzer.

Panthers were down 12-11.

The game was delayed early in the second quarter after a player threw up on the court.

Time to call in the big guns.

The mess was cleaned up, and after consulting with the t- double-s, double-a.

Play resumed.

Eddins showing off his football moves.

That's a first down bucket.

He gives it the thumbs up.

But lewis was also tough to stop.

He drills the three as brainerd went up nine at the break.

But red bank rallies for a 55- 50 victory.

It was 'we back pat' night on rocky top as the lady vols honored coaching legend pat summitt.

Both u-t and georgia wore we back pat shirts.

The lady vols players all had the name summitt on the back of their jersies.

Final ticks of the first half and jordan horston cans the three before the buzzer.

U-t was up 15 at the half.

Third quarter was all georgia.

Nice bounce pass from gabby connally to que morrison.

Dawgs kept pouring it on in the third.

Morrison with the three to give georgia the lead.

U-t was out-scored 29-9 in the third.

Final 30 seconds, and rennia davis scores to get tennessee within one.

Three seconds left.

Lady vols still down one, and they turn it over on the in-bounds.

Georgia wins 67-66.

Their first win in knoxville since 1996.

Four alabama underclassmen are turning pro.

The foursome the long time college coach is taking his first n-f-l job.

Meyer has been named the jacksonville jaguars head coach.

The jags have the number one

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