Armie Hammer Ex: Looking For A Good Therapist
Armie Hammer Ex: Looking For A Good Therapist

Armie Hammer's ex girlfriend Paige Lorenze is looking for a good therapist.

Hammer hit the news after a series of disturbing messages purportedly authored by him were leaked his weekend The messages were allegedly sent to a woman over a period of four years.

They detailed rape fantasies, slave play, cannibalism, choking, and 'blood-sucking' Over the last few days several women have detailed disturbing allegations against Hammer.

From grooming to sexual manipulation to treating women like slaves, Hammer's reputation and career are in tatters.

Hammer has quit his upcoming romcom Shotgun Wedding, with Jennifer Lopez.

Recently, Lorenze tweeted 'Anyone got a good therapist?'

Hammer is said to be spiraling into drugs and alcohol.

The DailyMail obtained video of him drinking behind the wheel and licking crystalized drugs off a friends hand.