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Saturday, February 27, 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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We have new information in a heartbreaking story out of chattanooga where a 12 year old boy is accused of stabbing a 12 year old girl.

And some hamilton county residents can now make an appoitment for their second dose of covid-19 vaccine.

We'll tell you how.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

A community near jersey pike is reeling from an incident thursday night involving the stabbing of a 12-year-old girl on eastwood drive.

News 12's kenan scott joins us now live with all the latest details on this tragic event.

Emily, andrew i spoke to neighbors about what they saw on thursday night after police were dispatched to a house here at around 2:45 in the morning.

One woman told me that while she wasn't necessarily close with the family, she saw plenty of warning signs that told her something violent was inevitably going to occur.

"my neighbor and i talk about it sometimes wondering if things are okay in that house."

Tragedy struck in the early morning on thursday as chattanooga police were dispatched to a home on eastwood drive right off of jersey pike.

At around 2:45am, police found a 12-year-old girl stabbed to death, suffering from multiple wounds.

The officers arrested a 12- year-old boy for the stabbing, who is now facing first- degree murder charge.

One neighbor described the scene of waking up to the sound of police sirens.

"the sirens and everything woke us up and we looked outside and we just thought something awful happened inside, we thought that somebody might have had some sort of medical emergency."

Neighbors told me that they were shocked to hear about the tragic incident, although one woman said that she saw warning signs early on.

"what we've noticed over here at the house in the front yard is that the kids are always by themselves and what we think is the father - he's always coming outside either screaming or yelling."

Other neighbors that i spoke with didn't want to be on camera, but all of them agreed that it seemed like a troubled household.

"it seems like a very unstable household if you ask me because the kids seem lonely, and lack of parents.

We hear screaming and yelling on a daily basis from this house almost, so we didn't really think that it was something serious."

Chattanooga police are asking anyone with additional information to contact their anonymous tip line.

Reporting live in chattanooga, kenan scott news 12 now.

Chattanooga police say what started as a stabbing on lee highway ended with an officer involved shooting.

Authorities say a female suspect repeatedly stabbed an adult woman while holding her against her will in a locked room.

Officers heard the screams and forced their way in.

Investigatos say officers shot at the suspect, and she suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The hamilton county health department began taklng appointments for the second dose of covid 19 vaccinations this afternoon.

If you've already gotten your first dose, you are encouraged to register for the second dose online.

Just go to vaccine dot hamilton t-n dot gov and put in your information.

If you do not have internet access, you can the hamilton county emergency management call center, but there is good chance you'll get a busy signal.

Second doses should be administered as follows: moderna 28 days after the first dose or later and pfizer 21 days after the first dose or later.

You should have a vaccination record card that tells you what kind of vaccine you got the first time.

The second dose of moderna will start being administered january 20th.

The second dose of pfizer will start being administered january 21st.

The georgia department of public health is seeking volunteers to help administer the covid-19 vaccine.

Medical and non medical volunteers are welcome.

People who sign up will be assigned to fill roles that matches their credentials and skill set.

We have the link posted on your screen for all of your volunteer information.

The city of dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to open a satellite covid- 19 vaccination site.

News 12's joeli poole shows us just how fast spots filled up.

Whitfield county and the city of dalton's drive- thru vaccination site will open monday, january 18th at 10 am.

Vaccines will be administered to georgia residents over the age of 65.

At 7 am, today, the county and city opened the vaccine appointment portal for the first time.

Frazier "the response was very positive.

It filled up in about 2 hours.

The city leaders who organized this are working with the county to get another couple of dates set up in the coming weeks so we can build on this."

City officials say that upcoming dates will be announced soon but are dependent on when more vaccines become available.

Joeli poole "the vaccination site will be held at the dalton convention center.

The vaccines will be given by local paramedics and volunteers.

Residents who have an appointment will need to bring their appointment confirmation and their id with them."

Harlan "dalton police department has done an excellent job of putting together a traffic flow process where people will go to a lower parking lot where medical personnel will be on site.

If there were to be any reaction there will be immediate medical attention available."

The north georgia health district says residents will be receiving the vaccine manufactured by moderna.

Deverell "moderna' is easier as far as transportation and administration.

So that's why we are going with them" the north georgia health district wants residents to know that if they missed the opportunity to sign up for one of the 600 time slots on monday sponsored by the city of dalton and whitfield county, appointments are still available through the north georgia health district.

For a link to their website go to wdef dot com in georgia, joeli poole news 12 now.

If you missed a spot today, do not worry.

The city and county just announced they have added an additional day on wednesday january 20th you can find a link to the sign up page on our website wdef dot com kroger pharmacies in georgia will now offer the covid- 19 vaccine.

According to the grocery store, they will be distributing the shot to healthcare workers, first responders, individuals ages 65 and older, their caregivers and residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

Vaccines will be available by appointment only and will be no cost to customers.

The blue ridge police chief is now at a rehab facility after a stint with covid and a long hospital stay.

Chief johnny scearce was initially in the hospital for covid, but shortly after he went home to rehab he had to go back to treat a collapsed lung.

He was on three forms of life support and stayed in the hospital for 94 days until he was moved to a rehab facility yesterday.

His wife, brenda believes the ecmo machine and god helped saved his life.

"he's got a purhttp: while he was in the hospital scearce won a commission race.

Travelers boarding flights to washington, d.c., ahead of the inauguration will not be allowed to check firearms on several airlines and face increased security measures on all carriers.

United airlines, american airlines, southwest, frontier, spirit and alaska airlines and delta are temporarily banning firearms on flights to baltimore/washin gton international airport, ronald reagan washington national airport and dulles international airport.

Tsa spokesman says no rules on their end have changed but passengers should check with their airline's rules before flying.

Only law enforcement officials will be exempt from the ban.

As covid-19 and unemployment cases rise, president-elect joe biden unveiled his $1 point 9 trillion dollar economic relief bill.

Despite president trump's request for a two- thousand dollar stimulus, 600 dollars was included in the second covid relief bill.

Now, biden's plan is calling for the rest of that 14-hundred dollars to be paid to those eligible.

Another focus on biden's proposal puts 400 billion dollars into boosting vaccine distribution.

There will be more financial aid to state and local governments to help roll out the vachttp: " style="text-decoration:unde rline;color:#5f9ea0;cursor:... e r" class="external- link" target="blank"> http: another part of the proposal is raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

Hopkins says that's likely to become a sticking point.

People aren't sure if that will be included in a passed version of a relief bill.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

O another they force no but mainly for the mountaintops as we head into your saturday morning if you worries even for the valley not going to be my chicken is mainly going to be a mountain event but on the current tight radar we have winter weather advisories and grundy cherokee and the eastern parts of monroe county authorities ... in a few areas of ... light rain even some flurries towards the eastern part of monroe ... wins that could be the big story as we head into tonight even gusting upwards of 20 to 30 mph in some areas right now actuall feels like ... you're in dalton feels like 35 and murphy building 37 over in blair is a ... as we head into your evening is going to be a chilly one is temperatures will be dropped ... right at or below ... freezing tomorrow morning so what you can expect 32 in chattanooga 31 over and on in your 30 over an lj any plans on fishing tomorrow i would wait for the afternoon it is expecte to be excellent partly ... in the skies limit of a break in the clouds best time to go is going between two ... in the skies limit of a break i the clouds best time to go is going between 230 and 4 pm will have another look at whether coming up after the break for what the source for suffrage is expected of you is you judge it was rescued without offering long job how you had sent out as of it to your writing woke up right near 390 ... the afternoon so why the ... sunshine highs ... right near ... 530 and actually felt pretty nice out there but we did see lots of clouds and this is again we are on ... on that trailing and of moisturizer next weather maker ... guys get here in the next few hours and this is our time not ... of the date or study daisy provided by the epb fiber optic whether cam network cold front has pushed up winds are gusting anywhere from 25 to 30 mph here in the tennessee valley a lot moisture behind this cold french you can see the sharp upper- level low-pressure system that will be recognized even them snow chances come tomorrow morning so taking a look at thi local future cash this is one particular model that is showin some flurries happening just after midnight tonight for areas and higher elevations on this model does have temperatures in the valley lunging all the way to 300 so quit the a few flurries here in the valley now not expecting much i do expect the mountaintops to get the most snowfall 1 to 2 inches but this will be continuing on his ... the late morning finally drying out by the afternoon baha'is will be right near the low 40s so anything any snow that does fall for the valley will like ... melting as we head into around four 5 pm could see it you flurries heading into late saturday into early sunday the really going to be for the mountaintops at any left over moisture's in the morning does have a chance to be read freezing so you have a chance for the black ice as well as freezing fog to develop that could hinder visibility as well as slippery road conditions during the afternoon will be like the clearing highs will be warmer as well right near the mid-40s to snow wise were going to go with the gfs model that doesn't like it owing to be the most likely an aerial course of the valley maybe it does ... to not being as we had right near ... randy county 1 to 2 inches of snow near blue ridge lj maybe 1 inch in ... snow and towards ... the smokey mountains maybe 12 isolated areas of 3 inches now regardless if we do the snow it is going to be a cold ... blustery day for your saturday so when shows in the morning or to be likely in the low to mid 20s ... towards the afternoon right near freezing and it's going to be a cold night i had as we go into early monday morning timber feel like temperatures will likely b below freezing as always for th latest on your news weather and sports picture to download our ... free news 12 now i will also tell you there is any watches or warnings in the area sunday is going to be starting off with clouds but turning ... less and towards the afternoon lot sunshine highs right near 470 you can already be that 24 hour temperature change is not cold front has passed 30 think 100 cooler right now nationals ... coveting greased were over in paducah 35 right now in knoxville 40 ... 35 right now in knoxville 44 in nashville in 43 over in columbia will have a look at your 70 forecast ... and appear in just 10 seconds from the epb fiber optics whether center here is your 70 or cast tomorrow is going to be cold and breezy highs right nea the low 40s we will be starting off cool for sunday morning right near the low 30s with ... lately some clouds maybe some patchy fog towards the afternoo we will be seeing some sunshine for martin luther king day we d have another chance to cease and flurries for the mountaintops highs will be right near 450 with a few clouds in our next rainmaker like coming when they in the rain chances all the way into our friday ... is not great thank you so much for the pump on as we talk to a expert on how social media can spread misinformation even calls while driving his beer says he' doing to keep the city safe for last week's whites in washington and the pandemic has housed a lot of fastening died many folks that help lots at ho my life is now the mental health director primed in that community increases.

Some homeless people may not make it to a shelter which means they need clothes and other items to keep warm.

The chattanooga rescue mission says they are looking for layered clothing items such as long johns, body warmers and even comfortable boots.

The rescue mission says that they have seen an increase in monetary donations and they think that that is due to the stimulus checks.

"anytime you face something like this, you know often times, we are one of the first to go, you know as far as support is concerned.

So, it is a big deal, it is a blessing that chattanooga and the greater chattanooga area stepped up to help us."

The chattanooga rescue mission says that you can drop off items any day while they are open.

You can find a list of items that they need on their website.

The vols would love to see their offense blow up against vanderbilt this weekend.

Here's rick nyman with sports.

Plus, mocs coach lamont paris praises his team with a word you wouldn't expect.

And the atlanta falcons raided the titans staff for their new head coach "now from the news 12 sports desk."

The atlanta falcons snagged titans offensive coordinator arthur smith as their new head coach.

The two parties agreed to terms on friday.

Smith has spent the last two years as tennessee's offensive coordinator, but he has also handled several other coaching duties for the titans since joining their staff in 20-11.

Last season, tennessee had the fourth highest scoring offense in the n-f-l at just over 30-points a game.

Smith will now replace dan quinn in atlanta, who was fired after the falcons got off to an 0-5 start.

Atlanta went on to finish the season with a 4-12 record.

The chattanooga mocs have named nick davison as their new defensive line coach.

Davison is no stranger to the mocs program.

The calhoun, georgia, native played for u-t-c in 20-10 and 20-11.

The mocs will begin workouts next week, as they prepare to kick off their spring socon season at the end of february.

Urban meyer has taken the n-f-l plunge.

The long time college coach has taken the jaguars head coaching job, his first ever in the n-f-l.

Titans fans should get to see plenty from the emotional coach since the jags are in the same division as tennessee.

But what kind of team does meyer hope to field.

Meyer:"my vision and my dream has always been the fastest team on the field.

The team that plays.

When i say fastest, not necessarily 40 time fast, but fast.

One of the great compliments i can remember we ever had was teh legendary coach jon robinson.

He's coaching at unlv, and i was at utah.

We walk out to the 50 yard line, and he looks at me and says that's the fastest team i've ever coached against.

And i'm thinking we only have one guy that runs sub 4.5.

But then you watch the film, and they play fast."

It's take two for vandy and the vols saturday.

They were supposed to play tuesday, but the game was postponed for covid.

Tomorrow's game is still on in knoxville, where tennessee would love to jack up their offensive numbers.

But that's not always easy according to u-t assistant desmond oliver.

Oliver:"we strive to be perfect, and our game is an imperfect game.

What team in the world?

You watch the world champions play.

The lakers feel like they're executing at a 100 percent level every time they strive for it, and you know that you're not going to get there.

When a team can shoot 50 percent from the field, and that be considered having a great shooting night.

It just shows you how imperfect this game is."

The mocs would love to find perfection tomorrow afternoon as they host wofford.

A win would get u-t-c's record back to five hundred in the southern conference.

Chattanooga is coming off that incredible come-from- behind win over mercer where they rallied from a 19-point deficit to win 83-80.

Mocs coach lamont paris says one of his team's unique traits helped his guys pull off that victory.

Paris:"they're stubborn.

They're a stubborn group in the best way.

Really coachable.

We draw some things up, and they go out there.

They never bat an eye at what we ask them to do.

But a very stubborn group when it comes to excepting the status quo.

And believing in their effort and abilities to change their fortunes."

The u-t-c women are in action tonight on the road against furman.

And as apart of the new socon schedule twist this season, they'll also play the paladins again on sunday in greenville, south carolina.

Here's a final look at our forecast...

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