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Thursday, March 4, 2021


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Morning - a years long investigation helps law enforcement rescue hundreds of neglected animals in grundy county.

Pneumonia can be one of the side effects of covid-19.

Coming up, one doctor explains why covid pneumonia is more deadly than normal pneumonia.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

Chip chapman your new mornin and welcome to 12 now they just yet was so sunshine is nearly ... lotto clouds may be a quick sprinkle here.

Otherwise, we will state mainly dry ... temperatures today despite cloud covered in returning a lot warmer ... were only 10 above where we were this time yesterday looking nashville and is substantially warmer by 120 will see that warmer air ... rolling into our area and the upper 20s in fort payne 29 murphy ... , 43, back towards winchester s that warmer air is getting a little closer later on this afternoon we could hit ... the five i think any of us will hear in and around the city overnight tonight and drying ou clearing up lows in the mid 30s tomorrow were back with a lot o sunshine but it's thursday were keeping our eye on for the rain to begin ... will talk more about that seven- day forecast ever look at the morning's top storytoday is the the trump administration.

Security in washington is extremely high heading into tomorrow's d officials are continuing to hunt down those involved in the capitol assault.

Cbs's debra alfarone is on capitol hill.

As we cover the nation.

Pkg president-elect joe biden and vice president elect kamala harris each volunteered at food banks on martin luther king, junior day.

Biden cbs news has learned mister biden will use his inaugural address to appeal to trump supporters in a push for unity.

"we're going into wednesday knowing that we're ready to do the work.

We have a lot of work to do.

It's not going to be easy" 200-thousand flags have been placed on the national mall to represent the people unable to attend amid the coronavirus and security threats.

"washington is looking very different than it normally does."

25-thousand national guard troops will be in the city for the inauguration following the january 6th attack.

"it is going to be an unprecedented affair, both for security reasons and / because of pandemic concerns as well."

Nearly two weeks after the mob stormed the capitol, authorities continue to arrest those involved.

Riley june williams seen here directing traffic, 22-year-old riley june williams is charged with illegally entering the capitol and disorderly conduct.

Court papers say she stole a laptop from house speaker nancy pelosi's office with plans to get the device into the hands of russia's foreign intelligence service.

As donald and i conclude our time in the white house, first lady melania trump briefly mentioned the attack in a farewell video.

Violence is never the answer president trump is expected to spend his final full day in office issuing pardons and commutations for up to 100 people.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, washington.

As of now president trump is not expected to pardon himself, which could set off a firestorm right before his senate impeachment trial.

In a crime alert - investigators are working a heartbreaking animal hoarding case in grundy county.

We want to want you that some of these images may be graphic.

Several organizaions including the sheriff's office have removed more than 200 dogs from the property.

Many of the dogs were said to be neglected, pregnant and received no medical care before being rescued.

Because of legal issues, it took years for organizations to rescue these animals.

Sadly, cases like this happen more often than you think, "i think it's fairly common all across the state and actually in the south in general.

I know for grundy county specifically we do not have animal control or a shelter.

Dogs of borrowed time is the only rescue based in grundy and were a very small one.

So there's only so much we can do in cases like this where it's a massive amount of dogs."

The dogs are being transferred to shelters across the country where they are receiving medical care.

Cleveland police are investigating after a woman was killed in a crash monday morning.

Police say it happened late monday morning on spring place road.

55-year-old dawn schoate was hit head on by a ford f-350 pulling a utility trailer.

Investigators think the truck driver was trying to avoid another collision when they hit schoate's car.

The crash knocked her into a ditch.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chattanooga police are working to determine where multiple shootings happened monday night.

Two victims went to the hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds, but they don't seem to be connected.

Investigators tell us neither seems to be life threatening.

This follows a shooting sunday night on clio avenue where a 27 year old man was seriously hurt.

In coronavirus news - one of the effects of covid-19 is a covid version of pneumonia.

Researchers say this version is more deadly than typical pneumonia.

Experts say it spreads like"wildfire" throughout the lungs.

Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus or operations and produce more virus with your own cells.

It's very hard to eliminate that or attack your own selves when they've already been taken over.

Covid pneumonia is viral, not bacterial, so antibiotics don't help.

The hamilton county health department has announced that all covid-19 first time vaccine appointments have been filled.

But if you need your second dose, some spots are still available.

The health department says more appointments will become available when more vaccines get here.

The covid-19 hotline will resume it's normal hours starting this morning at 8.

The alstom plant also resumes their covid-19 testing hours beginning this morning at 10.

In community news - the second annual mlk march in cleveland, tennessee was made possible thanks to partners like cleveland state community college, the city of cleveland, the n double a- c- p, and 100 black men of bradley county.

Organizers are proud of the unity displayed during the march, especially considering the adversity the country has faced over the past year with covid-19 and political division.

A diverse group of people marched, including students, seniors, people of different races and socio economic backgrounds.

Monday morning's demonstration paid respect to doctor king because without his courage and leadership, events like it would not be possible.

Since i've been here in bradley county, i've watched us establish and acknowledge this day as a local holiday, especially for our local school districts.

Once upon a time we didn't honor that or recognize that and that's within my lifetime.

So i can say that's one of the major accomplishments, just getting the community to accept and respect this holiday.

There are plans to continue the m-l-k march each year in bradley county.

Now for a check on the forecast, not as much sunshine he said today ... .

No producing a lot of cloud cover today and by largely stay dry ... .

There is a remote chance.

Michelle will be about.

There's a way to shape up this morning and sees clouds rolling in from the west cloud cover is going t increase and thicken as we head through the early and mid afternoon hours, 39 right now i cleveland, dalton, 34 ... bit clearer down toward somerville you had the lot, a heat escaping from the ... service heading into the atmosphere ... .

270 ... review 29-year-old south broad street.

We are looking at a lot of clouds 390 community at 65% which are called 30.24 on the barometer ... next approaching rogers back to the westward to see this kickin off some shower activity.

Not really a whole lot for us ... .

Thursday looks like that's going to be the day we will see the majority of rain ... .

Either they could hit the mid- 50s that i think the rain holds off your boy the shower.

She go a good chance of hitting early morning tomorrow will drop in the 30s that tomorrow afternoon back up to around 50.

The little coolers we headed to the day tomorrow.


Should you about as we head into thursday morning.

The clouds will increase that i don't see any substantial shower activity probably until mid at ... the show you how this models interpret and the amount of moisture that were looking at seems to be decreasing ... .

I think ... thursday we do pick up some of that showers just to ourselves on friday.

That's a pretty good possibility that as we head into the weekend.

It looks dry but sunday night heading into monda morning ... will be a big batch of moisture.

This is going to get out of here ... fairly quickly.

On tuesday ... will dry out and called down for a couple of days and by late hers to hitting it friday ... areas to our north.

All throughout the ohio valley will be picking up some snowfall ... here for us just some rain.

I did a right around 5355 brief shower chances are slight moral by seven-day forecast coming up ... from the ebv fiber optics whether setters were staying above 50 for each of the next seven days.

Early morning lows climbing out of the mid-30s ... will hit the lower 40s for a couple days and those cool down ... we head into the weekend straightahead when we come back only one more day until president-elect biden takes office.

What does he plan to do on his first day in the oval office will tell you more about "you're watching news 12 now this morning.

Your news now."

A treasury secretary nominee wants congress to go big in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

And president-elect joe biden plans to cancel the keystone x-l pipeline on his first day in office.

Naomi ruchim has those stories in this morning's moneywatch report.

Wall street returns for a shortened week.

On friday stocks fell.

The dow lost 177 points.

The nasdaq dropped 114.

The s&p500 was down 27.

It's a big week for quarterly earnings.

Bank of america, goldman sachs and netflix all report today.

Earnings season got off to a slow start last week with several banks seeing their shares fall, including wells fargo and jpmorgan chase.

/ janet yellen wants congress to 'act big' with a new coronavirus relief package.

As president- elect joe biden's nominee for treasury secretary, she will testify before the senate finance committee today as part of her confirmation hearing.

In prepared remarks, she says in the long run, the benefits outweigh the costs if they care about helping people who have been struggling.

/ president-elect biden is preparing to sign dozens of executive actions when he takes office tomorrow.

According to several media reports, one of those will be to cancel the keystone pipeline expansion.

Environmentalists and local native american groups have fought the controversial project for decades.

/ and that's your cbs moneywatch report.

For more head to cbs

At the cbs broadcast center, i'm naomi ruchim.

At the cbs broadcast center, i'm naomi ruchim.

Things are getting a little r outside attack and which have been sat in the morning k 11 morning to you all throughout the tennessee valley area 390 right now.

Humidity of 65% once or call ... clouds are increasing.

Will you see a sprinkle a little bit later in the day, not totally out of the question but ... it is highly unlikely warmer air moving back in from the west 12 warmer in ... purpose and nashville was compared to this time, just 20 ... purpose and nashville was compared to this time, just 24 hours ago as a result, winchesters leading the pack temperature wise with 430 meanwhile, 36, and coalmont and 39 here ... downtown until union city, jackson and memphis nice ... , relatively mild.

49 and nashville ... were good 100 below that as we head into the afternoon to get couple of the sprinkles may be ... popping up with temperatures hitting the lower and middle 50s, you're pretty nice warm-up will have moral met seven-day forecast following this 10 55 this afternoon.

Tomorrow we should see full sunshine and d3 rainfall developing on thursday and ending probably pretty early on friday weekend.

As of now, those look good for the rain rolls back in on one day.

It is 15 minutes after 5 o'clock.

You probably heard things are getting a little rocky ... on rocky walls football program looking for another new head coach at several assisted the sunrise ... recordings brought down balls coach jeremy pruitt.

He was fired monday after university learned major and fractions from their internal investigation at eating practices ... so pruitt is out after going at 16 and 19 and three year ... while the investigation is continuing.

The information presented to us indicates serious ... violations ... see aa will serious and a university fired head coach jeremy pruitt, as well as assistance, ryan niedermayer an shelton felton along with seven other foot.

All staff coach jeremy pruitt ... , the leader ... he is ... for hiring assistant coaches and the staff and making sure that those who reap ... were to him comply with ncaa rules ... .

This is written into his employment contract is so disturbing is demonstrated by the scope of these employment actions we are announcing today a number of violations and the number ... do you intend to have a negotiated bible coach pruitt you intend to not pay him anything.

Termination was for cause, which means no bio ... none of us obviously are pleased to be here on the circus and athletic director phil palmer will not around a higher placement palmer announced he was retiring, adding he felt it was a portal for new director to hire the new headphone ... also, i'm 70 years old ... athletic at age 80 only makes sense that make ... that this semester so that a ne coach ... .

The new athletic director ... implement their vision to get ... for now.

Kevin steele is the active head coach.

The former auburn defense of ordinator and ut grab was just hired last week as a defense of assistant steel was hired last ... seen in kenya.

There was a chance serving his act and comes, he did not know that he may be serving ... coach ... a ... did know there was an investigation years to the once again looking for a new head coach try and resurrect pro ram that is not enjoyed 10 win season.

It's 2000.

It's 2007 kit when the right way, you don't belong here ... if there is anyone for this department in knoxville or elsewhere who has heard that message up.

Now ... in high school who mcauley entertained boyd began to tornado senior eric rivers needed just two points to reach 1000 career points needed to but river says about three that first-quarter three-pointer gav a milestone rivers finished with 25 points boys jacob shockley scores over mcauley seven foote david crag shockley had 10 points too much rivers and too much big rivers.

The drive ingested an elegant couple the bucket and file mcauley wins the 55 to 37 ... that super sports will be right stories.

Jennifer keiper, cbs news, chicago.

Twitter is facing backlash after suspending conservative biden's inauguration tomorrow.

And the united state's covid-19 death toll approaches another grim milestone.

Here's a look at today's top national stories.

Tight security is in place in washington, d-c to ensure a peaceful transfer of power when joe biden is inaugurated on wednesday.

Aides say president trump will spend his last full day in office issuing pardons and commuting the sentences of various federal offenders.

A white house official told cbs news that as many as 100 people will be granted clemency.

The senate is set to begin confirmation hearings for president-elect biden's top cabinet picks.

Tuesday's lineup includes the nominees for secretary of state, treasury, and defense... antony blinken, janet yellen, and lloyd austin.

The u-s death toll from coronavirus now stands at just under 399-thousand, out of over 24-million confirmed cases.

California on monday became the first state with more than 3-million covid-19 infections.

A million of them have been reported since christmas.

Those are some of the day's top stories.

Jennifer keiper, cbs news, chicago.

T congo telegram mouse and a second step right now or can morning morning kay, we're looking at cloud cover rolling across at least here in tennessee to north georgia nort alabama not yet but your turn is coming as the clouds will ... increase the club ... deck good little thicker and a little bit lower temperature wise, it's chilly no doubt abou that.

Murphy, a 29 you are looking at 3900 downtown somerville at 28 ... , 340 they are on south broad lotto cloud cover right now and again, we are into the upper 30s 65% humidity ... .

We don't have any windchill speak of, so that's a welcome high streets of the next seven days will be at 50 or above ... .

Sprinkle possible today.

Much better chances for a ... thursday before ending early on friday and we can add as of now looks dry sunshine ties back ... 50 to 53 is coming up on 26 minutes after 5 o'clock you're watching news 12 now this twitter is facing backlash after suspending conservative twitter accounts.

Coming up, people in the tennessee valley give their opinion on their censorship decisions.

Covid-19 didn't stop chattanooga from honoring doctor martin luther king junior on monday.

We'll look at how the city honored the civil rights icon safely straight ahead.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

In morning and while today's 12 now morning to help.

Not a bad day temperature wise.

Some ... folks are in the upper 20s simple to lower 40s, the whole spectrum qaeda covered storage rainfall today is concerned.

While technically in the forecast.

Most chances remain very very minimal.

I do think were going to see some warmer air rolling 120 above where the were ... 24 hours ago in both memphis and nashville this warmer air is pressing east 34 and scottsboro 37 on the battlefield.

39 ... .

All up and down ocoee streets in cleveland and that's our current reading here downtown, but again, look back out to the west ... 50 memphis 48 jackson ... 49 in nashville ... heading into the afternoon will be getting into the lower and middle 50s and again a few sprinkles may pop up ... about it, mid 30s overnight tonight and things will dry out and then tomorrow will level ou about 50 to 53 will get to more all that seven-day forecast after the morning's top stories in this timesaver.

Traffic on ... you and good morning all valley.

We are starting all wyatt valle with the report lack is ultimately like traffic volume, speed limit conditions, and average travel times now, nor shall, and with only 32 minutes from one of them 75 adult and into downtown raleigh by greentree.

The front-line workers ... both moving forward we say than you to live liquefied 24 to live liquefied 24 near rock blvd.

From the murray mattress traffi under that the old news 12 now this morningoffice tomorrow, a t milestone will loom over his inauguration: the u-s is about to hit 400- thousand dead from the coronavirus.

Cbs' debra alfarone has the latest as we cover the nation.

California continues to leads the world in coronavirus cases, with more than 3 million residents infected.

L-a county alone is seeing one death every six minutes.

And in addition to the variant first discovered in the u-k, there's evidence there's yet another new strain widespread in the state.

"we are working closely with all of these labs and our public health departments and the centers for disease control prevention to better understand the significance of this variant."

This as the state is putting a hold on a batch of more than 330- thousand moderna vaccine doses after numerous patients experienced severe allergic reactions at the same clinic.

"there are good safeguards in both the pfizer and moderna vaccines.

They include a minimum observation time of 15 minutes.

And the reason that 15 minutes was chosen is because these severe allergies usually happen within minutes."

It's the latest hiccup in a sluggish vaccine rollout that has been anything but smooth.

Only about 40- percent of vaccines shipped have been administered as of friday.


"we're doing our best for everybody!

Be patient!

We get it, everybody needs vaccines!"

In florida, more than 40-thousand residents are already overdue for their second round.

There is hope, though, with two new vaccines on the horizon.

"j&j and astra zeneca - there's no 15-30 minute waiting time, it's not frozen...very easy to distribute to doctors offices."

It's expected they will get f- d-a emergency use approval within weeks.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, washington.

President-elect biden has set an ambition goal of 100-million vaccine doses in his first 100-days in office a chattanooga man is being remembered as community champion.

Chris ramsey recently died after contracting covid.

He was a big part in the minority health fair.

Over the summer, he was giving covid testing for black and brown communities.

Mt canaan baptist church pastor dr. ternae jordan knew him for over 30 years.

He says ramsey was a mentor, leader and had been a great athlete.

"there is no question that chris ramsey had left a tremendous legacy here in the city of chattanooga.

He has touched so many lives yet mentored so many people and i'm just praying that he has touched, impact would take up the tourch, take up the mantle that chris has left us all."

John p.

Franklin funeral home is handing funeral arrangements.

The georgia department of public health is asking for help from medical professionals and others looking to assist with the covid-19 vaccination response.

"georgia responds" matches the skills and credentials of medical and nonmedical volunteers to help with vaccine distribution.

Licensed medical volunteers like doctors, nurses, and advanced e- m-s personnel may be used to administer vaccines.

Nonmedical volunteers can play administrative roles like registering folks for vaccinations and data input.

To volunteer, visit the "georgia responds" page on the department of public health website and click on the "register now" box.

The number of active covid-19 cases has dropped in bradley county.

They are now at 1-thousand 111, which is down 2 from saturday's total.

That number has remained fairly steady for several weeks.

Since last march there have been over 10-thousand total cases with over 95-hundred recoveries.

90 people from bradley county have died from covid-19.

We'll have to wait a while longer for this year's national cornbread fesitval in south pittsburg.

It was originally scheduled for the end of april, but the pandemic is pushing it back.

No official word yet how long it will be postponed.

Organizers are closely monitoring the situation.

Until then, they urge you to keep dreaming of all things cornbread.

Social media giant, twitter, has caused controversy after banning president trump and several of his allies from the platform.

The site says their tweets were inciting violence.

The washington post reports that online misinformation fell 73 percent, after the president's ban from twitter and other social media sites, citing data from research firm zignal labs.

Some chattanoogans say the move was justified to prevent more violence.

"when speech becomes dangerous, we have to do something about it.

You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, as commonly said.

So i think it is within their rights, if they deem it to be dangerous speech."

Georgia representative marjorie taylor green's twitter account has been unlocked following a 12-hour ban.

She is now slamming the social media outlet for what she says are unfair practices in regulating speech.

Chattanooga provided the community a chance to honor doctor martin luther king junior despite covid-19.

Offices of multicultural affaits from chattanooga and u-t-c held their annual martin luther king jr. day of service, virtually.

The berke administration launched the event in 2014 to encourage residents to come together and work on community-centric projects.

Day of service looks and feels quite a bit different than previous years.

Ordinarily right now i'll be out with you in the chilly weather, cleaning up an empty lot, doing repairs to a childcare center, feeding members of our community who are experiencing homelessness, or doing an art project to beautify one of our neighborhoods.

Projects have included clean up at the historic beck knob cemetery, and painting local childcare centers.

Now for a check on the forecast.

Ne forecast for the day sunshine today.

Not by a longshot case to be basically a cloudy day.

A fe folks may pick up a sprinkle otherwise will stay dry until thursday.

Here's the way it shakes up this morning cloud cover just about rolling over the entire ... volunteer state are seeing some of this now dipping down into parts of the mississippi valley area and north alabama.

You're starting to see an increase in the cloud cover north georgia.

Your time is coming.

340 right now and dalton blue ridge of 37 it's cold.

29 of both murphy an somerville open ray kelly are looking 30 or earlier this morning.

Body goals and ... good 440 ... you dropped a little bit asking here on south broad street righ now ... cloudy and 39 humidity of 65% which are called 30.724 on the barometer high-pressure, keeping a lot of this cloud cover, mainly from tennessee northward, but mrs. front approaches were going to see the instability picking up and temperatures today will be ramping up will probably get about 53 to 55 today.

Early morning on wednesday will start off into the mid-30s tomorrow afternoon backup 50 to 53.

Not a bad day at all.

In fact, tomorrow ... we should be back under full sunshine, then tomorrow night, clouds will start to increase and were going to be looking at some rainfall developing on thursday the amount so this kind of tenuous is right now ... you might see a quarter to a half edition.

Some of the heavier areas and if you live to the south of the metro chattanooga area.

Your rain will last a little bit longer and friday weekend looks good, but monday of next week.

A huge batch of moisture is going to b rolling in from the south west.

That won't stick around too long.

We could see some pretty ... decent rainfall amounts out of ... will let you know more as we get closer to that particular time and then heading into next week ... .

It also looks wet ... as well, so keep the regular handing even though you will probably won't need it today, you definitely will on thursday.

More on that seven-day forecast ... 55 today, 53, tomorrow, thursda and friday were still going to be up to the mid-50s, a little bit cooler with weekend as mel ... does look ... good.

21 minutes away from sex when we come back hustling tigers.

Our high brand-new sport better teaching students skills that will last them a lifetime morning.

Your news now."

When it comes to uniquely american sports, nothing has been around longer than lacrosse.

When played right, it builds teamwork, toughness and it's great exercise.

We take the field with the howard hustin' tigers in what's right with our schools.

Ricky: today we are actually doing a second part to fall ball training, which is the on field experience.

Natural sound: ball is down ricky: what we like to do is take them into the classroom first and we give them an opportunity to see terminology on paper.

Then we like to apply what we have learned on paper to the field.

Natural sound: you had a ball in your pocket.

Christina: one of the biggest things especially when we practice, no matter what team i have been on practice is always the biggest thing that pulls you ahead of everybody else.

So i think it's important to practice.

The more you get out here the more experience you're going to have.

Natural sound: don't just aimlessly throw at the wall.

Pick a singular brick and try to hit that brick over and over again.

Ricky: a lot of times you can see it right off.

A lot of times they may get that lucky first shot.

Natural sound: oh!

Good shot!

Ricky: and then a couple more in, and you see we still have some fine tuning to do.

This is the first season ever that they will be playing.

And so it was important that we got started early so we could recruit enough that would play.

Christina: at first i didn't know what lacrosse was in the sixth grade.

But my sister played goalie and i thought i would try it out.

So i started off as defense.

Then she had an injury and so since i was the sister i volunteered to hop in since no one else wanted to.

Natural sound: anybody around that does something good or maybe they pick up a ground ball, or they make a pass or they score a goal you go like this ricky: we are still looking for funding to buy some more equipment.

And so what i have to do is make sure that the drills that we do are safe enough for us to be doing them without putting them in harms way.

Now we have gotten to the nitty- gritty though because now we need the equipment to play.

And so if you go to donors choose that is there city.

And again call in the school ask for dean jones ricky jones that right there will put me in direct contact with who you are.

And how you can best benefit us and see how we can benefit you as well.

Because i'm sure within your support you are going to want to come and see what you support it.

Natural sound: life on 3123 let's play!

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

Coming up, it's time to get all your frustrations out.

Chip's gonna tell you about a new hotline to help you get rid of your anger in our top 5 at 5.

And now... your time saver morning and you are in receipt ready to head in the morning.

The trouble is in or out of downtown as well.

The natural knoxville birmingham or atlanta expected average travel time and speed limit conditions nor was 324 over planning to return to college on outside because they can help you achieve the goal tuition free, but the chattanooga state that you flashed again reconnect fro the mermaid mattress traffic ctr., matt fields or knees.

12 now this t five morningtoday's the day to put yt up, throw on a movie, and enjoy a nice big bowl of popcorn.

Because today is national pop corn day.

January 19th celebrates all of the different ways the corn- based treat can be enjoyed.

Savory or sweet... caramelized... buttered or plain.

According to 'the popcorn board' popcorn has been around as early as the 16th century.

They say americans consume 13 billion quarts of popcorn a year.

=== if you've been screaming on the inside for the last few months... now you can do it out loud -- for all the world to hear!


"just scream!"

Is a hotline tha lets you scream into your phone.

You call the number -- scream as loud as you want, for as long as you want -- and then hang up.

Your call is recorded -- and saved on the just scream!


Elementary school teacher chris gollmar created the project to help people reduce their stress.

The hotline was launched just before election day... gollmar says since then... he's gotten more than 70-thousand phone calls.

If you want to participate, act fast.

The hotline will stop accepting calls on thursday.

=== a man in hong kong just set a record for being the first person to scale a skyscraper in a wheelchair.

The climber started saturday morning and climbed for more than 10 hours to reach a height of 820 feet.

He used a pulley system to pull himself up.

After the 10 hours, he realised he didn't have enough strength to reach the top and stopped.

The event marked the 10th anniversary of the road accent that left the man paralyzed from the waist down.

However, he was able to raise 671-thousand dollars for spinal cord patients through the event.

=== it's normal to be nervous about covid-19-- but one guy's reaction is decidedly not normal.

You see-- this is where he's been living for the past three months -- chicago o'hare international airport.

Aditya singh arrived from los angeles in mid october and told authorities he too afraid to fly back to l-a because of covid-19.

So the 36-year-old decided to stay at the airport-- inside the security zone-- until he was caught saturday.

He's charged with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and theft.

=== we want to wish dolly parton a happy birthday.

The grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist turns 75 today.

Ruby sunshine currently has a special menu honoring dolly.

Last year, dolly admitted that there was one thing she wanted to do celebrate the milestone birthday.

She said the she would like to be on the cover of a playboy magazine again.

Dolly was on the cover of the magazine back in october 19-78.

She said she would only model for them again "if it was in good taste."

Coming up next hour, an internal investigation causes rocky top to crumble.

But first, if you're on the fence about buying a house, we're going to tell you why right now is the perfect time to go all in.

Stay with us, we'll have your consumer news after the break.

As we head to the break... here's a live look from our morning.

Your news now."

Mortgage rates in the u-s are kicking off 2021 by setting new records.

The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage dropped to 2-point-65 percent.

According to freddie mac-- that's the lowest in the nearly 50 years the mortgage giant has been publishing the survey.

The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage also dropped to 2- point-16 percent.

Real estate investors say now may be the best time to buy a home or re-finance.

Do you ever have a need for caffeine but can't decide between a coffee or a soda?

Well, now you don't have to choose.... ...because coke is out with a new drink that solves that problem -- coca-cola with coffee.

It's a pretty simple mix -- the classic soda that you've known for years -- plus brazilian coffee.

The beverage is available in three flavors: dark, vanilla, and caramel.

It comes in 12 ounce cans with -- 69 milligrams of caffeine per can.

In this morning's consumer news, lisa robertson has a key chain that could save your life.

Check it out.

Ahea and give you a lot of peace of mind, very personal security alarm and his teachings in color so that i know the colors at that point, it comes in the past.

Teaching keychain terry you and now your daughter or your niece is going out to college scanned with her class if you like to go running.

If you like to go hiking if you're going to your car in the parkin lot in the evening in town this weekend.

This is 130 db alarm and a flashing strobe light.

Now i'm going to pull this going to be loud but that's what this is really really loud okay i start ... no one is going to miss this is peace of mind for you and the people that you love.

This is one of the things that goes wit you everywhere, getting keep on your car.

Keep on your keychain.

Think about getting when your mom and your needs.

Think of reckoning when your daughter and your son is cost campus accelerates going back and fort along the cart.

He likes to run.

This is a personal safety alarm that everyone can use.

I love it comes in five colors, although again i now that's not the point.

I do love you can get it for 20% off right now and local

It's a crazy crazy time we could all use a longer

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