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Saturday, February 27, 2021


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Rescued from grundy county.

And, since the recent washington riots, social media sites, like twitter, continue to ban some accounts over controversial posts.

But is it right for tech companies to do this?

We'll hear from some tennessee valley residents on the issue.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening, i'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Investigators are working a heartbreaking animal hoarding case in grundy county.

They came across hundreds of dogs in horrific conditions.

We want to want you that some of these images may be graphic.

Several organizaions including the sheriff's office have removed more than 200 dogs from the property.

Many of the dogs were said to be neglected, pregnant and received no medical care before being rescued.

Because of legal issues, it took years for organizations to rescue these animals.

Sadly cases like this happend more often than you think, "i think it's fairly common all across the state and actually in the south in general.

I know for grundy county specifically we do not have animal control or a shelter.

Dogs of borrowed time is the only rescue based in grundy and were a very small one.

So there's only so much we can do in cases like this where it's a massive amount of dogs."

The dogs are being transferred to shelters across the country where they are receiving medical care.

A man is fighting for his life, after being shot last night.

Chattanooga police say he was found on 6th avenue, but the shooting actually happened on clio avenue.

The 27 year old victim was taken to a local hospital.

If you have any information about this shooting, contact chattanooga police.

Security is incredibly tight throughout washington, two days before president-elect joe biden's inauguration.

A false alarm over a fire near the capitol triggered a brief lockdown this morning as tensions remain high.

Inauguration rehearsal even had to be evacuated.

Law enforcement and national guard troops from states across the country are still arriving at the nation's capitol, ahead of the inauguration.

President-elect biden will take the oath of office, outside on the west front, despite the continued security threats in the wake of this month's attack on the capitol.

The national guard says if there's any indication of extremist views, it would be handed over to law enforcement or handled within the chain of command.

"this is a very important day in american history and we have an obligation that it is as safe as possible for everybody.

Not only in dc across the united states as well."

More than 20 current or former members of the u-s military or law enforcement have been identified as being at or near the riot on january 6th.

Social media giant, twitter, has caused controversy after it's decision to ban president trump and several of his allies from the platform after alleging that his tweets were inciting violence.

News 12's kenan scott spoke with chattanoogans on how they feel regarding twitter's speech polices.

Social media censorship has become a hot button issue since twitter and other outlets like facebook and snapchat decided to ban president trump in the wake of the capitol hill riot.

I spoke with chattanooga locals about their thoughts on the issue, and whether they believed that it was a violation of free speech.

"you have a freedom to lie, really.

But when that speech becomes dangerous that's when it's actually illegal."

In the wake of social media giant twitter banning accounts ranging from president trump to representative marjorie taylor greene, an ensuing debate has erupted over whether these actions constitute as censorship.

The washington post reports that online misinformation fell by a whopping 73 percent following the president being banned from twitter and other social media sites, citing data from research firm zignal labs.

Some say that the move was justified to curtail further violence.

"when speech becomes dangerous, we have to do something about it.

You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, as commonly said.

So i think it is within their rights, if they deem it to be dangerous speech."

Locals that i spoke with were divided regarding twitter's move to ban certain accounts, like president trump's, from their platform.

While some said that it was within their rights as a private company to do so, others said that they should be held to a different standard as a place of public discourse.

"the thing is, everybody's always arguing how they're a private company they can do what they want.

But the only people saying that are the people that agree with the policies that twitter is doing.

If you're going to classify yourself as a private company, then you should start saying that, 'okay, here's what we want on our platform, here's what we don't want.'

But if you're advertising like, 'oh you can post your thoughts here, you can say whatever you want', and then you go back on that, i think they should be held accountable to that."

This local man argued that the rules of twitter were unfairly biased against conservative voices.

"we can say what we want, right?

On the left, we can say what we want.

But you can't say what you want because we don't like it, basically."

And while representative green's twitter account has been unlocked following a twelve-hour ban, she is now slamming the social media outlet for what she says are unfair practices in regulating speech.

Reporting live in chattanooga, kenan scott news 12 now.

People in cleveland, tennessee are remembering doctor martin luther king junior today, by holding their second annual m-l-k march.

Event leaders are proud of the unity displayed during the march, especially considering the adversity the country has faced over the past year with covid-19 and political division.

A diverse group of people marched, including students, seniors, and people of different races and socio economic backgrounds.

Organizers say with doctor king's courage and leadership, events like it would not be possible.

Since i've been here in bradley county, i've watched us establish and acknowledge this day as a local holiday, especially for our local school districts.

Once upon a time we didn't honor that or recognize that and that's within my lifetime.

So i can say that's one of the major accomplishments, just getting the community to accept and respect this holiday.

There are plans to contiue the m-l-k march each year in bradley county.

Chattanooga residents are also honoring m-l-k today, but virtually this year because of the coronavirus.

The offices of multicultural affairs from chattanooga and u-t-c hosted the day of service.

The berke administration launched the event in 20-14 to encourage residents to come together and work on community-centric projects.

Day of service looks and feels quite a bit different than previous years.

Ordinarily right now i'll be out with you in the chilly weather, cleaning up an empty lot, doing repairs to a childcare center, feeding members of our community who are experiencing homelessness, or doing an art project to beautify one of our neighborhoods.

Projects have included clean up at the historic beck knob cemetery, painting and cleaning of local childcare centers, and more.

Chattanooga man chris ramsey is being remembered as community champion.

Ramsey recently died after contracting covid.

He was a big part in the minority health fair.

Over the summer, he was giving covid testing for minority communities.

Friends of ramsey say he was a mentor, leader and had been a great athlete.

John p.

Franklin funeral home is handing funeral arrangements.

One of the effects of covid-19 is a covid version of pneumonia.

Researchers say this version is more deadly than typical pneumonia.

Experts say it spreads like"wildfire" throughout the lungs.

Covid pneumonia is viral, not bacterial, so antibiotics don't help.

Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus or operations and produce more virus with your own cells.

It's very hard to eliminate that or attack your own selves when they've already been taken over."

As cases of covid-19 surge, hospitals across the country are at a breaking point.

Now the american red cross says one treatment that could help the sickest patients is in short supply - convalescent plasma.

Elise preston has more on the critical shortage of a potentially life-saving therapy, in tonight's health watch.

Georgia urgent care nurse amanda solt has worked tirelessly through the pandemic.

This past summer- the frontline hero became a patient, battling the coronavirus..

I've heard patients talk about it, and i didnt understand it until i experienced it... you have an overwhelming sense of doom.

Struggling to breathe, amanda was hospitalized, and declining fast.

She says she doesnt remember much... but this snapshot taken by her nurse.

She says we are going to take a selfie bc we are going to remember this moment bc this moment is going to save your life and it did amanda received convalescent plasma from a person who recovered from covid.

The antibodies from the plasma can help boost a patient's immune system.

This is a disease that has still very few therapeutics dr pampee young... with the american red cross says as cases surge nationwide, there's now a dire shortage of convalescent plasma .

We just simply can't keep up, so we need as many as our recovered covid 19 patients as possible to roll up their sleeves and donate that's what amanda is doing... she's back to work... recently donated plasma... and is telling her patients to do the same.

Elise- the person that donated that plasma.

And then the nurses.

Can you put into words what they mean to you?

Amanda- how do you say thank you to that the grandmother is grateful she's alive and able to help someone else in need.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

You still have time to get some more lottery tickets.

No one won the powerball jackpot after saturday's drawing, sending the top prize to about 850-million dollars.

The mega millions jackpot is also climbing sky-high, and is now at 850 million dollars.

The next megamillions drawing is tomorrow.

The next powerball drawing is set for wednesday.

Time now to meet news 12's pet of the week, annoria!

And she could be yours if you'd like to adopt her from the humane educational society of chattanooga.

This nearly two-year-old girl is one of the sweetest, most lovable, and outgoing cats you'll meet.

Walk up to her kennel and annoria will meow, purr, and roll over for attention and pets.

She's an expert biscuit maker, kneading her little paws whenever she is happy.

If annoria sounds like she's a good fit for your family, contact the humane educational society.

All dogs and cats there are up to date on vaccinations.

==== let's head over to chief meteorologist patrick core cold will detail that later on but stay with us ... more prime is a seven is coming with a first look at your forecast.

"prime news at 7 continues now."

Phil spector has died in prison of natural causes.

The famed record producer was convicted of second-degree murder in 2009 and sentenced to 19 years to life in prison for the fatal shooting of actress lana clarkson.

Spector was known for his "wall of sound" recording style.

He produced songs by the beatles, the ronettes, and the ramones, among others.

He was 80.

Tennessee-native justin timberlake and his wife, actress jessica biel, have a new addition to their family.

The 39-year-old singer-actor confirms biel gave birth to a son they named phineas.

Timberlake made the announcement during a virtual appearance on the ellen degeneres' show today.

The couple, who were married in 20-12 also have a five-year-old son.

Timberlake also joked that there's little sleep in the household but that everyone is "thrilled."

You're running out of time to nominate your favorite tennessee valley businesses, in news 12's viewer's choice awards.

On our website wdef dot com, you'll find 7 different categories for nominations.

You can nominate one business per category now through this saturday, january 23rd.

Then voting starts february 22nd.

Again, make sure to go to wdef dot com to nominate your favorite businesses here in the tennessee valley.

Coming up next on prime news at seven... in this week's tech byte, we look at some cool tech from this year's consumer electronics show, that you can use at home but's patrick with another look at your forecast.

I guess as a matter of opinion bailey thing in air cam looking pretty good down south broad street as the traffic moving pretty quickly as no problems out there right now were at 45 realty committee of 46% not muc of a breeze blowing it was a little breezy earlier of the pressure now start to fall off 30.14 inches of mercury tight radar dry and that's good news as were still pretty damp out there as temperatures continue to fall off here's what our local future cast notice will drop into the lower 30s then some clouds of lashawn and that may actually calls temperatures arise a couple degrees a mornin submit 30s we wake up at all to work and school couples flashin hours heading from northwest to southeast not a washout but will occur mainly into the afternoon hours so clouds will they can as we head into your tuesday after start of 36 as we head into your tuesday after start of 3650 to 52 by quit and time as we had the break or what a beautiful shot this was sent in by brandon johnson a beautiful sunset off the top of a chair hollow sky way over in the smoky noticeable snow over the or just shot with a sunset thanks brandon percent identify hullco weather window nightly time is evan also news 12 in th "you're watching prime news at 7.

Your news now."

This year's consumer electronics show may have been virtual because of the pandemic, but the tech didn't disappoint.

Let's look at some high tech gadgets featured at ces you'll want to have at home.

I'm emily cassulo, and this is tech byte.

We're spending a lot more time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So why not use tech to help you out around the house?

No one likes doing chores, so make a robot take care of them for you.

Samsung's bot handy 6 is great at cleaning up.

It can load your dishwasher, pour you a drink, and even do your laundry!

Samsung's bot care 5 can also act as your personal assistant, while you're working from home.

It uses artificial intelligence to respond to your behavior.

It can learn your schedule and habits, and send you reminders while you're busy getting things done.

You don't have to worry about forgetting something important anymore!

Whether you're working or cleaning, it's important to have the right glasses on to get things done.

The voy tunable glasses - an honoree for wearable tech at the consumer electronics show - keep you from having to buy multiple pairs of glasses for reading or distance.

You can just use this one pair to adjust the range from -5 to +2.

All you have to do is turn the dials on the glasses to be able to see clearly.

When you're all done cleaning, and working at your home office, you need to make some time to relax.

If you want a drink or a treat, the coldsnap can quickly make one for you.

It's like a keurig, but instead of making coffee, it makes ice cream and frozen drinks.


With a bowl or ice cream or drink in your hand, as you're winding down for the day, use the lg transparent tv to watch a movie, or check your social media in bed.

Like the name, you can see right through it if it's on or off.

This same tech can even be used outside of the home, like as a menu to help you order at a restaurant.

It takes the term "touch screen" to a whole new level.

If you want to see more gadgets like this, there's already a date for ces 2022.

It's slated for january 5 through 8 in las vegas.

I'm emily cassulo, and that's this week's tech byte.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant as we take a look at our curren surface map high-pressure on near ... josi troy alabama near a ozark as well given some pretty nice weather and see her next file system to the north and northwest producing just a few showers across parts of missouri to show me state but for us everything pretty quietly for your nighttime hours and se if you like night allows to richard by morning lower to middle 30s we maximize a couple of degrees is a win will pick u out the now theories in the clouds getting up couples body showers may push on through but not expecting a whole lot as we head into your early on wednesday morning expect loza fall back into the lower middle 30s and wednesdays looking like a good day with lots of fun john high temperatures may be closer to 50 but tomorrow are a lot of splashing our but not a dad day for you be doing out door activities about 52 for your high as we head into your wednesday day after a cool start look for a nice day 50-ish as temperatures will be a little closer to normal have lots of sunshine but after that looks like her and be unsettled as we head into your thursday and then i will detail more on that and that extended forecast is coming up ... day as we had the next couple weeks it looks like winter is going to relax a little bit wha i mean by that is we been prett chilly over last two or three weeks for the first part of january storm track is been pretty close to his work we see a few winter scares and surmounts nose look like a stor track me actually left a little bit and that will allow temperatures to modify so we'll see how that works out that in the near term is a view from le .153 as a areawide were in pretty good shape no problems out there take a look at the airport and brainerd hopkins plot sometimes as a everything pretty quiet right now our language long-range forecast shows clouds with some showers likely for the thursday benefit will rate for roddy right now the weekend looking better to it to be a dry and cool but not cold as we'll see some sunshine next week though could be quite unsettled as we head into monda and maybe tuesday of next week so we go and look at our extended future cast notices temperatures chilly but actually a little bit above normal is normally we should be 50 and 31 will be in the lower 30s as we head into your thursday morning but then clausen sweep on it with a few scattered showers pushing in from the south and west looks like the majority of lot of this rain may state to our south so you're heading down the birmingham were toward land it looks like the weather could be a bit wetter even through friday notice were just can be on the northern edge of that as that looks like most of that act he will stay to our south a weekend looking pretty good in the next week i looking a bit more on settled areas of rain will back in from the west and noticed when i was speaking about the storm track we've had some close calls with that rain snow line pretty pretty close to us notice how far to the north it has moved into the ohio valley that will be the case as we had in the next week as well so here's a look at our storm team 12 seven-day forecast temperatures in the lower 50s that not bad but i would like will have to deal with some areas of rain maybe thursday an the beginning of next week but

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