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Thursday, March 4, 2021


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January 25th Sports 10 p.m.

- i'm grace boyles... in tonight- for jeff haeger.- the super bowl 55 match-up is - set.

Lots of history making - on the line this year... as - 6-time super bowl champ tom - brady - and the buccaneers take on- defending super bowl- champs...quarterback patrick- mahomes and the chiefs in just- two weeks.- in the n-f-c... tampa bay held- on to beat green bay, 31-26.- the bucs will be the first team- in n-f-l history to play in the- super - bowl in their home stadium.

- brady will become the oldest- player to play in the title - game, as he seeks his seventh - lombardi trophy - in his 10th super bowl- appearance.

- should he win, brady would join- peyton manning as one of two- quarterbacks in n-f-l history t- win the big game with two - different teams.- in the a-f-c, kansas city - cruised to a 38-24 win over - buffalo - to reach their second straight- super bowl.

- the chiefs will look to be the- eighth team to win back-to-back- lombardi trophies.... the last- being-- fittingly-- tom - brady and the patriots in 2003- and 2004.

- it's old versus new... goat - versus rising star... lots of - storylines heading up to kickof- and the two star- quarterbacks know it too.

- - tom brady, buccaneers - quarterback: "people work reall- hard over the course of a perio- of time to get to this- point.

It's a tough journey to- get here, so to go on the road- and win another road- - - - playoff game is just a great- achievement.

Now, a home super- bowl for the first time - in nfl history, i think, puts a- lot of cool things in - - - perspective.

Any time you're th- first time doing something, it'- usually a pretty good thing.

No- we've just got to - go have a great two weeks,- prepare for whoever it is and b- ready to go."

- patrick mahomes, chiefs - quarterback:- "job's not finished.

When we- went into the season, we weren'- talking about - going to the super bowl.

We wer- talking about winning it again.- and we're trying to run - it back and we mean that and i'- excited for the opportunity to- go out there and play - against a great football team - and try to do that."- super bowl 55 is set for sunday- february 7th at raymond james - stadium in tampa.

- - the first round of class 6-a- soccer playoffs begin tomorrow,- with plenty of represenation- from here on the coast, - including - both gulfport's girls and boys- teams.- these two programs are no - strangers to the post-season- with the lady admirals looking- for back-to-back state- championships... and the boys - trying to get back to the - championship game after getting- knocked out in the- second round last year on their- way to a possible state - title 3-peat.

- with a 15-2-and-1 record... the- boys clinched region 8 for the- fourth straight year after- beating harrison central twice- and hancock in the spand of fou- days to cap off the regular - season.

- the admirals two losses came- from st.

Paul's out of louisian- and the defending 6-a champs, - ocean springs.- although the admirals' season - saw interruptions - due to covid, causing several - schedule adjustments... - boys head coach patrick - wadsworth says his team is read- for the post season.- - "i think all coaches want to se- their - players and their teams firing- on all cylinders, playing their- best soccer right - before they go into playoffs.

- it's pretty much business and - - - - polishing some things.

We do go- back and-- you know we do have- to run through some basics to - make sure - we're covering everything,- dotting our i's and crossing ou- t's because any team- can take advantage of a - mistake."

- - - the admirals host george county- tomorrow at 7 - p-m at milner stadium in the- first round of class 6-a- playoffs.

- - although the lady admirals only- loss three seniors from - their 20-20 championship team,- head coach chris pryor says - it's a new team and this team - hasn't won a state title.

- while it may be a new team... - gulfport is still led by its- junior- all-america...forwar d... and - ole miss commit, kate - smith... helping the lady - admirals to another sweep - of their region 8 opponents.- last season, gulfport rolled to- the class 6-a state title with- an undefeated record.

This- season... the lady admirals - are beginning their playoff run- with a mark on their- record... a loss to unbeatened- ocean springs.- - "if anything, it just makes us- understand- that at any given time anybody- can lose a soccer game.

We're - not undfeated.

We - weren't trying to be at this- point.

As a matter of fact, i - wanted to make sure we got as - much competition as possible- because we need to know what it- feels like to have- adversity.

And i was really - proud of the girls.

We platyed- some really top-notch - teams this year and i think tha- we are really ready for the - playoffs."

/ "last year's team- won a state title.

This year's- team hasn't won anything, but - the right to go to the- playoffs."- the lady admirals kickoff - against george county in the- first round of playoffs...- tomorrow before the boys' - game at milner stadium, at 5:30- - - - - today's w-x-x-v play of the day- goes to ocean springs alum- sarah edwards who earned a- career high 9.925 on her floor- routine friday... helping l-s-u- to a win over georgia.

The- cherry on top--- the tigers - moved from number 5 to number 2- nationally overall with the win- i have a real appreciation for- - - - floor because...- - - - - -


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