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Friday, April 16, 2021

Two masks or a tight-fit one reduces virus spread: CDC

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Two masks or a tight-fit one reduces virus spread: CDC
Two masks or a tight-fit one reduces virus spread: CDC

[NFA] The CDC said on Wednesday that wearing a surgical mask snugly on the face or wearing two masks - a cloth mask over a surgical mask - is likely to significantly reduce a person's exposure to the coronavirus.

Colette Luke has more.

The CDC released new guidance Wednesday on mask wearing, telling Americans two masks are better than one and if you only wear one, make sure it has a tight fit.

Researchers at the CDC in January conducted experiments to see how well wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask, and knotting the ear loops of a surgical mask and then tucking the excess material close to the face, protects against COVID-19.

They found that both these methods helped reduce the exposure to potentially infected aerosols by more than 90% in laboratory simulations.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky: “New data released from CDC today underscore the importance of wearing a mask correctly and making sure it fits closely and snuggly over your nose and mouth.” Nationwide, the daily tallies of new cases and hospitalizations from COVID-19 have been dropping steadily in recent weeks.

But public health experts fear that gatherings for Super Bowl celebrations on Sunday, as well as the arrival of new, highly contagious variants of the virus may lead to another surge in cases before most are vaccinated, telling Americans to continue to rely on masks and two if possible as the first line of defense.


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