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Saturday, June 25, 2022


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Morning - tennessee works to completely abolish slavery once and for all.

The proposed changes to the state consitution are coming up.

A man is behind bars in atlanta after killing 8 people at 3 different massage parlors.

We'll have the latest straight ahead.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

8 people, many believed to be asian were killed after a man chip chapman now a lot of fo outside this morning from the city heading off towards the east 1 mile or less visibility in calhoun and rome lafayette right at the one-mile mark dalton just a little bit better get the idea.

Were you using th faults.

Actually a very good lazy day to stay whether aware, especially the further to the west.

You are of the city itself.

Now, while there's not a lot going on this morning.

Trust me through the afternoon into the evening and overnight tonight.

We see some strong, possibly severe storms are capable of producing high winds he'll and yes, a few tornadoes are possible out of this.

There's a set up will see some of the showers and storms popping off between now and 12 five to 7 o'clock tonight.

The storms cluster a little bit closer together and this is going to create an enhanced ris for strong to severe weather overnight tonight.

This is goin to continue and it'll be dwindling off by the time we ge together this time tomorrow morning, but still we are going to be looking at a few lingerin showers back towards the plateaus.

We headed to tomorrow.

We'll talk more about that coming up after a look at this morning's top story and consent for non-update people many believed to be asian retail after man opened fire and sign several massage parlors.

Any atlanta area police already had a 21-year-old man in custody an investigators are looking into if it was a racially motivated ... pbs's only rock nationn fire tuesday evening.

"suspect was identified as robert aaron long, 21 years old / he is currently in custody."

The cherokee county sheriff's office believes robert aaron long shot five people, killing four, at youngs asian massage parlor in acworth, georgia.

"completely devastated" this woman's uncle is the sole gunshot survivor.

"we never know when we're at the wrong place at the wrong was all of sudden.

So many things racing my head."

30 miles south, atlanta police say it is extremely likely that long is also the suspect that then killed four more people at two other spas.

"we just heard numerous gunshots coming from across the street" long was taken into custody after a manhunt that ended 150 miles south of atlanta.

"georgia state patrol troopers performed a pit maneuver which caused the vehicle to spin out of control."

Six of the eight dead are asian.investigators have not said if the attacks were racially motivated.

"nothing is going to be ruled out.

We're conducting a multiple homicide investigation.

Wherever the evidence leads us, that's where the investigators will go."

The advocacy group "stop asian-american-pacific-isla... hate" has recorded more than three-thousand incidents directed at asian-americans since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news.

In north georgia - the walker county sheriff's office needs your help to catch a thief.

The man in this picture is suspected of stealing a catalytic converter off of a vehicle on johnson road in chickamauga.

The crime happened sunday.

If you recognize him, contact detective zach simpson with the walker county sheriff's office.

Bradley county deputies arrest a delano, tennessee man for several burglaries and thefts.

Matthew baumgartner is accused of stealing a commercial lawnmower worth more than 10-thousand dollars from sunset memorial gardens among other things.

He's been booked into the bradley county on 4 counts of theft and 3 counts of burglary.

In election news - catoosa county retains it's esplost with nearly 80 percent voting for it.

Over 4 percent of registered voters casted a ballot.

The esplost is a one penny sales tax that goes only to schools.

"the revenues are expected to be right at 40 million dollars which is the projection for this particular esplost which is esplost 6.

It's significant tax for the school system."

The esplost lasts five years.

Both dade and walker counties also voted in favor of their esplost.

In whitfield county - shane day and john thomas are heading to a runoff for the district 3 commission seat.

There were 5 candidates vying for the seat.

Day narrowly edged out thomas.

Only beating him by 27 votes.

The runoff will be held on april 13th.

Tennessee is one step closing to completely abolishing slavery.

Right now the tennessee constitution states "slavery and involuntary servitude except as a punisment for crime are forever prohibited in this state."

A state senator from memphis sponsored a bill to prohibit slavery under all circumstances.

The bill passed the senate with all but 4 republican senators voting against it on monday.

It will now go to the house of representatives.

If it passes, voters will have to approve it in the november 2022 election.

In coronavirus news - stimulus checks will start being sent out this week, but some individuals may have to give their money to debt collectors.

Unlike the previous economist payments, debt collectors will be able to garnish more from this third round of stimulus payments.

Because this round is part of a budgetary agreement instead of a stand alone bill, third party debt collectors could seize your checks before it even hits your bank account.

"is shielded from federal debts altogether.

So student loans, bad taxes and child support is protected.

This one is supposed to come to the people.

But we are talking about overdraft fees, court orders or garnishments.

Those types of things.

If you have a garnishment for any kind of debts such as credit cards , court orders , any kind of local debts.

It's everything else besides child support , bad taxes, and student loans."

Officials say stimulus checks are supposed to be hitting residents' bank accounts this week.

In community news - march madness is here and the humane educational society has joined in on the fun by helping their animals get adopted.

The non profit organization has created a march madness themed profile for several of their available pets.

The profiles feature the animal's weight, age, personality and basketball team.

"especially during this difficult time that everybody is going through.

I wanted to make sure that our shelter and our animals can stay in the forefront of people's minds by doing something fun, cute and engaging.

The humane society is also hosting a st.

Patrick's day wheel of furtune where you can spin the wheel to get the chance to have your adoption fee waived or win a free pet id tag go to our website wdef dot com for more information.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

Your morning forecast sa later today actually tonight.

Shep morning good morning to uk your morning to you all across the tennessee valley today before you stay whether where starting right around lunchtime.

Here's what's going on this morning.

It was just not a whol lot popping up on the type make the radar.

Yet the boxes you se indicated in green.

These are some river flood warnings that have been put into effect.

You probably going to be looking at more of these being added as we have through the day today cloudy lumina drizzle early a lot of fog.

Why, just a couple of exceptions.

Take a look at what's happening back towards mississippi already see the pretty strong storms now taking shape of this is what's going t materialize here little bit later in the day downtown chattanooga right now at 540 and the 93%.

Palm would chattanooga's current reading o 54 like we have been most of th week, the third warmest out of all of the major trouble cities coast to coast only minimally warmer here this morning that w were is 24 hours ago.

Look at memphis good 150 warmer deficit part of the city valley area under the god.

There is a huge bull's-eye over the upper over the southeastern part of the united states memphis is just a little bit further east would b the center of the bull's-eyes forced the storm activity is concerned so you we are under a severe weather outlook even though for most of our area.

It's only marginal outlook you will have trouble very far west before you see become enhanced and moderate, and that high what you get into central and southern mississippi was nothing to play around with as we head into the afternoon will be looking us all the showers and storms popping up around lunchtime.

Maybe a brief interlude.

Remember to see the storms rolling through yet agai, especially in areas just to ourselves as we get into early morning tomorrow will still see a few of these lingering around temperatures remaining in the 60s and will be getting down into the mid-50s by 7 o'clock tomorrow night so again this is nothing to play around with victory dutch weather apps downloaded and your batteries in your storm team 12 weather aler radios 2 inches of rain possible in some areas dealt towards floyd county, georgia.

You coul see significantly more.

Same story in ellijay of the strange little pileup in a hurry getting into the weekend.

It's going to be okay.

Breezy friday breezy on saturday.

Little coolers well i did see a couple various reporting some frost early morning on saturday and we get in the first part of next week will enjoy several days of dry conditions before some more shower rolls through late next week downtown this afternoon.


As of this rain is going to be having a lot more about seve- stormy outlook today and tonigh will be looking at a cooler and drier we can head maybe a couple showers early morning friday.

The rest of seven-day forecast.

Looking nice and warm washing is 12 now, this morning you remember rosie the riveter rosie is making a comeback to the in consumer news - another member of president biden's cabinet has been confirmed by the senate.

-- and a famous world war two icon is being used to promote covid-19 vaccinations.

Diane king hall has those stories in this morning's moneywatch report.

Stocks were mixed on tuesday.

The dow fell 127 points.

The nasdaq gained 11.

The s&p500 lost 6.

Investors will be waiting to see what federal reserve chairman jerome powell has to say on the economy and interest rates following the conclusion of the central bank's two-day policy meeting.

Powell will likely discuss the impact of the one-point-nine trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill.

/ president biden's small business administrator was confirmed by the senate yesterday.

Isabel guzman was approved by an 81 to 17 vote.

She had been california's small business advocate.

Today mister biden's pick for u-s trade representative, katherine tai, is set to be confirmed.

/ rosie the riveter has a new messageget vaccinated.

The famous world war two campaign is being brought back by a handful of advertising and veteran groups to encourage americans to get their shots.

A cbs news poll found more than one-in-five americans say they won't get the coronavirus vaccine.

/ and that's your cbs moneywatch report.

For more head to cbs

At the cbs broadcast center, i'm diane king hall.

Coming up, chattanooga has become the new shipley-severe weather possible coming in later today.

We can change at the likely a little bit later on into the evening o the similar, after dark.

As far as the heavier storm or third.

Right now downtown.

We are looking at 540, 93% humidity of windsor hall on pretty big element, just depending upon your location, but a sickly from dayton all the way down the road.

Your visibility is drastic reduced picture.

Give yourself extra travel time and extra braking distance the morning the short term forecast for the next two or three hours other than some drizzle.

Stay mainly dry mid to late morning.

We are going to be looking at that changing the likelihood for some pretty heavy rainfall does develop as we get into the list say 10 to 11 o'clock out heading into the six and 7 o'clock hour later on tonight we are going to be looking at pockets of heavy rain.

Some of the storms again, especially from the city southward and back to the northwest are going to pack a significant punch or tornadoes possible out of this.

Yes, it's that, so then tomorrow morning will be looking at most of this well off towards the east.

Temperatures remaining in the 60s and getting into early morning or should i say late evening on thursday.

Still a few showers popular.

There are temperatures fairly mild will have more about seven-day from the epb fiberoptics weathe center.

From now through thursday.

We are going to be looking at the situation, critical to make sure you keep that in mind, write a couple showers possible early those will clear out quickly, 57, friday lower 60s on saturday.

Breezy for the weekend ahead, but nice and it is 17 minutes after 5 o'clock.

Next will have a visit to the gatorade sports ray, after letting the state wrestling term and the girls estate soccer tournament chattanooga reeled in the big one on tuesday that tito the last of malay state football championship games will be coming to finley stadium for th next two years tim morgan with a chattanooga sports committee help the scenic city beat out coble, who had hosted the gridiron gala for the last 12 years ... yeah baby morgan says the bid process got underway.

After getting a green light for finle stadium from the chattanooga ma 's eight-day estate is $253,000, with final games will chattanooga bitte 250 patina malaise aa border control voted 11 to 1 in favor of the scenic city or this project and most important, but it was a soundin board for morgan since marx many years as a coach and athletic director even though chattanooga is not centrally located in the state.

Clark didn't feel that would hurt the bid list finley stadium will be an upgrade of the older tucker stadium and coble's 20 years down the road place for an quality nominal.

Our position was to showcase ho close all the restaurants, hotels, attraction, and use our the overhaul the titans roster continues this off-season.

Two more veterans are getting released.

The team is informed and defensive back to dori jackson as well as offense of lineman dennis kelly.

They will not be brought back next year.

It's a salary-cap move.

Jackson was a former number one draft pick but he played in only three games last year due to injury kelly has played in 74 games of the last five seasons for tennessee and he started every game last year at right tackle with jackson's departure.

The times have now released three of their four starters in the secondary last season.

The chattanooga rebels learned toda that their home opener will be saturday, may 22 rebels wintertime fort lauderdale with visible, you get unlimited data for as little as $25 a month.

But when you bring a friend, you get a month for $5.

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Because i'm made to move.

More mattress for chrysler sleep and better life than i like to get going on is when they more.


We do so crystal and late for you to start scan the more we can resolve any highway maintenance and believe that is wrapped up early or that was suspended due to the weather do have the presence of fog.

At camera level this morning so increase the braking distance and allow for extra travel time through the fog thi morning.

The weather aware throughout the day today and we are okay right now in and out o downtown traffic of bronchiolitis on the estate.


We classes with help you stay focused and motivated.

Whether your fitting school int that busy life are catching up on a couple of class steady- state seven week class term can help you out and you can find awards at estate that you do you have field support needs.

1 now this morning and that of course looking for something real time saver tropicals throughout just clouds and fog little bit light drizzle here there right now as we get closer lunch time we are going to see that changing is the stew the showers and storms will be developing some of these will b on the strong side log again huge issue this morning dayton over to athens southward all th way towards rome.

It's going to be around lunchtime and later on tonight, heading into early morning thursday, we see the greatest risk for strong possibly severe weather, high winds, hail, tornadoes not out of the question on this, especially for southwestern most area you don't have a tornado plan in effect, do it now do it today.

I really take a quick break were back with more [music] in today's local business spotlight we're joined again by kim miller with tax collection relief services of course this business provides tax resolution services that you can trust so good morning kim thanks again for joining us thank you jess all right tell me a little bit more about tcr and what you specialize in we specialize in peace of mind for people that are in trouble with the irs we help them negotiate that perfect all right people sometimes may feel ashamed maybe a little bit embarrassed to be behind on their taxes what advice do you have for anyone who's in this situation don't feel ashamed they're not alone there are so many people that for for very various reasons get in trouble with the irs in fact celebrities who have a team of accountants helping them get in trouble with the irs in fact on our website we have uh stories of celebrities that are in trouble with the irs so people should not feel alone perfect all right i want to talk about maybe deadlines are there any deadlines for individuals who need help well there are deadlines but i don't want people to think they can't come and ask for help if they think those deadlines are passed because we can work with those deadlines and come up with a great resolution to their tax liability all right perfect is it ever too late can we ever be in too much trouble well you can but but we know how to help you and we want to take that burden from you so that you don't have to worry about it anymore and give you a plan so that you can um if we do if you do need to pay the irs it's the amount that you can live with and i want to talk about you know once we've worked with you guys you have helped us we are back on our feet in many ways but you still help us moving forward in the future years as well i do i do so we uh we don't want you to get back in the same problems that you were before now that you have a clean slate with the irs things are moving forward you no longer have to worry about them now let's make sure that your current and your filings moving forward okay so tell me what about these scary letters that people might be getting that are associated with your taxes but they're not coming from the irs oh those are so scary they look really real and we get lots of calls about that so you may be getting a letter from those 1-800 national tax firms that are so scary and they use scary letters they use scary words and they'll also promise things that they really can't deliver and they'll try to pressure you into making a decision that isn't in your best interest but we're local you can come see us we'll sit down with you in that free consultation we'll look at your entire situation and help plan what is best for your tax resolution and i want to talk a little bit about new businesses starting out is there help for new businesses who you know are brand new and we love having new businesses come see us because the worst thing is to get started on the wrong foot so when a new business comes in we help them organize in the best manner available to them especially as it relates to filing with the irs should they be a partnership should be their sole proprietorship whatever needs to be and then we also set them up so they know how to keep their books and also how to look for tax deductions that are best beneficial to them but also that consultation is free so we want to make sure you're on the right track perfect of course so and of course we talked about this earlier but it's businesses families individuals you're able to help everyone absolutely absolutely all right kim what's the best way for us to get started with you whether we're a business a family or an individual well anyone who comes to see us the first consultation is free so please call us or you can visit our website all right thanks i know we're going to talk to you again in the next month or so but that's it for today's local business spotlight [music] school district gets 40 million dollars from the latest releif package.

How they plan to use the funds is coming up.

A new non-profit grocery store is helping keep the brainerd area from becoming a food desert.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

And now... your time saver traffic report... and now... your time saver traffic report... the crisis at the southern your new fog.

The big element you like to deal with this morning's ability is drastically reduced from role up to calhoun ellijay all the way northward up through dayton and athens also back from winchester down through fort payne, but if you live in this area.

Allow yourself a lot of extra travel time breaking distance.

The storm clusters are to be given to form in northern mississippi are heading straight towards th north and east, and this is going to put them right on top of us intentionally.

As soon as lunchtime.

I think the greater risk for stronger too severe weather will occur later on tonight, heading into the predawn hours on thursday.

Temperature wise we are at 54 right now will see about 8 to 100 increase temperature wise leader on today.

Here's our set up between five and 7 o'clock chatsworth murray county, heading southward also back towards parts of marriott and grundy county's you need to loo out.

This is not anything to play around with reducing the heightened risk for severe storms, probably later on tonight listening from six or 7 o'clock through about three or 4 o'clock tomorrow morning will be heavy storming during that entire time frame but that's when overall, a large portion of the viewing area will be the greatest risk for high winds, hail, and to some extent, some tornadoes are distinctly possible.

We'll talk more about that part of the forecast comin up in just a moment right now with timesaver traffic that you cannot and you fall on the valley from the mattress mattress.

Her sleep and that her life and how we are okay and th traffic this morning and aggressiveness also notably know how a maintenance that means average travel times and speed limit conditions north south dirty seven minutes from lafayette commodit walker county 27 n.

No issues through rock springs, a model for the wrongfulness morning in the downtown of the weather aware throughout the day today that submits and you have those weather alerts turned on on you cell phone as well.

Try to avoi travel dear nicolet, whether traffic is broken by rodizio girl at hamilton place enjoys the mars classics with dinner a rodizio grill.

Hamilton place for od field days happened and through march 20.

Visit rodizio for details.

Field support needs.

12 now this morningthe crisis at the southen border is worsening, as sources tell cbs news that thousands more migrant children are now in us custody.

Naomi ruchim explains what's next for those children and how the president is reacting.

A historic number of migrants are illegally crossing into the u-s... with sources telling cbs news that 13-thousand children are now in us custody.

In an interview on abc news - president biden balked at the idea that his administration is to blame.

"biden: i heard the other day that they're coming because they know i'm a nice guy, and i won't do - question: they're saying this.

Biden: yeah.

Well here's the deal.

They're not."

The u-s is now on pace to stop more migrants crossing the border than in the last 20 years.

"question: do you have to say, quite clearly, don't come?

Biden: yes.

I can say quite clearly, don't come."

In dallas today - the convention center opens its doors to as many as 3-thousand teenage boys.

The site is meant to be used for temporary emergency intake... where the teens will be processed and released into either a shelter or long-term care.

) "our help will be really centered on getting volunteers, specifically spanish-speaking volunteers to help, to serve down at the convention center, to help keep the kids calm and nurtured, emotionally supported."

The dallas facility could remain open for three months... or longer... as cbs news has learned unaccompanied minors are now being held an average of 120 hours.

The longer they stay - the less space there is for new children coming in.

"children that are unaccompanied, they usually range from seven to 13.

The biden administration is now setting up additional facilities in texas and arizona to shelter these children.

Fema has also been directed to help.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news.

In washington, the house is expected to vote on two relatively small immigration bills this week... so far there is not enough support for a larger immigration plan.

Hamilton county schools are receiving more than 40 and a half million dollars from the latest covid relief package.

The district got nearly 11 million in the first wave of payments.

This latest payout will help elementary and secondary school emergency relief, also called esser.

School board members say nearly two million will be going to the county's charter schools, and an additional two million will go to indirect costs.

About 70 percent of the rest of the money will be split between learning loss, education technology, and learning acceleration.

No amount of money that we get will ever be able to make up for the lost education of the students.

We just can't do it.

They lost a year.

There's really not anything we're gonna be able to do about it we're going to just have to do the best that we can.

The proposal has been submitted to the state for approval.

The chattanooga fire department responded to a small fire at jared's jewelers tuesday night.

This happened at the location on gunbarrel road.

Crews could see smoke coming from the building when they got there.

They broke inside, put out the fire, then ventilated the store.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Lightning early tuesday morning caught some hixson homes on fire.

Around 6 a-m neighbors in the hampton woods subdivision called 9-1-1 reporting that lightning struck a gas line, tree, and a house.

Dallas bay fire crews were able to contain the blaze, but not before two homes were damaged.

"i go look out my window.

I see orange all over.

So i go look outside i see a giant column of fire here and i'm like 'what on earth happened?'

No injuries have been reported at this time.

The chattanooga fire department battled a camper fire in chattanooga.

It happened tuesday morning in the 39-hundred block of bowman lane.

When crews arrived they found a camper on fire.

Firefighters worked for some time to get the fire under control.

One woman suffered minor burns trying to get her dogs out of the burning camper.

2 dogs died in the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

In community news - a nonproft grocery store by the chattanooga sustainable food center is stepping up to address food insecurity in the brainerd area.

With the brainerd wal- mart closing many are worried the area will become a food desert.

With the launch of gaining ground groceries in 2019, executive director holly martin now partners with more than 20 local producers to provide nutritious food for those in need.

And while she says her project alone won't solve food insecurity, she hopes it'll be a start and that soon, it could even be replicated.

"our five hundred square foot grocery store won't solve food insecurity in chattanooga, but i think it's definitely a start and we're doing a lot of analytics on how our operations work and if it's something that can be replicated i think it could start to chip away at some of those issues and we're just trying to talk to a lot of people and make good partnerships and be good listeners."

Gaining grounds is hoping to extend it's store hours and expand it's food inventory each week.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

Your morning forecast satellite and radar imagery sh and we all need to be listening this morning and possible severe weather rolling in today chet i we are to see some stronger severe storms popping up, particularly further to the south was your city itself.

I will be happening until later o tonight.

This morning, dog will be the best year of their in a substantial amount of cloud cover.

We are going to see the clouds increasing the rainfall will be kicking in.

Probably no probably to indefinitely betwee now and lunchtime, at least for part of our due area right now on south broad street 540 humidity at 97% windsor call 30.02 on the barometer outside lately this morning like you can almost smell rain and the atmosphere on the way chattanooga continues to be the third warmest out of all the major porting cities everyone else pretty much well below normal.

Even though our temperatures are essentially flat.

Take a look at memphis a good 150 warmer were they were this time on tuesday.

This warmer air continuing to lift u from the south and west.

The warmer they are the more oyster it holds were to be looking at the outlook for possibly severe weather not too far away from u, especially if you travel down towards the same jackson county and points further to the south and west by lunchtime will see some rainfall thunderstorms getting into the tail end of th afternoon drive home.

Some of the storms are going to pack a pretty significant punch will see the showers and storms tapering off.

The closer you ge towards daybreak.

One, probably a few more showers popping up for tomorrow afternoon.

They will see some cooler air, working its way up from the north west tomorrow evening seven 8 o'clock nashville in the mid-40s we will be in the mid- 50s here the weekend itself.

It's going to be nice with the rainfall amounts were anticipating just between now and we'll see thursday afternoon into friday warning you could talk to to 3 inches of elegy rome and fort payne probably not quite that much year, but i think this three quarters of an inch, 7700's is little bit understated or the city so friday again, maybe some shower early and quick clearing and a pretty nice weekend overall reasoning we cooler but it will be dry and that'll be the first of a number of dry days back, most of next week until we get into next thursday does appear to be dry after we get through with the relative storms this world that seven 65 today lower 60s tonight 64 tomorrow cooler and drier for the weekend ahead.

But for now through the state early morning on thursday.

Please the weather aware you're watching is 12 now, this morning will have a look a a "young and restless" star takes on a role a million miles away from her sweet character on the cbs daytime drama and a two-hour special highlights the stories behind the songs that help propel social change.

Chris martinez has your eye on entertainment report.

Coming up, it's officially saint patty's day!

Chip's going to show us how one local restaurant is celebrating the holiday in our top 5 at 5.

Coming up, it's officially saint patty's day!

Chip's going to show us hair again like 80 for me in any outfits from the 50s i had no problems falling into the girl in the mist in the air saturday and sunday for lifetime as a horse in your house recently kicked out of school in detroit, 15-year-old cole is shocked to find his estranged father rehabilitates horses for inner-city black cowboys inside his philadelphia home in the film concrete cowboy agers, elbow stores as harp in the story based on real life event killed mclaughlin places son concrete cowboy streams on netflix.

April 2 and top artists perform and highlight the music that's inspired social justice and equality in the special a gramm salute to the sounds of change orders from across genres including laundry day red paisley lee porter and gladys knight all share their own stories along with performances, and host of the two hour specia a grammy salute to the sounds o change gears tonight on cbs that your own entertainment.

Chris martin of cbs news los angeles next on a child down this morning at the dates of study show us how one little restaurant on rating the now for a look at what's trending this morning, it's the top 5 at five today's the day to celebrate the luck of the irish.

It's saint patrick's day!

Several restaurants and bars in the scenic city have special treats to mark the occasion.

One of them being duck donuts.

They have what's called the lucky duck assortment.

This assorment features nine special donuts.

3 of them are topped with lucky charms cereal pieces.

You can order any of the magically delicious donuts in store, online, and through the duck donuts app.

Want to know what other places are having saint patrick's special.

Then make sure to tune into chip's good word tonight at 5:30.

Duck donuts app.

Want to know what other places are having saint patrick's special.

Then make sure to tune into chip's good word tonight at 5:30.

=== are donuts not your thing?

What about hot dogs?

Cause the oscar meyer wienermobile is making it's way back to chattanooga.

You may remember it visited in september of last year and now it's back.

The wienermobile will make it's first appearance tomorrow at the chattanooga community kitchen 11 till 1.

Later thay day they'll be at the moxy hotel right off market street from 5:15-7:15.

Friday they'll visit the chattanooga zoo and tennessee aquarium.

You can find them saturday at the riverside spring meet 6.

And sunday they'll wrap things up at the creative discovery museum.

They'll be giving out wiener whistles, doing trivia to give people their own hotdogger name, you'll even get to peak inside the wienermobile.

=== march madness gets underway on thursday.

And there's one bracket that people in indianpolis won't be able to miss.

It's being called the world's largest bracket.

It's 47-thousand square feet and hangs on the side of a hotel.

Sport graphics created this massive masterpiece..

Which took a-hundred hours to print.

The bracket will be updated daily with winners.

Play in games start thursday.

The vols will take on oregon state on friday.

You can catch a number of the games right her on cbs.

=== there has been an upset in the race this year for america's favorite purebred pooch.

Labrador retrievers once again came out on top as america's most popular breed.

Labs have been number one on the american kennel club's list of popular dogs for 30 straight years.

The upset came with the number two spot.

That went surprisingly to the french bulldog.

That breed was in fourth place in 2019.

The french bulldog unseated the german shepherd... which had been the second most popular breed since 2009.

=== an annual saint patty's day tradition lives to see another year.

Tradition lives to see another year.

Leprechauns changed the name of new london wisconsin to new dublin.

The shamrock club started this tradition 37 years ago.

They've been celebrating all week.

Monday was leprechaun day, tuesday was hooligan day, and today of course is saint patrick's day.

Unfortunately the grand parade and irish fest aren't happening this year due to the pandemic.

Other smaller events have been planned throughout the week.

As we head to the break... here's a live look from our camera in lee pointe.

"you're watching news 12 now this morning.

Your news now."

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This morning other than fog a little light drizzle.

But as we get closer to noon.

It's going to be changing.

And certainly this afternoon and evening.

Silly storms or strong ties only hitting the mid- sixties today.

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