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Thursday, May 13, 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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At noon, chattanooga business owners are reacting to the president's american rescue plan.

We'll tell you how they plan to use the money.

"news 12 now at noon.

Your news starts now."

Good afternoon, i'm emily thanks for joining us.

A silverdale inmate is facing more charges, after the sheriff's office says he assaulted a corrections deputy.

Hamilton county officials say rodney ballard stepped out of his cell, and struck the deputy in the face, yesterday.

The deputy's injuries were minor, and they were checked out by medical personnel.

Ballard is being charged with simple assault.

He remains in custody.

President biden took steps over the weekend to help border officials process the wave of unacccompanied minors showing up at the southern border.

Natalie brand is on capitol hill where lawmakers are playing the blame game.

The biden administration has ordered fema to help address the surge of unaccompanied children.

Former fema administrator craig fugate helped manage a similar situation in 2014.

"this is a humanitarian mission.

I don't give a rats about immigration policy, what's caused this, why it happened.

They are here, they're kids, we're going to treat them that way."

Cbs news has learned border patrol has 42-hundred unaccapmanied minors in short- term holding facilities.

The law requires them to be transferred to more appropriate facilities within 72 hours...but many children have been there far longer.

A lawyer representing some of the children told cbs news the "conditions were so overcrowded that the kids had to take turns sleeping on the floor."

Texas/credit: cnn "state of the union") "what we're seeing toda is an enormous challenge and it's unacceptable."

A group of republican lawmakers - led by house g-o-p leader kevin mccarthy - is visiting the border today.

Republicans blame the new administration for the crisis at the border.

Texas/credit: fox sunday futures) "it's the biden administration's open border policies that are inviting more illegal immigration ."

Speaker of the house/credit: abc "this week") "what the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border and they are working to correct that."

The house is expected to debate two immigration bills this week.

One would protect so-called dreamers... undocumented immigrants brought to the u-s as children.... and the other would provide legal status for farm workers.

Natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill.

Local business owners are reacting to president biden's american rescue plan.

The law includes $14-hundred dollar stimulus checks for individuals making up to $75-thousand dollars a year, $350 billion in aid to local and state governments, and $14 billion for vaccine distribution.

A key component of the law is $25 billion in relief for small and mid-sized restaurants, something that proof incubator owner mike robinson says will be a big help for restaurants in chattanooga.

"the city and county collectively i think received around 110 million of funds that'll also be deployed.

I think the biggest challenge will be figuring out how and where some of these funds are in these small businesses to find the time each day to apply for grants and apply for you know the additional ppp which does close march 31st so time's ticking."

If you want to see when your stimulus check will arrive, the i-r-s has a tracking tool on its website.

More education leaders are weighing in on a law that would allow teachers to permanently remove students from their classroom.

The proposal would require a series of steps the teacher or school must exercise before making the permanent removal.

The hamilton county education association says the goal of the bill is to find an alternate solution for students.

Sometimes you have personality conflicts or there are other issues going on in the classroom.

The major thing that we have to look at is what does the student need.

What needs are not being met when their behaviors are acting up and looking at restorative practices and looking at their basic needs.

The education association would like to see the for students or parents to appeal the removal before the bill goes into effect.

Early voting for chattanooga's runoff election begins next week.

It will start next wednesday march 24th.

There are 3 locations where you can vote early: the brainered rec center, election comission, and hixson community center.

Brainerd rec and hixson community center will be open 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening monday through friday.

The election commission will be open from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

All locations are open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon on saturday.

The runoff election features tim kelly vs kim white for chattanooga mayor.

Jenny hill and thomas lee are in a runoff for district 2 while dennis clark and isaiah hester are in a runoff for district 5.

Time now to check in with chip for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 studios camera from atop the building on broad st., from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam h off to the west, mostly reading habit on the oklahoma harriet area starting to come toward this now take a closer look here.

We are not as fancy a brain right here in the tennessee valley and see it just slowly but surely creeping over where to start is the little bi of rain showers coming up later on this afternoon.

Nothing too severe, but we might rumble of vendor or to take a look outsid for our tight renter from our baby heating and air cam from ernest of studios is warning this is our sunrise.

It was very, very minimal.

We have lots of cloud cover and that's enemy to train for the next couple of days very overcast clouds and sky ahead of us right now outside 600 in chattanooga 67 or over thorpe 66 in winchester.

W are very mild today and does not and you are going to continue take a look at our our air- quality forecasting are the moderate range pollen count is it to 79.

Once at rain comes in the wife's washouts in this pollinating allergy sufferers.

Emily i know you maybe we'll get a little bit of really numbing up late on this this week.

I certainly have said and how things are that theywith the bar smoke detectors.

The fire department says that smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.

They suggest that you test your smoke alarms regularly as well as make a fire escape plan for your home.

"you push this button and you do not hear a response, more than likely, that means that the device is either malfunctioning or it has a dead battery which is an easy replacement.

These things usually operate off of a 9 volt battery.

You should replace those batteries about every 6 months."

If your smoke alarm malfunctions--chattanooga fire will come out and replace your batteries or the detector.

Still to come here on news 12 now at noon, danielle tells us when we'll be seeing some rain in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later, we'll look at an easter take on a fun christmas tradition you'll want to do with your kids, in today's c-b-s moneywatch report.

But first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports that bradley county's covid-19 active cases are now the 8th highest in tennessee, and why prosecutors are trying to keep cleveland man in jail, because of his role in u.s. capitol riot.

For more on these stories, and others, check out today's edition.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 pictures of your covid vaccine card on social media, and a new why you shouldn't post pictures of your covid vaccine it's dry so i have to take it 680, currently outside with 37% humidity and a 17 mile an hour wind moving out to the south is i get a little bit more.

Wendy asked the range starts to just right now are hourly bar graph shows its interest in sais.

I for the next couple of hours.

When we write and submit an upper 60s nice not to be too humid, however, that rain is in stark begin, especially your commute home this afternoon as he ran.

It's 30 we do not want to rule out a rumble of thunder or two with some of these isolated showers and thunder something pushing through most of the heady seven those on a state to the south deftly towards atlanta so that's at th news there today.

However, that is unchanged by wednesday to look at your tuesday morning.

I looks like you're going to star off the drive for your tuesday for your commute by severe weather outlook for today.

Like i said we don't rule out a rumble of thunder.

So we are under thunderstorm risk for severe weather outlook for most of our area.

I said heavier marginal risk stuff is definitely the south.

Lessig look at your to say to very dry, very overcast skies.

We are to cease more mild temperatures in the next couple days with the saints in the mid and upper 60 for the next couple of days.

Yo might 70 74 tomorrow just because of the lack of rain are severe weather outlook for tomorrow same day if he does claim might be a rumble of under but nothing too severe, but on the way that inhaled learning how wintering like that.

Just normal thunderstorms are five critics in the future castle business on wednesday or saturday off mostly dry overcast skies are going to continue, bu you can see we do have some thunderstorms rolling through our area.

There are some severe weather risk for wind a deftly said that last deadly talk about mississippi and louisiana place like that here we are to be watching out for some you thunderstorms as they pushed through with the atmosphere being very high and is very warm outside and make sure that were keeping an eye on the severe thunderstorm that could be pushing through on wednesday the second look at our super cast for wednesday.

As you the heavy rain is expected's possible thunderstorms pushing through umass lingering rain or your start on thursday, but nothing too severe for thursday at all.

Friday looks i can be pretty much derived we might see if yo showers here and there overcast skies and a container for writing and saturday.

Sunday th first day of spring is coming.

The data-gathering and actually enjoy the ringlike weather, so i think i can arrange that rankin expectancy between now and thursday around this time right here in chattanooga.

Looks like would be exciting anywhere between 2 1/2 to 4 inches of rain in a little bit about 1 to 2 inches of rain all around us that most of the heavy rain the a to this of us, that is now passing say, weather and sports.

There is a severe weather you will get a nice notification to let you know what's going on outside where you are physically our long-range forecast.

We hav a wet sartre week rain assigned to social wednesday will be closer to normal.

This week we might be around 700 one or two days without return deftly cool us bbb fiberoptics whether stylistic look.

It is storm tea 12 70 or cast lots of rain.

However, lots of clouds as well as easy to say we might reach 710 wednesday for your st.

Patrick's day for going out wednesday night.

Please enter the weather aware because it will be rainy possible thunderstorms as well.

On wind highs around 50.

These are temperature averages for the su of the observer we should be this weekend.

So to be looking great for the nurse.

We can of spring andeaster tradition your love.

Why and pest xers at their current vaccine card on social mediadiane king hall has the de, in today's c-b-s money watch report.

?script: wall street futures are indicating a higher open this morning, as investors look to extend last week's gains.

/ / / / / here's lisa robertson with an air fryer you'll want to have in your kitchen.

"news 12 now at noon.

Your news / / here's lisa robertson with an air fryer you'll want to / here's lisa robertson with an air fryer you'll want to have in your kitchen.

- hey, so, with something thats going to make everybodys life easier.

The kalorik air fryer.

It doesn't take up all my counter space, love that.

I started experimenting with it.

And here's the cool thing.

So number one, i love fried food.

Who loves fried food?

Raise your hand.

I love fried food, but i know it's not very healthy for me, right, 'cause it just absorbs oil.

Now i can air fry tater tots, french fries, chicken wings, all the things i love.

I can, i can air fry it if it's frozen, i can air fry it if it's fresh.

It's gonna have a nice big basket, so there's lots of room.

I can do a lot at one time, but i don't just have to air fry.

This is like an extra oven in my kitchen.

I can do a steak in here.

I can do vegetables in here.

I can do a cake in here.

Oh, i can reheat food in here, which you know, is a really big deal for me because i'm cooking for one.

I can reheat food in here and i don't have to wait on a big oven, and it tastes a lot better than a microwave.

I love the fact that whatever comes out of this, i.e.

This basket, it goes in my dishwasher because i'm not big on cleaning.

So this is one of those things that makes air frying really, really easy.

And it's not gonna take up all the room in your kitchen.

And i love the fact that it's not gonna break the bank.

Now, the kalorik is already a great value.

On right now, you can get this for 30% off.

I guarantee it's gonna change the way you cook.

I guarantee if i can do it, you can do it.

Your food's gonna be healthier.

You're gonna cook things you never thought of.

It's an extra oven, and it's gonna be the most used appliance in your kitchen.

(upbeat music) we've heard a lot about 5g network coverage, but what exactly is it?

And what's so great about it?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of 5g.

I'm emily cassulo, and this is tech byte.

Smartphone users have a lot to look forward to.

Best buy's nathan roach says 5g gives you the speed to do anything you want.

Roach : "5g internet is actually going to be about 10 times faster than the current 4g that the majority of people are using.

It's going to be a huge advantage.

It allows for a really seamless transfer of data, and it's going to make really just a much, much quicker, easier user experience on the end."

Roach says it'll be a huge benefit once it's everywhere.

Roach : "if your internet at home was 10 times faster, would it make a difference for you?

Absolutely it would.

You think about the speed of not only being able to communicate with friends, family, relatives, and especially if they're overseas, 5g enables really that instantaneous communication that really allows things to go flawlessly."

It's not in many cities right now, but that will change.

Roach : "5g is ever evolving, so they're always adding more towers.

It's a rollout.

They start obviously with major metropolitan cities, and then roll out from there to highways and other areas, but you're going to see every day you have 5g towers going up, so every day it's an improvement over yesterday."

As 5g coverage continues to expand over the next few months, roach expects it to be just about everywhere within a year.

So how do you prepare for it now if you're in the market for a new phone?

You want the right tech that's compatible.

Especially if you're spending a lot of money.

Roach : "so when you're looking at a new cell phone, whether it be an apple, samsung, anything like that, make sure that you're looking at the 5g technology.

Not only will you be able to take some advantage of it now, it really sets you up in the future when the technology is really fully in place to be able to take advantage of it, so i think it's a great thing to go ahead and do, and it prevents you from being behind when everything's fully rolled out."

Roach says all new iphones are fully 5g, but with some unlocked phones, you'll still see 4g capabilities.

Roach : "if you get a 5g phone, it is backwards compatible with all of the other carriers, so you're not losing anything, you're really just making sure that you are set up for the future."

Even though 5g technology isn't widespread just yet, apple is already working on 6g tech!

We likely won't see that though for about another 10 years.

I'm emily cassulo, and that's this week's tech byte.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Have you ever seen a stack of have you ever seen a stack of pancakes more than 11 feet tall?

Well you're about to.

On sunday, people in russia put together this stack of pancakes.

It stands approximately 11 and a half feet tall.

It took more than 15-hundred pancakes to make this stack.

They did this to celebrate a holiday that marks the beginning of spring.

Pancakes are an essential part of this holiday's festivities.

Thanks for spending a little bit