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Saturday, June 25, 2022


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Will you will i value so far with the intent 78 inch of rain center northward to north alabama counties not releasing hole in a lightning with this this just a lot of rain a few heavy downpour is but that's also going to be continuing int the overnight hours will out there 56 in chattanooga 55 and the 54 right now out the door over in cleveland overnight converters will be dropping all the way to the low to buy tomorrow morning used as you your new body of the majority also better here than it would solo with the vital will change as the busing and cleaning services could be the work replica schools agency is the chief operating officer and director of maintenance recommends a new company for cleaning the cost a little more just want to disturb the good that the school board meeting she has abides top local school is presentation see services monday night out of six vendors for a studio on grounds of services contract sse services as recommended by school staff to be staffing in their approach to staffing the personal benefits and their approach to training set them apart from any of the other news comes as the district's contract with dvm inns this year in october atm gained the word and action plan after some more and satisfied with their cleaning and all we need to lease again said in my the way it is the now so that your vision so that this contract with ssc's marks and said felt like we were going's process for quality reasons not because we were like eating for price necessarily any price is always important to us but ultimately what we know is that the standard of cleaning that was going on in our schools for really the last probably 10 years we've we've we've outgrown it school staff is also proposing new contracts for independent contractors and employee strivers with some changes were members could food the proposals on thursday in hamilton county to sherman this will now ignore the water to students berkeley is a little water watery day to walk a protest of the recent alleged incidents of racist behavior schools vice chancellor said soma school students who attended saturday's lacrosse game against the manual" of all the epithets directed people of color" your everybody to call out racist behavior would ever receive recording the pr the christmas day bombing in americ was not politically motivated to do everything today at the little one was grappling with feelings of paranoia and eccentric conspiracy theories you think you chose the locatio of timings would be a horrible wall still but wasn't like that of other people getting hurt one of the dog during the black and one person was killed this afternoon with her jeep grand cherokee left our 24 to the concrete barrier that apparat to 15 this afternoon at the moore road exit near there any way the scene of the driver saw the jeep moving erratically but for the crash no official word yet all the victim's name the investigation of the building first continue 73-year-old man who suffered serious burns on friday with a controlled burn got out of control is hard but your daughter will still road in harrison suffered first about two thirds of the body he passed away sunday morning treatment center in atlanta highway 58 ball of fire department rescue dawn and for the building field he was washed the hospital by helicopter funeral services are pending mr. daughter was a brother-in-law of hamilton county sure jim hammond to the silverdale inmate faces additional charges after pc assaulted a correction officer is a rotting but i would step out of his cell and struck a deputy in the face yesterday that these injuries were minora.

And they would check up on medical he remains in custody.

Personnelmany more georgia resi now eligible for the covid-19 vaccine.

The peach state is trying to improve its worst-in-the- nation share of the population who have been inoculated against the virus.

As of today folks 55 and up as well as people with serious health conditions and those who are obese can get the shot.

All told more than 5 million georgians are eligible.

Some fear older people will be crowded out in a new rush for appointments.

Chatanooga's mayoral runoff race is picking up steam with less than one month from election day.

Dr. elenora woods is now the latest candidate to publicly endorse tim kelly.

Dr. woods credits kelly with being able to work with diverse communities in the past.

Kim white however is endorsed by chattanooga police officers and wants to attract and keep more first responders.

I'm fortunate to be the candidate left in the race for the runoff that is representing the rest of the candidates.

It's about us.

It really is about the vision that we share.

I've been a strong proponent since day one that we need to make sure that we pay our first responders competitive wages.

We're losing so many of them right now and we need to make sure that we provide more resources so we can have the best trained.

Runoff election day is april 13th.

Early voting for chattanooga's runoff election begins next week.

It will start next wednesday march 24th.

There are 3 locations where you can vote early: the brainered rec center, election comission, and hixson community center.

Brainerd rec and hixson community center will be open 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening monday through friday.

The election commission will be open from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

All locations are open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon on saturday.

The runoff election features tim kelly vs kim white for chattanooga mayor.

Jenny hill and thomas lee are in a runoff for district 2 while dennis clark and isaiah hester are in a runoff for district 5.

Over the weekend bitcoin reached an all-time high of over 61 thousand dollars per unit.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency.

Digital currency is nothing new.

Vp of barnett and company chris hopkins says each time we pay a bill online or use a credit card we are using a digital currency.

But for cryptocurrencie s like bitcoin, its value can change overnight.

Since this time last year, it is up in dollar terms 900%.

But we've also seen periods of time, where it's fallen 80 or 90%.

The value of our dollars remains relatively stable.

That's because it's backed by the us government.

With cryptocurrencies, it's not backed by anything.

Quite literally it's only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Hopkins says blockchain technology has helped with the cryptocurrency boom.

It helps keep your information safe.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm st the rain has returned to the valley and are working at lee it will be here it is they likely all the way to friday but right now i look out right now pretty wide dealing with a few downpours in the tennessee valley temperatures all around 50 x degrees went on down earlier reasoning upwards of 25 miles an hour and get more rain on its way is actually for north alabama nor georgia counties is to be the radar just around 8 am for tomorrow morning if you haven't downloaded our newest will now i get now would be a great time to do so will give you the latest on whether news and forth to look at your week forecast coming up after the show the use of vegetable beef still in good behavior good grades avoid going together our hearts a plan to keep dudes excelling in all aspects of the 60 and warmed up today just shy of 700 in official rain totals as of right now just a little bit over it hands of an engine is from the chattanooga airport but this time i of the day overly point a pretty gloom monday all around provided by the epb arbor optics weather care network pours the rain returned earlier this afternoon and evenings till ongoing and you will continue want into the early morning hours for the big picture satellite radar showing all that rain activity again that will be continuing into ou tuesday to tuesday morning as ashley for north alabama north georgia counties will be very wet right now most of our tennessee counties actually lik the enemies spared from most of our rainfall but both will get some more shower chances into the day before we really dry out for the afternoon so it will be looking at highs right near the midst 60s with a lot to clausen again very wet towards the morning hours we had in the wednesday morning would likely be waking up to some fog some pretty mild conditions overall in the mid-50s as we had in the afternoon it can be mainly dry with fast approaching rain showers and have a warm light or the tennis valley because of that will have temperatures reach all the way in the upper axes low 70s before we see some rainfall associated with a cold front as we go into most of your afternoon will her to season heading downpours approach just after two or 3 pm and continue for most of that late afternoon and evening hours with another round of rainfall this is likel where will see the potential for some strong maybe even a beer storm this is the wednesday night all the way into thursday morning as you into this can be very wet looking very naff the into early thursday morning so deftly the weather aware as we and the wednesday night to thursday morning this is the severe weather outlook for wednesday as you can see toward our most out west counties@hansen light rest of that can be where were to be looking for the most are the biggest threat but don't get to fixated on the colors because really everybody has a chance t see them severe weather for wednesday the weather headline strong to severe storms are possible for wednesday no threa to will be left out that includes tornadoes large hail damaging winds timing why the issue date of two day events or just after 2 pm on wednesday they continue all the way into thursday morning but you should do now is prepare wine is a place in your home share about land with household members family members have a get ready turn your weather app notifications on and change batteries and i weather radio rain wise is going to be very wet this week all the way from now into about thursday friday we can pick up anywhere from tw to anywhere from 2 to 3 inches the one that soil get saturated as partially by tuesday could be looking for potential for letting my thursday they with us on from the epb fiber optics weather center here is your 70 workout wednesday is a holiday named patrick say that if you d have any evening night claims definitely want to keep an eye on my radar this loss to be continuing into thursday so thursday will also be very wet if you left over showers for your friday but this will be trying out for the afternoon an this first weekend of spring looks stunning right with nice cool weather enterpositive behac success go together like reading, writing and arithmetic.

At howard, "the tiger way initiative," balances teacher and student accountability by celebrating victories big and small.

The state of tennessee is taking notice.

See how in tonight's.... what's right with our schools.

Natural sound: howard has reached silver level this year as a model of a demonstration school for positive behavior.

Leandrea: today is an amazing day for our students, our falco t, our staff and our community partners.

We are here celebrating our schoolwide approach to make sure every student has the wrap around services to be the best he or she can be here at the howard school.

Miller: so this year we are awarded 209 schools statewide that receive model school status.

64 schools state wide or at the silver level.

So howard is one of a very small percentage that has reached that level.

They developed the tiger way.

And this is something that the faculty took on.

And this is something they developed and to develop to grow their culture of positivity and proactive behavioral strategies.

Leandrea: some of those wraparound services that we have for our students include a clothing closet.

And we have students that are for whatever reason without any parts of the uniform or any clothing need.

We have so many community partners that have stepped up to make sure there is funding sources available to take care of those.

We have partners from the medical community that will come in and provide physicals and exams for our students.

We have people that make sure we have a food bank distribution every month.

We provide groceries to our families literally whatever we need to make sure our students have everything they need to do and excel academically.

We have those partners ready, they stand ready to help us at all times.

Dwayne: after meeting dr. mitchell and hearing about what was going on in the culture building here at howard high school we wanted to partner with them.

I think the old saying goes, you can't impact me until i know that you care about me is true right here in the school.

And i think the culture that they are building is the a pitta me of that and shows forth.

Gus: our church loves our city.

And the school has been in the city has a great history and it impacts so many not only the african-american kids but the hispanic and all kinds of kids.

But we just want to be a blessing as a church.

Leandrea: a lot of times i think the people think of the school house of being that place where it's about the academics and the standards.

But we know here at howard school it goes way beyond what happens in the classroom.

Yes they can excel academically and we expect that but we're also going to make sure we provide those services to address any needs that they may have that can be a barrier to that success.

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

From action figures to arficial limbs, you can create almost anything on a 3-d printer these days.

Maybe even your house?

An idea that's time has come in tonight's consumer news.

But first, lisa robertson with an item that is sure to be hit in hone of my new favorite things., this is calming heat by sharper image.

And it does so much more than a regular heating pad, and at first, i thought "yeah, yeah, yeah," and then i tried it and i went "oh yeah, yeah, yeah."

So here's the deal.

Number one, it's a heating pad, right?

If you have aches and pains, you overdid it, your back, your shoulders, your knees, right?

There's nothing better than a heating pad, but most heating pads just kinda sit there.

This one drapes over, and it has a weight.

It's filled with these weighted clay beads so the heat really absorbs, and it just-- you feel the heat so much more.

It makes such a difference.

And i love that.

But it also has-- wait for it, 'cause here's the cool part... massage.

Now i have three different settings for heat, three different settings for massage, and by the way, automatic timer turnoffs for the massage and the heat so you're good with safety.

Because of the fact that it's a great size, when you put it over your shoulder, it covers a lot of your shoulder.

If you put it on your back, it covers a lot of your back.

When i put it on my lap, down my legs when i'm watching tv, it covers a lot of space.

So this is one of those things that can just be calming and soothing at the end of a long day.

Or just because it's that zen moment, when it's cold outside and you're toasty, warm, and massaged inside.

It's calming heat by sharper image, i love the concept, and by the way, 20% off on

[calming music] ?

You can go your own way ?

Your wireless.

Your rules.

Your savings.

20% off on

When you get xfinity mobile and internet together you could save up to $300 a year.

Choose from flexible wireless data options on the most reliable network, now with nationwide 5g included at no extra cost.

Get this special offer on xfinity mobile and internet together for just $35 a month and save up to $300 a year on your wireless bill.

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"you're watching news 12 at 11.

Your news now."

Prices for new homes are on the rise.

But there's a new kind of home going on the market that some say could change that trend.

Michael george introduces us to "3-d printed homes".

In tonight's consumer watch..

This ordinary looking home could lead to a revolution in real estate.

Not in the design.

But how it was built.

"you are sitting in a 3-d printed, 1900 square foot structure."

Kirk anderson of construction tech company s-q-4-d showed us this long island model home that was made with a 3-d printer.

"we should be able to do our part of the build in 8 days or less."

So, what does it mean to "print" a house?

Well, a robot stacks layers upon layers of concrete- literally building from the ground up.

S-q-4-d is constructing a similar residence nearby that's already for sale.

The 3 bedroom, 14-hundred square foot house is listed for 299- thousand dollars.

Homes of comparable size in the area come with a price tag around 100-thousand higher and often much more.

Of course, the printer can't do all the work.

It can build about 40% of the structure, and then workers have to do the rest.

But even that 40% can drastically lower construction costs.

"this process can save you about 20 to 30 percent on an overall bill."

Other home builders are using 3-d printers.

The company icon in texas works with non-profits to provide low income housing.

Mighty buildings in california offers homes that range from studios to 3 bedrooms. the company's co-founder says doing it in a warehouse gives them flexibility.

"we've developed a unique technology s-q-4-d claims they've already received more than a thousand offers to purchase the home.

A possible indication consumers are ready to accept this new dimension in construction.

Michael george, cbs news, visible is wireless that doesn't play games.

No surprise fees, legit unlimited data for as little as $25 a month.

And the best part, it's powered by verizon.

But it gets crazier.

Bring a friend every month and get every month for $5.

Which is why i brought them.

Two $5-a-months right here.



Plus the players of my squad.


What's up?

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12 months of $5 wireless.

Visible, as little as $25 a month or $5 a month when you bring a friend.

Powered by verizon.

Wireless that gets better with friends.

The tennessee titans are making serious moves in free agency today.

Tennessee agreed to a deal with former colts defensive lineman denico autry tonight.

The boys in blue also bringing in linebacker bud dupree.

The former pittsburgh steeler will get more than 16 million dollars a year -- and provide added strength off the edge.

Dupree comes to tennessee after suffereing a torn acl last season.

Before that, he recorded 11 and a half sacks in 2019.

Titans are still searching for replacements on offense... tennessee let tight end jonnu smith and receiver corey davis go today.

The jets snagged davis with a 3- year, 37 and a half million dollar deal tonight.

Meanwhile, smith heads to new england with a four-year, 50 million dollar contract.

The lady vols can officially put on their dancing shoes after tonight's tournament selection show.

Tennessee remains the only program to make every ncaa tournament.

Lady vols get the three seed in the river walk region.

And will play familiar foe middle tennessee state.

Game tips at 2 pm on sunday.

Lady vols share the same side of the bracket as number one uconn and number 2 baylor.

The best season in cleveland basketball history ended in disappointment last year -- when the pandemic canceled the state tournament.

Now cleveland can write off last year's unfinished frustrations with another trip to the the glass house this week.

Rick nyman has more on the raiders resilience.

Covid canceled the raiders post season last year, and it haunted the raiders to start this year.

Tucker:"i missed almost 40 days of school because of covid.

Our first ten games we never had our starting five, and to see where these kids are at now.

I mean.


Get a little emotional man.

I don't think people realize what these guys have been through."

When cleveland got healthy, they started winning with good defense and good shooting.

Tucker:"our guys get up over 100 shots in practice a day."

Mcgowan:"we just play with our heart.

Just give it everything we've got.

We don't care how big you are or how small you are.

We're just going to do what we do every game.

Just go at you."

Tucker:"we kept ove 15 teams under 50 this year."

The raiders program is on a roll.

They made state as well two years ago, but they lost to a team with a kid that's now in the nba.

7-footer james wiseman.

Hurst:"there was a moment where there was a loose ball, and it kicked to the top of the key.

Their guard dribbled it to the sideline, and he just tossed it up out of no where.

I can remember just turning around and watching him just catch it and slam it and being like yeah, there's just nothing we can do about that."

Tucker:"my mom is a big james wiseman fan ever since she saw him play against us.

She has been one of his biggest fans.

She's like oh, watching golden state play.

James wiseman is playing."

Hopefully the raiders will give reggie's mother a lot to cheer about this week in murfreesboro.

Hurst:"but i'm looking to win three games in murfreesboro and get that state championship."

That's it for sports.

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