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Sunday, May 9, 2021

us thie one for political

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us thie one for political
us thie one for political
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To williamsburg county middle school.

King street magnet middle school was evacuated wednesday while bomb searching dogs searched it.

Teen used app to call in threats and now charged with conveying false information.

> authorities there continue to investigate the deadly shootings at three atlanta area spas.

Meantime one chief looking into the case in some hot water of his own.

Fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt has more.

Reporter: captain with the cherokee county sheriff's office is now out.

Spokesman for the case after making this comment about the alleged gunman who killed eight people in atlanta area spas.

It was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.

The cherokee county sheriff's office faced backlash and released a statement about baker's comment which he said caused much debate and angand her added, quote, as much as his words were taken and construed as insensitive or inappropriate, were they not intended to disrespect any of the victims, the gravity of the tragedy or express empathy or sympathy for the suspect.

The atlanta police on thursday distanced themselves from the sheriff's department.

Our investigation is separate from the cherokee county's investigation.

Reporter: atlanta police say nothing is off the table when it comes to their investigation into 21-year-old robert aaron long, who's accused of killing eight people inside three massage parlors on tuesday.

Six were women of asian dissent.

Long told police attacks were not racially motivated but it sparked spentticism and anger in the asian american community-whn violence during the covid-19 pandemic.

President biden and vice president harris will be in atlanta friday.

Were they supposed to be there to promote the american rescue plan.

But they are postponing all political events and will now meet instead with leaders of the asian american community.

In los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news.

Jon: new evidence showing new yorkers want embattled governor cuomo out.

His ratings and job approval shrunk to record lows.

43% of voters said he should step down, 49 said he shouldn't, 20% feel he should resign immediately while 66% say he shouldn't seek re-election.

74% of those polls want to wait to see what the attorney general independent investigation will turn up before deciding.

Leah: the biden administration says it is going to get more aggressive with its effort to stop people from illegallyentering the u.s. amid a surge of people trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico.

White house officials are hoping the spread of a message, the border, is not open as clear.

It plans to step up its campaign gear toward potential migrants using social media and radio advertising in spanish and native languages throughout their origin countries.

Meanwhile former u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo was calling the border surge a national security crisis as well as a humanitarian one.

Pompeo says president biden's decision to reverse former president biden's immigration policies laid the groundwork for what's happening at the border.

Great policy, made in mexico something i worked on with the mexican foreign minister.

We delivered a good outcome for both mexico and for the united states and to have pulled the pin on that, to have released that with no plan of stopping them and avoid the humanitarian and national security crisis i simply can't understand it.

Leah: trump made a similar argument on wednesday.

According to customs and border protection there were 100,000 attempted illegal crossings in february.

That's big uptick since january.

Jon: south carolina attorney general alan wilson joining a multistate lawsuit now filed against the president's cancellation of the keystone pipeline.

20 other state attorney generals general involved here claim that president biden' decision is unconstitutional and illegitimate and pipeline will create thousands of jobs and safe way to transport oil.

> charleston county sheriff kristin graziano plan to end racist policing.

That's what she said on podcast with the aclu.

Her run for sheriff was motivated by need for change and better reflect the community.



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