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Thursday, May 13, 2021

CDC Relaxes School Covid Guidelines

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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CDC Relaxes School Covid Guidelines
CDC Relaxes School Covid Guidelines

WAAY-31's Alexis Scott discusses changes being made in light of lessened CDC restrictions.

New information -- more changes could be made to how your kids are learning.

On friday... the c-d-c announced they're relaxing social distancing guidelines in schools by allowing kids to sit 3 feet apart instead of 6.s waay-31s alexis scott spoke with one north alabama superintendent and a parent about why this change seems managable.

The c-d-c based its decision off studies that show smaller children don't spread coronavirus as quickly as adults and older children.

Muscle shoals city schools superintendent dr. chad holden told me this makes him hopeful for more kids in the classroom.

Chad holden, muscle shoals city schools superintendent 1:34-1:46 "it makes parents who have not been sending their children to school for in-person learning, that it makes them feel a lot more comfortable, that the transmission rate amongst smaller children is relatively low," researchers took a look some schools who weren't following the 6-foot guideline.

They discovered the transmission rate of covid-19 was low.

So now... the c-d-c says elementary school aged children can sit 3-feet away from one another.

Huntsville mother, brittany garner says this will ease some tension between teachers as well.

Brittany garner, mother 2:14-2:29 "it'll be a lot easier for the teachers because there's not as much as pressure to worry about how close the kids are while trying to teach them in different ways.

So they can actually learn something and really soak it in," if there is a high covid transmission rate in any given area... that school should still maintain 6-feet.

Even though the c-d-c is relaxing the distance... they say masks should still be worn.

The director of the c-d-c believes this can allow for more kids to have better mental health and social skills after dealing with so much isolation from friends and family.

Brittany garner, mother 3:18-3:26 "kids are sitting far for lunch and that's their favorite time of the day is to sit around, eat lunch and talk about everything that's going on," under the revised guideliness..

The c-d-c says plastic or plexiglass barriers aren't necessary because they're proven to be ineffective in preventing covid transmission.

But masks and cleaning practicies should still be done daily.

Dr. holden says it's important to remember - we're not out of the woods just yet.

Chad holden, muscle shoals city schools superintendent 2:58-3:18 "when you just start winning the game, you don't pull you starters.

You want to get a good, comfortbale lead before you do that and i think that's where we are.

We need to keep doing what we've been doing that has gotten us to this point and not let our guard down because then we start taking steps backwards and we do not want to do that," the governor has already stated after april 9th the statewide mask mandate will end... and it's up to school's and businesses to keep or do away with the practice... and for muscle shoals city schools..

They will be keeping the masks in schools as a requirement.

Reporting live in madison county alexis scott waay-31 news.

The alabama department of public health says they are discussing the new guidelines with partners before making any official distancing changes in schools.

The department says they are reviewing local factors involved that may impact the timing of how quickly they can adopt the


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