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Saturday, May 8, 2021

End date looms over St. Joseph's community vaccine clinic

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End date looms over St. Joseph's community vaccine clinic
End date looms over St. Joseph's community vaccine clinic
End date looms over St. Joseph's community vaccine clinic

Missourians than ever now have the opportunity to get their covid-19 vaccine, but mosaic life care is actually seeing a drop in appointments.

Good evening, i'm alan van zandt.

And i'm jodie o'brien... with declining demand for vaccinations locally, some physicians are questioning when the free vaccination clinic locally will close thomas with the story.

<<kq2's kilee thomas reports: "the mass vaccination site will not stay open forever."if you want to get your covid shot at st joseph's community clinic-you better hurry up.

Mosaic life care is eyeing an end date to it's vaccination clinic after seeing a drop in sign ups...although all missourians can now join the waitlist for an appointment.

"folks if you want your shot, you need to sign up.""the numbers have really substantially dropped off of folks signing up to get the vaccine."mosaic is expecting an increase in appointments with phase 2 opening this week and the final phase set for april 9th don't pick up- mosaic says they'll wrap up shop and they'll do it soon..."we are looking at when does that site stop from first doses.

We will be open for another 4-5 weeks to complete the series because we are going with pfizer or moderna, but once those series are complete, we will be shutting that site down."

Health officials say the shrinking sign ups for shots is a mix of reasons already receiving the shot at a mass vaccination clinic then it comes down to hesitancy and importance.

"as we see lower numbers, it is concerning that folks are kinda going, 'well, do i really need to have that?'

And then you also have some apprehension around the vaccine because it was created in a year, but the reality is we should be able to make vaccines this rapidly.

We have technology.

It's not that we are just learning to make vaccines, we've been making vaccines since the 50's."

As of last friday-mosaic says over 15,000 people recieving their first dose at the clinic nearly 8,000 receiving their final dose.

With a 95% rate of coming back for shot number 2.mosaic officials urge residents to sign up to take their shot at the community clinic while they still can.

"it's free, it's quick, it's efficient."

Health officials say after the clinic closes its doors-local pharmacies will take over vaccinations.

Reporting in st.

Joseph, kilee thomas kq2 news again- all missourians can sign up on the waitlist to schedule an appointment-even if your tier is not open yet.

To schedule your vaccination at the community clinic-log onto my-m-l-c dot com-slash- vaccine.

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