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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Morning Brew - 4-2

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Morning Brew - 4-2
Morning Brew - 4-2
Morning Brew!

C1 3 welcome back... it's time for "morning brew..."

Where we shar positive, uplifting stories............. here's a look at some of the positive stories coming out of the coronavirus pandemic......... separated by the pandemic for a year, a webster, new york couple is finally reunited.

Gordon hartley says for the past year, he'd see his wife ann at the maplewood nursing home, but he'd stay outside or sit in the car.

Now that the state has relaxed covid 19 restrictions, gordon gets to enter the home and sit with his partner of almost 60 years.

Gordon says the reunion was a quiet one because they were both so emotional - calling ann his life.

An eight year-old comes to the rescue of his 20-month old sister when she started choking on a chicken nugget.

Jaxon says the family was in the car when he saw his baby sister choking.

He told his dad to pull over while he patted her on the back until the food came out.

Demsey says he learned how to help from a nickelodeon show called "the substitutes."

Dad says he's amazed by his son everyday.

Today's morning brew biggby coffee winner is mary johnson, from mount sterling.

You are the winner of a biggby coffee mug & bag of coffee!

Viewers can go to the contest page at w-t-v-q dot com and click on the contest tab to take the biggby coffee trivia challenge for chance to win!

Watch for a new winner every friday right here on good day kentucky!

Now let's


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