How to Stop Yourself From Doomscrolling
How to Stop Yourself From Doomscrolling

How to Stop Yourself From Doomscrolling.

The act of consuming too much negative news online, aka doomscrolling, is especially prevalent now.

COVID-19, social injustice and politics are currently the most common doomscrolling topics.


Dr. Jason Moser of Michigan State University says doomscrolling can result in “long-term anxiety” and “uncertainty.” .

The problem is, scrolling only has short-term benefits … we never find the answer or relief that lasts that long, Dr. Jason Moser, via Yahoo.

Dr. Erika McElroy, a licensed psychologist at Aurora Mental Health Center, recommends these five steps to stop doomscrolling.



First, figure out how much time you actually spend doomscrolling.



Next, set a daily limit for how much time you want to allow yourself to scroll through news or social media.


Don’t doom scroll before bed, as it can put your brain into “fight or flight” mode and cause sleep disruptions.


Counteract the negative news with positive activities, such as going for a walk or talking with a friend.



Take breaks from electronics by physically removing them from your environment.