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Monday, September 27, 2021

04/05/2021 for Bri

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04/05/2021 for Bri
04/05/2021 for Bri
04/05/2021 for Bri

The latest city council fire departments across the area are working overtime to control fires caused by warm temps and high winds.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with how olmsted county is tackling the elevated conditions.

?i'm tracking a chance in the summer?

"*like pattern we've had the last couple days.

I'll tell you what will be changing and how you can prepare, coming up./// more r?


"*s students are cracking the books in person.

Hear from the willow creek middle school principal about the relief it's been to get back to in person learning.

Rpu live eye there's a lot on tap at today's rochester city council meeting.

I'm kimt news three's anthony monzon live with?


"* a look at some of biggest decisions on the table for city leaders.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange and i'm amy fleming stormteam 3 we start this afternoon with a check on the weather?


"* so far it's a b another sunny day across the area.

But that could be changing?


"* kimt stormteam meteorloigist sara knox joins us now.

Sara what are you tracking for this week?

Live tonight: a few showers/storm s lows: mid 50s wind: s 10?

"*20 mph tuesday: scattered showers and thunderstorm s highs: mid 70s wind: se 5?

"*15 mph wednesday: scattered showers and thunderstorm s highs: low 70s wind: se 10?

"*20 mph significant wind gusts and dry conditions are creating high risk conditions for grass fires across our area.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe spoke with olmsted county parks department about how they're handling the elevated fire conditions.

She joins us live..


Amy and katie ?

"* i'm told the department stopped a scheduled burn at chester woods park conditions.

This is video from a fire in blooming prairie last week..

But there have been several fires reported today and over the weekend including three in olmsted county..

And several in north iowa.

Chester woods park manager tom eckdahl says with the lack of snow and rain this season ?

"* it's not surprising to see these fires happening.

Eckdahl says even if you have a burning permit it's best to hold off on utilizing it until there's more moisture and some greener grass on the ground.

Conditions like today when you have upper 70's maybe even reaching nearly 80's and a real low, relative, humidity.

We try to postpone any burning that humidity should drop below 25% it's just you're setting yourself up for an incident that could be avoided.

If you do have a burn permit ?

"* the department says have safety zones around your burn and as well as have sufficient help around especially if you're new to the process.

Live in rochester?

"* jessica bringe thank you jessica and sara.

There has also been a burn ban put into effect today in worth county.

It may be the fourth quarter for rochester public school students..

But it's the first day middle and high school students can return to full in?

"*person learning.

Willow creek middle school principal andrew kappel says the schedule hasn't changed too much from pre?

"*pandemic learning..howe ver more lunches have been built in to the schedule to allow for social distancing.

He says inside the classrooms desks are distanced, and class sizes are smaller.

Overall, kappel says it's a relief to get back into in?

"* person it's different but it's very good and it's very refreshing to see kids faces, for them to see each other and i would say overall the experience in the building and feeling in the building today was one of very positive energy and people just being re?

"* energized to finish the year strong.

Some students have opted to continue learning from home however willow creek says 80?

"*percent of students are back in the classroom.

Happening today?

"* all iowans are now eligible to get the covid?

"*19 vaccine.

Governor km reynolds says everyone 16 and up can get the pfizer vaccine.

Moderna's and johnson and johnson's are available to people 18 and older.

The governor also says people 65 and older can call 2?


"*1 get help scheduling an appointment.

In our area, "c?

*- g public health" is offering appointments for people in the first few priority groups.

That includes people with disabilities, food production workers and people living and working in correctional facilities, among others.

A proposed affordable housing development and the future of a well?

"* known downtown property will come into focus during this afternoon's rochester city council meeting.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon joins us live with a look ahead at some of the biggest decisions on the table for city leaders.


Rpu live eye yeah katie and amy... the labor temple property has been at the center of a contentious lease termination and demolition plans over the past few months... but a recent look into its past could play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

Today the city council will decide whether to invest more time and resources into researching the history behind the property after recently uncovered documents show it was once home to a theater and the first "red owl grocery store" in the 1930's.

While its structural and historic integrity are still being evaluated... city staff say redevelopment plans could adapt to incorporate the labor temple property's "redevelopmen t doesn't have to mean wipe it clean and then figure out what to do.

Redevelopment can, and i think should, look at what are the resources that are already there."

Rochester's heritage preservation commission is now deeming the labor temple property a potential the council will also decide whether to clear the way for construction of a new affordable housing complex in northeast rochester.

A developer is looking to build a 66?

"*unit complex off east circle drive northeast ?

"* near century high school.

The project is supported by the city of rochester... but several area residents have voiced opposition to it.

Tonight council members will consider approving zoning changes that would allow finally ?

"* city leaders will hear what community members have to say about a possible subsidy for a longtime business in rochester.

City staff say "crenlo cab products" plans to move away from the med city unless it receives business assistance.

They add the city is working with crenlo to find possible incentives to help the company maintain its presence in rochester.

Crenlo currently employs over rpu live eye some other items we're tracking include a proposed trail extension at silver lake park... and a possible adjustment to plans for rochester's former k?

"*mart parking lot.

Thank you anthony.

Today's city council meeting will start at 6pm.

Stay with kimt on?

"*air and online for continuing coverage.

Coming up?

"* april is autism awareness month?

"* "i think it was very difficult for everyone during the beginning of covid, especially for those who really needed to adhere to those routines.'

Hear about how therapies for those with autism have changed because of the pandemic and the challenges they've faced along the buckle up?


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