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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Butte Falls Schools returning to in-person learning full-time

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Butte Falls Schools returning to in-person learning full-time
Butte Falls Schools returning to in-person learning full-time

Today the Butte Falls School District announced that kids will be returning back to the classroom full-time starting on April 12.

Ewswatch 12's brett taylor was at butte falls elementary where kids were laughing and smiling on their playground once again.


We're excited today to learn that starting next week, they can expect more playtime on the playground and timing classes.

As the butte falls school district moves back to full-time in-person instruction.

We're ready to get back to school.

For parents, we're really excited about it.

We're really happy.

I'm excited to see the change in my kids' attitudes and teachers.

I want them back.

I want to see them every day.

We're all so excited to hear the news that more children will be back in the classroom.

Soon we celebrated and it was just joyous.

[take :lower third] çááálower thirdáááÑ it was happy.

It was plaid.

We were super happy.

Like we cannot wait for them to be back in every day, allday long, beautiful school district.

The transition from a hybrid model back to the classroom, full-time became a realistic goal.

When the oregon department of education made the switch from six feet of social distancing in the classom to three feet.

Now, dr. long took the time to show me today.

The difference between six feet of social distancing and three feet, six feet by six feet.

It's just, it's just crazy because you don't imagine like this, like, this is how different, how like six feet is equity is the skills.

So someone much further away, but this seems actually to quote, this feels normal to me, but it hasn't been an easy switch, especially with the school district, relying on hands-on learning and group tables, something that would make the three feet of social distancing, impossible, thankfully though, to a $5,000 grant from all care health.

The district was able to buy the materials they needed to allow for three feet of social distancing.

Individual desks.

[take :lower third] çááálower thirdáááÑ we're a hands-on school.

So most of our classes meet at kids meet around a table.

We didn't have a lot of deaths.

And with this distancing, we needed that.

So we targeted the full 5,000 and bought 65 student desks, put them together, have them set up.

But in that, that relieved us because it meant then it was just the logistics of having enough classroom space for, and now children.

The beautiful school district can expect to enjoy more sunny days like this on the playground, the swings.

And in the classroom, it actually means a lot.

It's been a struggle since the whole thing started.

So for my kids to come back into school and they're excited and they're happy and they're like overly wellmed.

I mean, they don't ever want to leave at the end of the day for some parents, the road to students returning back to the classroom for the beautiful school district is a welcomeite.

But the journey getting to that point, wasn't easy.

[take :lower third] çááálower thirdáááÑ we actually did, uh, pre enroll our children at the cradle, like learning academy because they were allowing or in person instruction at that time, it's very difficult.

I mean, we're from this community, we love this town.

We love the school.

According to clark, several families that had students in the school district have since pulled them out and enrolled them in other schools that had in-person learning available sooner.

Although the decision to move some of his own children out of the school district.

Wasn't an easy one.

He hopes that his kids and other children were turned back to the beat falls school district in the near future.

I hope so because that, that really was the dividing line.

It was just that some people felt, you know, the situation should be handle a little bit differently.

And so, and there's nothing more important than your child or their education, but for now kids and parents are both just trying to enjoy