We're Judged For Letting Our 7-Year-Old Rodeo | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
We're Judged For Letting Our 7-Year-Old Rodeo | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

THE Farrington family live and breathe all things rodeo.

Kassie and husband Randy spend most weekends taking their son "the real cowboy” Kutter (7) to rodeos across the state and beyond, where he competes professionally in a variety of events.

So far he has taken part in well over 50 rodeos collecting an array of prizes along the way.

Despite the dangers of the sport, the thrill of the competition and cash prizes he can win is a trade off for the risks he takes.

Kassie once took a loan out on her car to afford for Kutter to compete: “We drove six hours away for Kutter to rodeo.

I put my trust in God and it paid off big time.

Does it always pay off?

No, but that time it did he won over $2,000 in cash.” Even though still a child, Kutter is well respected in the rodeo community and earns extra money training other people’s horses and ponies for them.

Kassie and Randy have made huge sacrifices, which not everyone in their families agrees with, but they’re determined to keep supporting Kutter so he can follow his dreams. Kassie explained: “They tell us that we're irresponsible, that we make him do this or that we should pay this bill, that bill, we should spend our money differently.

In all reality, if you're not feeding us or paying our bills, or whatever, then it's not none of your business.” The next rodeo is fast approaching and today Kutter will be hitting the practising pit with father Randy to ride some new calves.

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