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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Good Word Rollercoaster Engineer

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good Word Rollercoaster Engineer
Good Word Rollercoaster Engineer

Chip Chapman shows us how a teen who built a backyard rollercoaster got to meet an engineer who designs the big ones for Six Flags.

Chip chapman last week ben got a big surprise.

It was an invitation to six flags over georgia to meet larry chick: it was literature: larry is the engineer who designs all of their roller coasters.

Have a look like he asked me to calculate everything at all has drawings is all we know it all and this is an outline of the other way when you are the physics behind it, so i'm at.

He has a homework should do it here dear right right to be as far as i know the first backyard home coaster that's actually calculated out by the builder sites.

If you can do that, let's take a look at it you think is so think you and larry both had a great time.

By the way six flags use open all this week fo spring break and weekends through may.

If you have some good news to share with us.

It' easy to just email us that's or posted to us on our facebook page.

I'm chip chapman have a safe rest of the evening and make sure join us tomorrow

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