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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Voters react to school bond defeat

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Voters react to school bond defeat
Voters react to school bond defeat

After the 107 million dollar bond failed, voters try to figure out what happens now.

A day for the board and administrators with the st.

Joseph school district to re- evaulate after voters last night gave them a resounding "no" on the district's 107 million dollar bond proposal.

Good evening and thanks for joining us.

I'm jodie o'brien.

And i'm alan van zandt.

Kq2's ron johnson joins us in studio now with more, ron?

Alan and jodie there's a lot of reaction now that the 107 million dollar bond failed to pass a vote, we spoke to some on both sides of the issue as they try to answer the question of what happens now.

<<ron johnson reportingoutside lorelei burn's home a campaign sign supporting proposition c.a.r.e.

Still sits.

She says she doesn't understand why so many voted just kind of bugs me, they were more worried about their kid being in the same building than about maybe moving on.

She said the bond was likely the best answer for how the district addresses their aging facilities if they had a way to fix em, then fix 'em but if it was easier to move to a different building and expand from there then that's what you need to do.

Obviously, not everyone in town agreed after the bond failed by a nearly two to one margin.

But those against the bond say, it wasn't about trying to keep things exactly as they are now there's not one no vote that i feel that would not be willing to invest in our community children.they say it's about transparency and feeling included in the process of deciding what the future of education in st.

Joseph will look like, something they say was looked over during the campaign for the now failed bond.

I don't feel seven people sitting on a room should be able to 100% speak for the community and begin to make decisions.i think people will continue to fight it as long as it's being force-fed vs that it's fate has been decided, those on both sides of the issue are trying to figure out what happens now, those against the bond say they're looking to the newly elected board candidates to give them a voice when the candidates get sworn in and the board begins to meet are they going to be willing to put a hold on closing any schools and find a way to better communicate with the community and get their input on things.

While those who were for it say they're just hoping for a positive outcomei would hope that we can find a way to do things a little differently around here do better but, we'll just have to wait and see.

Those against the bond said they hope the board will engage in more open discussion moving forward on education in st.

Joseph, live in the studio ron johnson kq2 news.