Berner puppies have adorable fight over new stuffed toy
Berner puppies have adorable fight over new stuffed toy

These Bernese mountain dog puppies are from a litter of nine of the fluffiest puppies imaginable.

They were born on a warm spring day to Stella, a gorgeous Bernese, and Dexter, a strapping maremma with a strong, but gentle personality.

Their puppies are understandably beautiful and good natured.

Here they are at 8 weeks of age, enjoying some play time in the sun.

They live on a wonderful farm that has acres of rolling hills, woodland trails, and streams to explore.

Their parents, as well as their owners, keep a watchful eye as they wander and check out everything.

The whole world is new to them and they meet every experience with delightful enthusiasm.

The puppies have just been given a new toy and they engage in the cutest tug of war ever.

They pull and playfully fight over the stuffed dog.

Some puppies are adorably clumsy and they trip over their own feet and each other in the battle.

These pups will be going to their carefully selected forever homes in the next few days.

All have been chosen with great care and the families who will be taking them are ready to give them all the best care and the love that they need to thrive.

Dexter and Stella will probably enjoy the rest.

They've both had their hands full with these busy puppies over the past 8 weeks.

Perhaps the first thing they will do when things quiet down is to have a nice, long nap in the sunshine.