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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Law Enforcement letter to Biden

Credit: KIMT
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Law Enforcement letter to Biden
Law Enforcement letter to Biden
Addressing the situation at the border

The upper 40s by tuesday.

The situation along the u?

"*s mexico border is worrying law enforcement agencies ?

"* who my be far from the southern border.

A north iowa sheriff is joining hundreds of others in his position to call on the biden administration to do something about it.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens spoke with cerro gordo county sheriff kevin pals about why he signed a letter ?

"* along with 9 other iowa sheriffs ?

"* urging the president to take action.

He joins us live in mason city?

"* alex?xxx amy ?

"* you may have seen imags along the southern border ?

"* crowded migrant facilities ?

"* about 19 thousand children traveling alone just last month ?

"* according to u?

"*s customs and border protection.

It's the type of message sheriffs across the country ?

*- including right here in iowa ?*- are trying to send to the white house.

Cerro gordo county sheriff kevin pals is one of 275 sheriffs across the u?

"*s that signed onto the letter.

The letter points to potential criminal aspects of 'unchecked illegal immigration ?

"* like drug and sex trafficking.

Pals says the letter is not targeted towards those who are seeking a better life in the u?

"*s ?

"* and not that both the previous obama and trump administration s recognized the threats and dangers presented by illegal immigration ?

"* noting the impacts of the "i was elected to uphold the laws of the constitution of not only the united states, but also the state of iowa.

I'm not sure if we can do that legally and faithfully to my oath of office if we don't stop what's happening at the border."

In addition to pals ?*- the sheriffs in several other iowa counties signed the letter.

The letter itself originated from the bristol county massachusetts sheriff's department.

Live in mason city?

"* alex thank you alex.

If you want to read the letter in its entirety ?

"* look for this stoy at kimt dot com.///


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