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Monday, April 19, 2021

What do I do if I lose my Covid-19 vaccination card?

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What do I do if I lose my Covid-19 vaccination card?
What do I do if I lose my Covid-19 vaccination card?

MDH says the vaccination cards can easily be replaced and are ultimately just if you need to show proof of vaccination for future activities.

Live in rochester, zach gilleland millions of minnesotans have been handed covid?

"* 19 vaccination cards over the past few months... but many are wondering what exactly to do with them... and how to replace their card if it's lost kimt news three's anthony monzon joins us live in rochester with answers from the minnesota department of health.

Xxx yeah katie... you may have found yourself walking out of a vaccine clinic like the one behind me with a white card in hand... wondering what exactly do i do with this, and what happens if i can't find it in the future?

Well state health experts say you can take a deep breath because the answers to these questions are pretty straightforwa rd.


"**h says the cards are really for your own personal information.

They can serve as a record of when you got the vaccine... or a reminder of when you need to get your second dose if you're receiving a two?

"*part series.

But the card can also serve as proof of vaccination... and m?


"*h says "certainly the healthcare provider can access that and write it down, and if need be, i think that a person can contact us and we can also get them the information."

Now the agency says it's still unsure if you'll ultimately need to show proof of vaccination for certain activities in the future.

However over the past two days... both the white house and governor walz have come out against any government system that would require you to carry vaccine credentials.

Live in rochester ... anthony thank you anthony.

You can request proof you received your covid?

"*19 vaccine by navigating to the "find my immunization record" page on


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